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About Josh Karp

Josh Karp is the author of three books, including A Futile and Stupid Gesture and Orson Welles’s Last Movie. Karp co-produced the award-winning Netflix documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead and his magazine work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Esquire, Playboy, AirMail and other publications. He has a J.D. from Loyola University (Chicago) and an M.A. in journalism from Northwestern University.

Articles Written by Josh Karp

For Lust of the Game

Dan Lust talks sports law like a sports fan

The Bookends

How sharing a room as kids helped turn Heidi Vogt and Linda Vogt Meagher into top litigators

It’ll Be Back

Howard Weg and David Shemano see the Terminator franchise through two bankruptcies

The Peacemaker

Laurel Bellows won’t shy from a fight, but she’d rather work things out

Everybody Likes Don

Plaintiff’s lawyer Don Prachthauser is true and prepared

Indubitably Holmes

In Patricia Brown Holmes’ biggest victory, she beat death

An Appealing Practice

Chiquita’s James Thompson on the complexities of global trade

The Eternal Optimist

A minister’s son, Deere & Co.’s Jim Jenkins credits his father for his worldview

The Game Changer

Elsa Cole, the NCAA’s first GC

Family Man

Jack Butler Jr. adopts distressed companies

The Big Cheese

McDonald's GC Gloria Santona has ketchup running through her veins

Something He Mostly Liked

Dan Reidy on Operation Greylord and the needs of the client

More Than a Game

Jeff Schwaber has raised $3 million (and counting) for D.C.’s homeless

We Are Family

Relatives who play and work well together

Air Sperling

Frederick J. Sperling’s low-key approach wins cases—and clients like Michael Jordan

If Life Gives You Lemons, Call Vincent Megna

The Waukesha attorney finally found his niche at 46: representing Davids against automotive Goliaths

The Team Player

Dennis Archer has been a state Supreme Court justice, two-term mayor of Detroit and president of the ABA — and he still considers it a privilege to practice law

The Role Model

Lisa Madigan follows in the footsteps of ... her mother

Like Father, Like Son, Like Son

Langdon Neal carries on the traditions of a great Chicago family

The Lawyer With a Song in His Heart

Joseph N. Welch II has a famous grandfather and a sense of decency

Getting Even

Robert L. Habush went into the law reluctantly; now Wisconsin’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award is named after him.

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