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About Nancy Henderson

Nancy Henderson is an award-winning journalist who has published hundreds of articles in Smithsonian, The New York Times, Parade, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. The author of Sewing Hope and Able! How One Company’s Extraordinary Workforce Changed the Way We Look at Disability Today, she enjoys breaking stereotypes and often writes about people who are making a difference through their work. Over the years, she’s enjoyed listening to family stories about her grandfather, who prosecuted cases as a solicitor general in North Carolina long before she was born.

Articles Written by Nancy Henderson

New Frontier

Four immigrant attorneys talk about their paths to law

The Shakespeare Guy

The play’s the thing for Donald Capparella

Getting Out of the Way

Laurie Koller helps juries draw their own conclusions

Constructing a Well-Built Contract

Boston construction attorneys discuss what to look for—and look out for

Helping Employees Succeed

The ins and outs of reasonable accommodation

How to Seal a Criminal Record in New York

Criminal defense attorneys give their legal advice

The Legal Concerns of Subleasing a New York Apartment

The landlord and tenant rules in NYC

'Once You Get Hit, All the Nervousness is Gone'

Bullfighting taught Karl Rutledge the art of quick decision-making

When and How to Do an Internal Investigation

Employment and labor attorneys offer advice for businesses

My Land, Your Land

Five attorneys tell their stories of immigrating to the U.S.

Heart of a Lawyer

Jon Spiers brings surgical precision to health care law

Shouldering the Load

For Anitha Kumpati, pro bono immigration work is spiritual satisfaction

Family First

Between Suzie’s estate planning practice, Jay’s DUI defense shop, and three kids, keeping up with the Tiftickjians is no easy task

Legal Tips If You're Considering Joining a Union

There are risks and rewards of labor organizations, employment attorneys say

When You Need a Tax Attorney in Georgia

Sometimes a CPA isn't enough

Providence Over Coincidence

Paul Sinclair’s life and practice are guided by his LDS church principles

Direct Connection

How Jerry Glas develops his rapport with juries

The Adrenaline of Breaking News

Why Amy Rao Mohan traded journalistic objectivity for legal advocacy

When Does Taxation Need Legal Representation?

When a business needs a tax attorney

The Quicker, Easier, Cheaper Way to Solve a Business Dispute

Mediation allows all sides to have their say outside the court system

Going It Alone

Six attorneys share the risks and rewards of a solo practice 

The Power of Positive Thinking

Joe White’s personality can fill up a courtroom

Is Collaborative Divorce Best for You?

How to avoid the family law courts in New York

How the Pandemic Affected Tenants' Rights in NYC

Talking to attorneys about eviction prevention

How to Succeed at Succession

The importance of creating a plan to keep a business going for generations

Never Lose Heart

A stroke forced Margaret Moses Branch to walk in the shoes of her med-mal clients

A Country of Immigrants

Colorado attorneys on what it means to be an immigrant practicing law in the U.S.

Protesting is a Right, But What's Legal and What's Not?

Civil rights attorneys’ legal advice on this foundational American exercise

Making Their Mark

Five attorneys under 40 talk about their successes and their trials by fire

From Emergency Room to Courtroom

Registered nurse Tracey Dellacona now reps patients in med-mal cases

The Right Battles

How Sharonda Williams helped save the mayor and overhaul the NOLA police department

'We Are the Bosses'

Tressa Johnson and Kristy Bennett's employment firm is busier than ever during the pandemic

Intensity Personified

Robert Haar doesn’t talk for the sake of talking

The Girl Scout Murders

Garvin Isaacs on a career-turning case and client

'What Better Client to Have?'

Dan Webber spent his first seven years in the U.S. attorney’s office

Business Closings, Gatherings and Stay-at-Home Orders

New York civil rights lawyers weigh in

Can You Sue If Someone Gives You COVID?

What New Yorkers can do if someone knowingly puts you at risk of the COVID-19 virus

What Happens to Your Property When You File for Bankruptcy?

Breaking down New York personal filings

By Subscription

How ByrdAdatto is replacing traditional billing with a Spotify-esque system

Under Pressure

Why do attorneys struggle more than other professionals with mental health issues?

