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About David Levine

David Levine is a freelance writer and author whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, American Heritage, and dozens of other publications. His latest book, The Hudson Valley: The First 250 Million Years, will be published by Globe Pequot Press in February 2020.

Articles Written by David Levine

What’s Reasonable in a Reasonable Accommodation?

Lawyers attempt to unpack the definition under state and federal law 

The Most Popular Guy in the Neighborhood

How Jim Hacker became the Beyoncé of the New York Bar

Trademark Advice from Georgia IP Attorneys

When and how to legally protect your business brand

It Pays to Be Proactive When It Comes to Trademarks

Business advice from New York intellectual property attorneys

Three Things to Look for in Your Next Contract

Tips from Atlanta attorneys who do it for a living

Best Practices for a Better Contract

Digging into the business of 'what if?' in New York

How Do You Know If You Have a Workers' Comp Claim?

You don't always know, so attorneys suggest being on the safe side after a work-related injury

Bellavia v. Cancer

How a mistaken diagnosis led to a fundraising movement

The Myths About DWI Tests in New York

Three defense attorneys share some tips

Tales from the IP Bar

Maria Crimi Speth finds intellectual property disputes in unusual settings

Securing a Power of Attorney in New York

Who should look after your assets when you cannot?

Raising Glasses, Funds and Spirits

How Block O’Toole & Murphy helped turn the St. Jude Autumn Wine Tasting into an event

DIY Estate Planning in Colorado

Making a solid plan is a gift to your heirs

You Might Be an Employer and Not Know It

The line isn't clear, but here are the legal guidelines

When, Why and How to Amend Your Estate Plan

Significant life events should trigger a review in New York

Preparing to Rent in New York City

What to know before entering into the landlord-tenant relationship

What to Consider with a Potential Age Discrimination Case

It’s increasing but hard to prove in NYC

Estates of Confusion

Tax attorneys help us wade through the estates of confusion

Breaking Down New York's GPS Stalking Law

New York attorneys say the state law is not a significant advancement for victims

Wish Fulfillment

Make-A-Wish co-founder William Drury Jr. has created a lasting legacy of helping sick children and their families


Tips from local attorneys—and watch out for those Manhattan juries

Teachable Moments

Karen McAndrew schools us on higher education law

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in New York City

Painless tips to incorporate into your search

What Happens if You Don?t Pay Your Taxes?

The IRS has three types of agents; you want to avoid the third

The Details and the Big Picture

White-collar defender Karen F. Green has the rare ability to see both

Bearing His Name

How E. Stewart Jones Jr. deals with a powerful legacy

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