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Articles Written by Deanne Stone

Alice Plays Juries as Powerfully as She Plays Beethoven

Alice O'Sullivan transformed from piano prodigy to legal savant

Let Judgment Run Down as Waters, and Righteousness as a Mighty Stream

Who believes that stuff? Amos ... and Arthur Bryant        

Giving Discrimination the Ho-Heave

Christopher Ho is a firewall for mistreated immigrants

Vindicating Korematsu

Don Tamaki helped the defendant in the landmark internment case win exoneration

Behind Door One: Torture Behind Door Two: Deportation

Mona Patel-Sikora opens a third door for abused immigrant women

The Family Doctor

Patrice Ball-Reed works hard to keep Chicago families together—including her own

The Accidental Trail Blazer

When that (other) rich and famous Texan decided to run for president, he chose Kim J. Askew to lead the charge

From Picking Peaches to Picking Up Million-Dollar Lawsuits

Arturo González is a Latino hero with one eye on the law, one on injustice and both on a possible political career

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