The Best Way to Start a Nonprofit

Massachusetts business advisors give their tips

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Boston attorneys weigh in on how to draft a solid contract 

Tips for Ironclad Contracts

Legal advice for drafting rock-solid business agreements

'I Didn't Give Up'

For more than two decades, Richard Eymann fought the U.S. government on behalf of Hanford downwinders

Tax Break

Sacramento attorney Carley Roberts finds respite on her horse ranch

How to Navigate International Business Contracts and Laws

Tips to understand the legal, cultural and language barriers of partnerships abroad

Through the Fire

How Cyrus Rajabi’s firefighting and EMT training helped save his daughter’s life

Theater Major

Joyce Gist Lewis uses her acting background to connect with juries

The Proactive Side

How Deborah Daniels set new athlete-protection standards for USA Gymnastics

The Duty to Be a Voice

Alfredo Estrada fights for those born into challenging situations

Don't Go Up in Smoke When You Enter Cannabis

Getting into the Illinois industry might not be as easy as you think

Class in Court

Educating law students—and juries—sharpens Ed Walters’ courtroom skills

The A-Plus Team

James Waide is a liberal Vietnam vet, Rachel Waide is a Reagan-loving conservative; together, they are Mississippi's most dynamic legal couple

Making Pigs Fly

When it comes to truck accident litigation, Morgan Adams takes the cases others pass by

Righting Wrongs

The Choctaw Nation’s Michael Burrage makes opioid producers pay

The Laws Dealing with Special Education in New York

How parents can advocate for the education of a child with special needs

When is a Contractor a Full-Time Employee?

How to classify workers in New York

Instrument of Change

Benjamin L. Hall III believes in the power of the written word—and the pen that creates it

How to Pass Off Passwords When You Pass On

Estate planning attorneys in California often include digital assets in documents


How Randy Papetti has freed innocent parents

Nice Being the Boss

“Pay your quarterly taxes” and other lessons from family law attorney Emily Yu

Great Heights

Imposing in stature, litigator David Herzog takes his work—not himself—seriously

How to Avoid a Discrimination Claim

Illinois employment attorneys share their advice

The Important Aspects of Business Relocation

Advice from Illinois real estate attorneys

Repairing the World

David Inlander builds bridges between world religions

The Play’s the Thing

Foster care advocate Jay Paul Deratany fights injustice in the courtroom and on the stage

The Fighter

Trip Walton’s battles in the ring, in the courtroom, and now with Parkinson’s

Collective Wisdom

John Kenney knows how to speak to juries—and country music fans, too


How #MeToo is impacting gender-discrimination cases

How Deborah Greene Colors Her World

The Jacksonville family law attorney draws from her artistic background

For Love of Horses

Daryl Buffenstein spends his downtime on the farm

The Comeback

Business litigator Tammy Meyer rebuilds her career after a devastating illness

Advocatus Quod Auctor

How Anthony Licata’s Hannibal’s Niece finally saw the light of day

Bass Ace

Peter Strand earned his rock ‘n roll stripes in Yipes!

Like Lawyer, Like Daughter

Jere and Julie Beasley work together, argue together

5,000 Elvis Cards Can’t Be Wrong

Why Lucian Pera’s annual greeting never gets stamped ‘Return to Sender’

Kit Petersen’s Magic Touch

Though she keeps some ‘fairy dust’ on hand, her real power lies in listening

How To Lessen the Sting of a Divorce in Missouri

Attorneys' tips for when the family splits

What Does This Class Action Letter Mean?

St. Louis attorneys have the answer

The Nicest Guy in the Room

M. Michael Stephenson cuts hearts out as politely as possible

Chicago’s Hospitality Lawyer

Larry Eppley helps clients transform historic buildings into high-end hotels

‘I’ve Got This’

How civil rights lawyer Dana Kurtz used her legal skills to overcome a family tragedy

With Liberty and Health Care for All

What legal issues have arisen in the wake of the Affordable Care Act?

For the People

Nashville plaintiff’s attorney Kathryn Barnett is a fearless advocate for her client

How Startups Succeed and Fail

The do's and don'ts of online startups

He Loves to Argue, Period.

