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Articles Written by Matthew Heller

The Young and the Restless

At 36 years old, Jonathan Anschell stepped into the hot seat at CBS

The Braided Lives of Cunningham and Lazenby

How two East Coast guys became West Coast best friends        

The Noodge

The passion of David Lash

Clark Kent’s Pal Finds Genuine Drama in the Courtroom

Deborah M. Parker made waves in court instead of Hollywood

How to Win at Poker and Never Play a Hand

Shaun C. Clark takes a gamble on the World Poker Tour

The Backstop

Nothing gets by the former college catcher Brad Brian

The Realist

Everything Brian Dunn needed to know about the law he learned from Johnnie Cochran

Unbelievable Batting Averages

Three L.A. lawyers who can’t seem to lose

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