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Articles Written by Karen Jones

Flash Forward

Joyce Haag on Eastman Kodak’s transformation from film to digital

Juilliard Without the Drama

How Laurie Carter keeps the performing arts performing

Nice to Meet You, Mikhail Baryshnikov

Laurie Carter still gets star-struck on the Juilliard campus

Modernizing a 16th-Century Tradition

Sharon Grubin keeps The Met apace with the times       

The Third Lion

Robert Vanni helps protect the New York Public Library

The Human Drama of Life

Patricia Barbarito specializes in spooling unraveled lives

That's Not All, Folks!

How cartoonist Michael L. Goodman went from Bugs Bunny to the business page

All the Livelong Day

Susan Armstrong’s been working for the railroad

Doing the Right Thing

Corporate lawyer Maya Eckstein knows why this day is different from all other days, and it shows in her pro bono work

The Keepers of New York's Treasures

They may be invisible — they like it that way — but the lawyers who protect the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Opera and The New York Public Library system watch over the city’s cultural icons

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