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Articles Written by David Searls

Staying Grounded

Anna Moore Carulas saves the day for her health care clients, but she only brags about her kids

The International Language of Law

Victoria Eslinger holds court from Columbia to Cannes

The English Major Makes History

J. Kendall Few combines his two passions: writing and the law

On the Side of Angels

Michael Gire on representing doctors and defending hospitals

Cowhand, Esq.

Terry Tippens practices law so he can tend to his ranch       

The Politics of Nice

Kathleen Trafford has made a career of keeping it clean

A Law All Her Own

As a 1960s radical, Barbara Handschu reined in repressive police tactics with her eponymous decree

Not So Civil Service

Stephen Funk joined the board of education to improve local schools. He didn’t expect the riots.

Where in the World is George von Mehren?

Whether he's in London, Prague or Madrid, von Mehren stays plugged in

A Geek Squad of One

Ron Raether knows his bits from his bytes

Survivor's Tale

Caryn Groedel knows ‘Tribal Council’ is just another way to say ‘courtroom’

The Storyteller

Jonathan Leiken remembers Sept. 11 a little differently than most

King of the Road

Michael Leizerman’s career just keeps on trucking

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