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About Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Armstrong an award-winning journalist with credits in The Washington Post, O, Parade, National Geographic, Ms., The Atlantic, The New York Times, MSN, The Daily Beast and other publications and websites. In addition to an M.A. in journalism, she has a master’s in urban planning with a specialization in international development.

Articles Written by Lisa Armstrong

Three Steps to an Easier Divorce in New York

First off, put your anger aside

Planning for the End of Your Life

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world

How Divorce Differs in New York

We ask local family law attorneys

Asking, Telling

18-year Navy vet Stephen Lessard reps soldiers with LGBT matters and PTSD issues

Being a Little Guy

“You cannot be great at what we do if you don’t have compassion for people,” says personal injury attorney Robert Kelner

What’s So Funny About ... ?

Family lawyer Sue M. Moss talks comedy, the begging strategy and losing your mind on Oprah

Avanti, Sempre Avanti

Michael J. Amoruso is known as a listener even though he was born with bilateral hearing loss; he’s known for seeing solutions even though he’s legally blind

His Excellency

Jonathan Mechanic knows New York better than you do

And on the Seventh Day, He Rested

No, he’s not God, but his clients rank Ben Brafman just a few rungs below that

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