The many trials (and few tribulations) of George Corbyn

The Conversationalist

Disciplined for talking too much in school, Kathleen Lang now uses those skills to relate to others in the courtroom

In It For the Long Haul

To be a successful child advocate, Megan Watson knows you have to develop long-term relationships

The Steady Hand

Rick Norris calmly guides his clients—and his aircraft—amidst turbulence

In Their Shoes

Chicago immigration attorney Kai Lo helps his clients by staying true to himself

‘A Tremendous Ability to Do Good’

A Christmas epiphany led Doucet & Associates to help people avoid eviction

The Last Word

Memphis lawyer Bruce McMullen connects with juries—and helped bring the Grizzlies to town

Half a Century and Counting

An oral history of attorneys who have been practicing since the 1950s

Last Gladiator Standing

Civil rights and employment attorney Deborah L. Gordon gets in the pit

Convicted Until Proven Innocent

California Western School of Law’s Innocence Project tries to ‘put Humpty Dumpty back together’ to free the wrongfully imprisoned

Steady She Is

Marlene Eskind Moses guides clients through the toughest family law struggles

Appeal to Adventure

Susan Ford Robertson attacks appellate cases with the same intensity she honed as a competitive cyclist

Calm in the Storm

Family law attorney Nancy Cross keeps her cool when others don’t

As Memphis as You Can Get

David M. Cook, son of a steamboat captain, challenges juries to ‘cast the first stone’

Ready to Wrangle

Cheryl A. Pilate and Melanie S. Morgan wage all-out war for their clients

The Language of Law

George “Corky” Plews has forged much of the state’s environmental and insurance coverage law

A Better Place

Steven Lieberman fights for the powerless

Music Rows

Nashville entertainment lawyer Linda Edell Howard goes to battle for clients

Pillar of Strength

Widowed at 28, Judy Hamilton Morse battled her grief by going to law school. Now she’s one of Oklahoma City’s leading litigators

Death Row Defender

Outspoken and caring, Monica Foster is one of the nation’s foremost death penalty attorneys

The Amazing Career of Michael Cody

From guiding billion-dollar public utility arbitrations to indicting the governor to representing Martin Luther King Jr., the Memphis attorney has done it all

The Common Man’s Lawyer

Reggie Whitten’s straightforward style results in multimillion-dollar verdicts against the kinds of companies he used to defend

A True Gentleman

Birmingham civil defense attorney Mike Atchison believes in treating everyone with dignity

Family Law

After following in the footsteps of her parents, Ann and Ed, Kathleen DeLaney now leads the way

A Sweat-Equity Kind of Job

New Orleans attorney James M. Williams hates to lose and will outwork you to make sure he doesn’t

It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

How Memphis attorney David Siegel learned to never give up on a case

Oh, the Places She’s Been!

Mary Nold Larimore treads new ground in her law practice—and her outdoor adventures

The Baroness of Bankruptcy

Jan Hayden has confirmed bankruptcy plans for casinos, oil companies—and an alligator farm

Paper Chase

Maura Abeln Smith oversees all things legal at International Paper Co.

The Great Communicator

When Leo Bearman Jr. speaks, juries listen

Representing Monsanto

Adam Peck isn't afraid of controversial cases

Welcome Back, Conour

William Conour loves to teach, whether he's in the courtroom or out

Fifth-Generation Lawyer

Joseph B. Cheshire V lives up to expectations

Bringing New Orleans Back

Kim Boyle defends her clients—and her hometown

Murderous Spouses, Media Frenzies and a Client Named Snake

Defense lawyer Leslie Ballin has seen it all       

The Coal Miner's Son

Low-key energy lawyer Bruce Cryder is a giant in his field

For the People

Jere Beasley has wrangled some of the state's biggest settlements and forced corporate giants to change their ways    

Master of Mediation

John Trimble has earned his reputation as one of the state’s top negotiators

The Born Communicator

From picking cotton to tackling some of the nation’s toughest class action suits, W. James Singleton isn’t afraid of hard work. And he’s never at a loss for words

Prince the Peacemaker

Prince Chambliss has spent his career breaking barriers

The Relentless Crusader

Ann Oldfather is fiercely loyal­—just ask her clients

The Compassionate Counsel

A “big guy with a big heart,” Mark Ladendorf commands attention—and respect—from his peers, clients and adversaries

The Perfect Gentleman

For Henry Alsobrook Jr., imagination is everything. That, and fine wine

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