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Articles Written by Courtney Mault

Hanging Their Own Shingles

Who’s the boss? Three area lawyers told us how they turned the answer into “I am.” They left other legal jobs—or never really had them to begin with—and mustered up the courage to go it alone. Their firms are dreams realized, but entrepreneurship also means figuring out accounts payable

Lady Liberty

Margaret Catillaz has the world knocking at her door

The New Gold Rush

Fracturing rocks in the Appalachian Basin with Thomas West

Rocketing to the Top

It took all of three months before Hiep Truong was made the head of his firm's workers' comp practice

The Youngest Partner

For Clifford Yin, success came early

Last Line of Defense

Bryan Stevenson weighs matters of life and death

Laser Show

Gina Longarzo stays grounded, even during cases with alleged national security implications

Brothers in Law

The Siebens carry on a family tradition

The Translator

Language whiz Mark Vavreck on volcanoes, earthquakes and sleeping under the stars

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