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Articles Written by Joan Hennessy

The Crisis at Hand

Stuart Knotts Skok’s unique knowledge of divorces involving children with special needs


Forget a sports car—Heather Hostetter and Amy Strent made the most of a “mid-life crisis” when they struck out on their own

Masters of the Insurance Universe

Lorelie S. Masters is an insurance lawyer by day, social activist by night—and in 2014, the overachieving moonlighter added political candidate, too

Not The Secretary, The Assistant, The Typist, The Helpmate

Even though lawyering is in her blood, in the male-dominated legal world of the 1970s, M. Natalie McSherry had to prove all the things she wasn’t before she could prove what she was

The Culture Changer

Personal injury attorney Salvatore Zambri remembers the most important thing about clients

The Humanizer

Criminal defense attorney Rene Sandler has one job: defend

The Quiet Man

A family law case with Michael G. Hendler means intelligent dialogue and client resolution


Employment lawyer Kathleen Cahill shakes things up locally and nationally

Compassion for the Client

Amy Fisch Solomon takes on Bayer, Disney and the ‘learned intermediary defense’

The Devil and Paul Mark Sandler

For the noted trial attorney, argument, in its scholarly sense, is central to his life

Medium Cool

How Susan Preston went from fiery protester to cool med-mal attorney

Speak Softly, Shatter a Glass Ceiling

Anne Marie Whittemore and the charisma of quiet competence

Bright Knight

Why Stephen Bright makes sure no one stands alone

The Lawyer Who Cleaned Up Baseball

Charles Scheeler on The Wire, WorldCom and the worst middle seat ever

Grace Under Fire

Family law attorney Betty Moore Sandler's goal is to bring people to consensus ... and to cheer on Kentucky basketball  

Roberts' Rules of Order

As a child, Michele Roberts was fascinated with trial lawyers. Now she’s one of the best

The Gentleman

Paul Bekman puts people at ease—which works well with allies and even better on opponents

Truth, Justice and the Cendali Way

Who protects Harry Potter? IP lawyer Dale Cendali

The Meat Cutter's Daughter

Lisa A. Bertini on delis, Fabio and the terror of hanging your own shingle

Pushing the Law

Michael Hausfeld has earned some of the largest judgments in history by following his instincts

The Complete Trial Lawyer

How Arnold Weiner brought down a vice president, rehabilitated a congressman and won the preakness stakes

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