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About Joan Oliver Goldsmith

Articles Written by Joan Oliver Goldsmith

O Solo Mio

What enables young attorneys to take the risk of hanging out their own shingle––and succeed?


Robert Bunzel fights for his clients … and for poetry

The Collector

How do you break writer's block? Fly to Tierra del Fuego, of course

The Child was Father of the Lawyer

The birth of his first son moved Mark Teuton to become an attorney

Practicing Law From a Hospital Bed

Beth Sufian doesn’t let her battle with cystic fibrosis stop her from crusading for the rights of the disabled

Motley's Crew

When push (a family member in need) meets shove (the demands of the job), sleep and social life disappear

The Collector

Whether leather-bound sets of books or vintage port, Bob Tanner knows what he likes

The Warrior Poet

Because he had to get some demons out of his psyche, Chuck Patterson discovered he was a poet

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