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About G. Patrick Pawling

Super Lawyers articles and stories are assigned, edited and fact-checked using the highest journalistic standards—as evidenced by the dozens of awards we’ve won from the Society of Professional Journalists and other industry organizations. Attorneys who are consulted and interviewed for these stories are all from the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. For details on the Super Lawyers selection process, see here.

Articles Written by G. Patrick Pawling

The Most Dangerous Man in the Courtroom

Just try and pull a fast one on Paul Rowe—chances are he’s already seen it

Domenick Carmagnola’s Recipe for Success

It’s nothing fancy—just a lifetime’s worth of lessons learned at his family’s restaurant

Voice of Calm

Once a child soldier in Lebanon, Haitham E. Ballout rebuilt his life in the U.S. Now he helps others do the same

The Collector

Greg Gifford has spent a lifetime gathering historic bottles and deeply satisfying thank-you letters

In Bobbi They Trust

Why Roberta Liebenberg is a heroine to her clients

Ron Rosen’s Universe

After handling stressful marital dispute cases all day, he comes home to his trains

The Jet

Bill Vinsko's uncommon ability to make peace with the sharks

The Unpredictable Quarterback

Joe Hurley keeps his clients in the clear by keeping his opponents guessing

Christian Farmakis Is Busier Than You

Don’t believe us? Keep reading

Don't Drink the Water

Shari Blecher cleans up contaminated situations

Like a Good Neighbor

Stephen Cozen has built an empire helping insurance companies sort out the damage

Crossing the Line

Bruce Nagel isn't afraid to shake things up

The Catalyst

Wherever Ed Zimmerman strikes a spark, great things are sure to follow

The Warrior

A tip to any witness about to be questioned by David Mazie: Get your story straight

Tops in His Field

There are few things Jonathan Spadt enjoys more than tending to his 20-acre farm

The Saint

Jerry McHugh would never refer to himself as such. But others do—and not just his clients

The Bounty Hunter

Robert Goldman has traveled the globe tracking down stolen art

Pit Boss

Casino lawyer Nick Casiello’s clients always seem to hit the jackpot

Keeping Matisse in the Hood

The Barnes Foundation and its famous art collection might benefit financially from a move, but would it infringe on the late founder’s wishes?

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