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Articles Written by Karin Beuerlein

‘It Matters to Me What Happens to Them’

Michael Yonke makes his mark in both civil and criminal court

The Cases That Matter

Henry J. Price talks about his highest-profile case—and the one that changed his career forever

Up to Chapter 19

Corporate litigator Charley German specializes in high-stakes storytelling


That would be Mississippi consumer law attorney Christopher Kittell


Little Rock bond attorney M. Jane Dickey prefers negotiating to arguing

Steady at the Wheel

Appellate lawyer Arend Abel loves guiding people through the labyrinth of the law

It’s Good to be King

Full-time med mal defense attorney and part-time royalty, Marc Judice represents doctors with pride

View From the Top

Bruce Kehoe has a 30,000-foot perspective on his career

Kickstart My Charitable Heart

Rodney Taylor puts his two-wheeled passion to good use

Tongue of Fire

Johnny deGravelles on PI law, rock ‘n' roll and who gets to be Shadrach

Pass or Fail?

Sheldon Gilman and the most nerve-wracking test ever

The Foxhole Test 

Pierce Hamblin on friendship, fairness and whom he’d want watching his back

Answering the Call

How R. James Straus stepped forward in a dark hour

Home of the Brave

Three Kentucky attorneys share memories of serving their country in the armed forces    

The Friendly Neighborhood Attack Dog

Jackie Bennett Jr. may bark at hostile witnesses inside the courtroom, but outside, he doesn’t bite

The Life Aquatic

Is your oil rig on its way to Davy Jones’ locker? Call Donald Abaunza

The Underdog's Best Friend

William McMurry takes the cases no one else will—and wins

Louisiana’s Media Maven

Mary Ellen Roy’s lifelong love of the media has made her the state’s pre-eminent First Amendment lawyer

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