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Articles Written by Jessica Tam

Putting on a Clinic

Robert F. Redmond Jr. puts the pro in pro bono

The Collector

Rupert M. Barkoff is an introvert by nature, but when he’s passionate about something he goes all in

The Amazing World of Nadia Hasan

When the business litigator talks pro bono work, one word keeps coming up over and over 

Making Her Mark (And Protecting Yours)

From Switzerland to Pennsylvania, Dina Leytes talks IP law

The 554 Million-Dollar Man

Sam Buffone led the way for the Navajo Nation’s historic settlement—oh, and he kept Google out of trouble, too

In Good Hands

Shelice R. Tolbert on good lawyering, good health and good lessons learned

Location, Location, Location

Real estate attorney Susan Lee Daly’s parents crossed the 38th parallel, then an ocean, to give her this opportunity

Power Broker

Todd V. McMurtry carries on a family tradition in his litigation and municipal practice

Paradigm Shifts

Jerry Gonzalez fosters relationships between corporations and minority- and women-owned firms

Something Positive from Something Bad

How Personal Injury Law Hooked Don Corson

Turning Hate Aside

Michael HuYoung fled Castro and embraced a skinhead client

Crowning Achievements

When Courtney Moates Paulk isn’t resolving disputes on land, she’s conquering open water

For the Defense

Parker Thomson gives overloaded public defenders a break

Automotive Authority

Bryan W. Shook kicks tires and takes names

Battlefield Norcross

How Rebecca Franklin and Jeff Harris helped close a drug treatment center

Hell, Belief and Brownfields

Former philosophy instructor David L. Guevara helps clients avoid environmental liability and worse 

Paying it Forward

Lenny Sachs on reinvesting in the community

Blind Spot

Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum works to shed light on the issues those with disabilities face

Legal Aid is Alive and Well

And Cleveland’s Deborah A. Coleman is proof

A More Perfect Union

IP litigator Adam Seitz hangs a shingle in Kansas

Then and Now

Being a journalist wasn’t working for Trudy Hanson Fouser. Being a lawyer? Different story

At Your Service

Agnis Chakravorty on being a lawyer, a restaurant owner and a human crawfish

The Nonprofit Motive

How Darryl Solberg helps organizations become tax-exempt

Connecting the Dots

Lisa Casey Spaniel helps U.S. companies extend their reach

Serving the Secret Service

Sean R. Gallagher protects Secret Service agents all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court

An Education in Helping Those in Need

The students in the Clinical Law Program at WVU College of Law learn while making a difference

J. Robert Linneman and the Occupy Movement

How the Cincinnati attorney got involved

Living the Dream

From top athletes to top companies, South African native Leon Versfeld guides clients through immigration law with a global touch

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