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Articles Written by Dan Millott

Street Smarts

Ramon Rasco is on a mission: to end Miami's homelessness

As Green As They Come

Nicole Kibert wants to save the planet

Immigrant Experience

Giselle Carson knows what it's like to be the newcomer

Take Two

A short-lived acting career pays off for James R. Holland  

Marathon Man

‘Chip' Merlin takes it to the finish line, at work and after hours  

Shark Patrol

Kimberly Leach Johnson's unlikely idea of a vacation        

Bottled Up

James B. Davis' hobby is an Rx for boredom        

How Michael Sullivan Went from Football to Law School

The football career flopped, but law was a touchdown

Despot Defender

Even Noriega deserved a good lawyer.

Horse Sense

Outside the office, Equels is an accomplished equestrian.

Geared Up

Racing or litigating, Keiner aims to win.

Master of Disaster

If you don’t count hurricanes, earthquakes, plagues and terrorist strikes, Mike Bedke lives a pretty quiet life

Respecting His Elders

John Hargrove goes after insurance salespeople who prey on the elderly

Cruising the World for Fun and Profit

Has Jeffrey Maltzman found the sweetheart deal of all time?

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