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About Lauren Peck

Lauren Peck is a former editorial assistant and associate editor at Super Lawyers. She currently works at a public relations agency in Minneapolis and frequently writes articles for clients on topics from employee burnout to the opioid epidemic. Her work has been published in Minnesota Parent, Twin Cities Metro Magazine, Minnesota Good Age and more. As a staffer and freelancer for Super Lawyers, Lauren has written stories about attorneys taking on cases against Donald Rumsfeld, Colombian narcotics dealers, Skechers and more.

Articles Written by Lauren Peck

What to Do When a Medical Procedure Goes Wrong

A glimpse into medical malpractice lawsuits in Colorado

A Few Taxing Questions on Starting a Nonprofit in Georgia

What you need to know on a legal front

What Does It Take to Start a Tax-Exempt Org?

A guide to nonprofit creation in New York State

Patent Portent

Giovanna Fessenden’s family history of inventing presaged her career in IP law

This Land Was Claimed for You and Me

Mary Hazlewood Barkley takes on eminent domain cases for landowners and public authorities

‘DUI Don’

Donald Ramsell is the authority on Illinois’ drinking and driving laws

The GC and the GOP

John L. Ryder throws himself into bankruptcy work, election law and his role as general counsel to the Republican National Committee

Partners for Life

Husband-and-wife duo Caddell & Chapman commit to their clients and their family

Solid Foundation

Ronald Strote keeps his feet on the ground in his construction law and ADR practice

Professional Protector

Audra Michelle Bryant on safeguarding children and defending fellow attorneys

Major, Esq.

Victims of nursing home abuse, Maj. Michael A. Prieto has got your six

Andrew Stoltmann Unweaves a "Tapestry of Fraud"

The former broker fights back for victims of bad investment advice

Defiant DNA

Companies that place people over profit should fear Robert K. Jenner

She Isn’t Afraid of ERISA

Mary Jo Larson demystifies the world of employee benefits law

Wall of Protection

How trademark lawyer Tim Kenny safeguards local and national brands

Don’t Crash Into Your Brother’s Truck

Wyoming’s John A. MacPherson has been on the front lines of some remarkable real estate battles


Montana attorney Lisa A. Speare found her calling in medical malpractice

Lee Stapleton’s Paradise Found

The litigator—and former ‘military brat’—discovered her perfect home in Miami

Meeting a Growing Need

Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership members work together to alleviate legal need in their hometown

Legal Aide

For more than 40 years, David A. Webster has worked to empower those in need

A Voice Against Domestic Violence

Ashley Huffstetler Campbell strives to protect victims of abuse

Taking on Donald Rumsfeld

Michael Kanovitz accuses the former secretary of defense of condoning the torture of his clients

After the Storms

Law student Jennifer Cunha provides relief to legal services organizations post-disaster

Frozen In Tme

Amy Lorenz-Moser works to free battered women from prison

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