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About Julie Slaymaker

Articles Written by Julie Slaymaker

A Rare Breed

Talking bull with Sherry Fabina-Abney

Café au Laity

Shokrina Beering journeys to Panama to assist the Guaymi Indians

Scales of Justice

Bryce Bennett heads up his firm and his firm’s rock band

For Whom The Road Tolls

Steve Humke was instrumental to the creation of the groundbreaking lease of the Indiana Toll Road

Kirsh's Kids

Kirsh has found loving homes for nearly 2,500 babies and children

Levin's List

Irwin Levin holds Swiss banks accountable for Holocaust restitution

Cliff Notes

For Cliff Browning, sailing offers a break from the bustle

Are Lawyers Taking Over Indiana?

More and more, the top echelons of business and government are being filled by lawyers

Lawyer of Invention

Loving Frank Zappa ... and the law

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