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About Nancy Shepherdson

Articles Written by Nancy Shepherdson

Product of Her Environment

Environmental lawyer E. Lynn Grayson saves companies green

Collective Conscience

Jim Franczek is a management-side bargainer, but he never forgets what life is like for working men and women

Lifting While Climbing

Angela Elbert has her business clients—and her community—covered

His Witness

Lessons in Cross-Examination and Life from Chicago Trial Lawyer Jeffrey Stone

Powerful Presence

Bruce Pfaff sways juries without raising his voice

Everybody Wants to See Joe Gagliardo

Why governors, mayors—and even Donald Trump—have consulted him

Man of Milwaukee

Why Frank Gimbel loves jury trials and Don Quixote

Preparing the Cross (Examination)

Emily Nicklin keeps it simple, believable and fun

The Lawyer Who Saw the Lightning

Stephen M. Glynn and nearly 40 years of moral fitness

The Lawyer Who Brought Down a Governor

How Joseph Power and a “gotcha” moment caused George Ryan’s downfall

The Lawyer With a Bear in His Briefcase

Frank Daily chose the law because of Atticus Finch’s example, Bobby Kennedy’s letter and a healthy Irish respect for the rules

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