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About Matt Amis

Matt Amis lives with his wife and two boys in Wilmington, Delaware. He’s contributed to publications like Out & About magazine, the News JournalSuper Lawyers, and Delaware Today magazine.

Articles Written by Matt Amis

A Philadelphia Story

Entertainment law pioneer Lloyd Remick is still evolving at 84

In a Strange Land

The resilience of Oana Brooks

Have Immigration Attorney, Will Travel

Dana Imperia helps sports stars get in the game

Philadelphia Athletics

Renee Hykel Cuddy went from Boathouse Row to the Beijing Olympics, thanks to some good old-fashioned Philly grit

Defending the Unpopular

James F. Wyatt III has made a career of it

Becoming Josh Koskoff

Before he could succeed, the third-generation lawyer had to stop trying to be his father and grandfather 

Here Come the Millennials

Six lawyers talk about the unique challenges of being young in a profession that prizes age

'One Page'

Ehsan Chowdhry on working collaboratively and changing perceptions

'This Is Going To Be The Craziest Thing You've Ever Heard'

Clients often say that to Jeff Nusinov; they’re often wrong

Carrying that Weight

Before leading his firm’s independent investigation into the Freddie Gray killing, Jason Downs shattered superior court success-rate averages as a public defender in D.C. 

Not Just for Delaware Anymore

Pauline Morgan manages the complex traffic of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and corporate restructuring

Her Brand is Crisis

Got a $2.8 billion-dollar problem? Give Kathleen Einhorn a week

You Had Me at Hello

Meet Gary Leibowitz, who runs a one-stop agent-and-lawyer shop for athlete clients

‘The City was on Fire’

Six African-American attorneys on rising up in the backyard of Thurgood Marshall—and navigating Baltimore’s legal landscape, before and after Freddie Gray

All About that Bass

Charlie Harris can play the other side like a bass guitar

Soehl Power

Margie Soehl brings a global perspective to intimate situations—even her own

Swift Justice

Thirty years later, Bob Swift’s first-ever human rights class action lawsuit still influences the law

Uncommon Decency

Empathy is Mark Aronchick’s primary tool

Turning Corners

As a nurse, Bobbie Pichini cared for her patients’ physical health. As a lawyer, she aims to put lives back together

Stuart M. Grant’s Double Secret Probation

Inside the record-setting corporate litigation practice of Delaware’s most well-rounded man

The Detail Man

PI plaintiff’s attorney Michael Maggiano drills down and connects dots

Brew Master

How M&A ace Sabine Chalmers helped form the world’s largest brewing company

Legal Eagle

Glen D. Nager is back in the swing of things after his stint as president of the United States Golf Association

The Pusher

Envelopes, arguments, limits—Jeffrey S. Mandel pushes many things, but nothing more than himself

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