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About Nancy Rommelmann

Nancy Rommelmann is a writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and other publications. She is the author of the nonfiction book To the Bridge: A True Story of Motherhood and Murder. Her previous books include The Queens of Montague Street, a digital memoir of growing up in Brooklyn Heights; The Bad Mother, a novel; Transportation, a short story collection; and Destination Gacy, an e-book about her visit and interview with serial killer John Wayne Gacy. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

Articles Written by Nancy Rommelmann

The Moving Target

Former ‘Top Gun’ pilot Thomas P. O’Brien on meeting presidents and staring down gang members

'It's a Fraud, It's All a Fraud'

Ira Lee Sorkin and Marc Litt on the Bernie Madoff case

Soft Landings

Victoria Blachly speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves

The Law and Aging in America

What we don't talk about when we talk about getting old

The Straight Shooter

How Sylvia Goldschmidt fell into family law

Mixed Judicial Arts

Former Superior Court Judge Peter Polos now passes judgment on MMA fights

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Steve Cohen began law school at 58; now, at 68, he’s on the Rising Stars list

Capitalizing on Offshore Wind

How New York can become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy

A Long Way from the Mole Hole

Five legendary Georgia attorneys on practicing law for half a century

Dina Alexander Leans In

The real estate attorney helps guide Portland through its growing pains


Three attorneys who decompress by revving up

Sullivan for the Plaintiff, Angeli for the Defense

How two employment attorneys from across the aisle joined forces

Boutique Buddies

Four of Oregon’s top attorneys, from different practice areas and boutique firms, have been getting together for decades

Mission: Control

Aviation attorney Michael L. Slack, a former NASA engineer, shoots for industry reform as well as client compensation

When You Say “I Do,” But Now You Don’t

Family law attorney Tom Bittner tells his clients, “It’s never going to hurt me like it hurts you”

Trying to Set Things Right

Montana employment and labor law attorney Jean E. Faure knows about work trouble

Rodeo Mentality

After a rodeo injury, Wyoming's J. Kent Rutledge decided to go to law school

The Higher Law

"You get people at the absolute lowest points of their lives," says Utah family law attorney Sharon A. Donovan

Sarah E.W. McGahee’s Pet Project

The employment attorney defends the ‘puppy mill’ law

The Ethicist and the Economist

Heather L. Rosing, professional liability lawyer and CFO, is both

When the Officer Says 'Step Out of the Car'

Jon Saia casts doubt on the results of field sobriety tests, and advocates for less convoluted OVI laws


Taking a ride through Divorce Land with family law attorney Susan E. Cohen


How John McGrory saved an empire for his yogi-practitioner clients

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