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About Michael Y. Park

Michael Y. Park is a freelance journalist whose work has been published in New York, The New York Times, People and LIFE. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University.

Articles Written by Michael Y. Park

What's Being Done About Securities Fraud in NYC?

Are businesses selling us short?

Man of Reason, Man of Faith

The two halves of trial lawyer/minister Daryl Winston

Nerves of Steel

A look at the not-so-secret identity of Napoli Bern


Indefatigable trial lawyer Abbe Fletman has worked on Title IX matters, voting rights cases and everything in between

Jason Allen Rosenberg’s Sense of Community

The real estate lawyer builds bridges with legal work and disability advocacy

Environmental Energy

Susan Millington Campbell and the dirt aspect of environmental law


Criminal defender NiaLena Caravasos goes the extra mile for her clients

Challenging the System

Kathryn Emmett looks out for the underdog


Mary Kay Vyskocil reps insurance companies in cases ranging from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to the collapse of the World Trade Center


Criminal defense lawyer Anna Durbin takes the cases no one else will

Going the Distance

As a boxer, bricklayer or family lawyer, Michael A. Gill has ‘all the guts in the world’


Ross Garber is an expert at saving elected officials

Judge Pollack’s Boys

Thomas Kavaler, Peter Wang and other lawyers pay homage to their mentor

The Honor of the Force

State trooper-turned-attorney David J. MacMain now serves and protects his former comrades

The Compassionate Lawyer

Linda Ershow-Levenberg has made a career of helping the elderly

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Class Is Now in Session

Julia Huston brings an educator’s eye to the law

The Reality Check

The four commandments of Debra Raskin

Dianne Elderkin Finds Her Voice

How a shy chemistry student became a commanding and record-breaking patent lawyer

Smack Down!

Jared Bartie controls the mayhem for WWE

LaSallian Tradition

The trickiest cases, like the mystery involving insolvent software company AremisSoft, find their way to Joseph LaSala’s desk

Batting Cleanup

When defendants need a grand slam, they bring in John Tarantino

Pfizer’s Legal Sentry

Amy Schulman forwent a career in academia for high-stakes corporate litigation 

A Minor Deity in the Bankruptcy Arena

From the Salad Oil Scandal of ‘63 to Lehman Brothers today, Harvey Miller is the bankruptcy lawyer you don’t cross

Expanding Sir Richard’s Empire

Peter Lurie on co-founding Virgin Mobile USA

Bezar Experience

Nadeem Bezar grew up around doctors. Now he sues them  

Bearing Witness

Raymond Brown believes no one is beyond redemption

Citizen Cohn

Joseph Cohn has made a career out of arguing ferociously for the disadvantaged

Check, Please

Hockey Hall-of-Famer Joe Cavanagh goes to the boards for his clients        

The Second Life of Harriet Cohen

What the matrimonial lawyer learned to share with the world        

The Music Man

Peter Nussbaum proves that hanging out all night in rock clubs can lead to good things

The Oracle

Manny Pokotilow and the digital revolution  

Let's Get Some Justice

Wherever civil liberties are curtailed, Larry Lustberg is there

The Colleran Calling

David Colleran’s legal prowess runs in the family

The Reluctant Lawyer

Willie Dow started out in the Peace Corps and ended up in the courtroom

The Epic Poem of David Golub

How one literature lover fights for the little guy—and wins

The Other Side of Raoul Felder

The most controversial lawyer in New York (this year) comes clean

Miss Congeniality

Tiffany Williams has gone from winning beauty pageants to cases

Freedom Fighters

J. Gordon Cooney and Michael Banks just couldn’t let John Thompson die in prison

Sullivan's Travels

Princeton's Diane Sullivan will go to any lengths to defend Merck

Great Scott!

As a city prosecutor, Scott P. Sigman made waves by bringing WMD charges against drug runners. Now he's employing his trademark intensity at Bochetto & Lentz

The Real McKoy

Growing up in gang-ridden Paterson, Vaughn McKoy could have easily slid into a life of despair. He had other plans

Skippy Weinstein's Second Chance

He rose from a life on the streets to become one of the top lawyers in New Jersey

The Man Who Would Be D.A.

Seth Williams got 46 percent of the votes in a primary against an incumbent considered untouchable. He vows to do better next time

The Reluctant Pioneer

Audrey Talley cultivates her own garden

The Guy on the White Horse

Civil rights pioneer and criminal defense expert David Rudovsky has fought injustice for more than 30 years

The Goliath Slayer

Need a lawyer to take on the medical industry, the NFL or some other massive entity? Alan Milstein is your man

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