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Articles Written by Nyssa Gesch

From Liberia to Liberty

The Gibbons environmental lawyer arrived in America from Liberia to follow her dreams

The Letter of the Law

Former Morristown postman Sal Simeone strives to make a difference for families

Back Pay

Ruth D. Kahn works with Holocaust survivors

Property Before People?

IP attorney Peter Afrasiabi seeks change in immigration courts

Access to Justice

David Ettinger fights for fee waivers

Soft Heart, Steady Hand

Family law attorney Marcia H. Armstrong, partner at Armstrong & Armstrong, on the importance of patience and mentoring, and how being a lawyer isn’t like the TV shows

The Kid Who Didn’t Sit Down

Pat Cremin took a chance on law school after a career in journalism

IP Man

J. Christopher Jensen talks Muppets, the Internet, and freeing a man on death row

The Environmental Division

Denise Dragoo has been in the environmental practice since the regulation boom in the ’70s

Saltwater in His Veins

Allen E. “Teeto” Graham uses his background in shipbuilding and the seafood business in his maritime practice at Phelps Dunbar

From Bubble Test to Bankruptcy Law

Barbara George Barton debunks the myths around Chapter 11 and explains the impact the recession has had on her practice

Angela’s Case

Between setting up an office in LA and setting world records in swimming, Dan Stephenson helped set a young girl free

Service Above Self

Robert H. Haggard, partner at The Van Winkle Law Firm in Asheville and in Hendersonville, on the responsibility he took on as a JAG officer, the active volunteerism of his trust and estate legal community, and his appreciation of antique tractors

Crisis Management

Illinois attorneys fight for the family of 3 murder victims

Leap of Faith

Amelia McCarthy’s Peace Corps journey became a pro bono mission

Knowing the Realities

Teresa Meinders Burkett’s experiences as a nurse inform her current role as partner at Conner & Winters, where she directs the firm’s health care practice group. She talks with Super Lawyers about why her practice is one of the most interesting areas of law, why we shouldn’t be afraid of consolidated medical records and why she’s such a happy lawyer.

The Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

New York lawyers show TLC after 9/11

From Constitutional Law to the Court of Appeals

Bruce J. Wagner, shareholder at McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams, on the strategy involved in matrimonial law, the importance of writing skills in appellate work, and his experiences as a town justice

Living by Her Wits

Carol Davis Zucker, partner at Las Vegas’ Kamer Zucker Abbott, on the intellectual challenge of employment law, the personal challenge of work-life balance, and why she always stops at the U.S. Supreme Court gift shop

TLC After 9/11

Benjamin Bunn, Ken Turek, and the San Diego lawyers who helped the families of 9/11 victims

Square One

How William Sylianteng went from being homeless to having a successful subrogation law practice

Q&A with Celia J. Collins

The partner at Johnstone, Adams, Bailey, Gordon & Harris on the changes in employment law over the years, getting more women involved in Alabama politics and making time for triathlons

People Person

Lewis Smoak credits relationships and early education for his success

The Life Aquatic

James Bailey enjoys maritime law

Dream Facilitator

What comes after Ph.D.? For Tim Xia, it’s J.D.

In the Tradition of Thurgood Marshall

Ryan Gardner exemplifies the new generation of civil rights lawyers

No Women Allowed

Catharine Biggs Arrowood on bias then and now, the importance of networks, and how she got her very own Perry Mason moment

Douglas Suter’s Crusade to Make Schools Safer

The Columbus lawyer brings attention to dangers in the classroom

Talent Scout

How intellectual property attorney Michael Cohen ended up with pages of doodles by Miles Davis

The Six-String Solicitor

Peter Bryniczka’s life of funk and family law

From Taxes to Trials

Sidney G. Dunagan on the importance of writing, how Vietnam changed his career path, and the question you can’t ask in a deposition

Sea Change

How Vince DeOrchis helped update 80-year-old maritime law

The Social Worker in Angeline Lindley Bain

Bringing collaboration and reasonableness to divorce law

A Simpatico with the Underdog

Stephen R. Coffey earned his stripes in the Albany District Attorney’s Office before he was recruited to O’Connell & Aronowitz as the firm’s first and only trial lawyer. Three decades later, the criminal defense attorney and personal injury litigator is a senior partner at the firm, and has learned along the way that money isn’t everything, luck is crucial, and fallibility is just part of human nature.

Spoiling for a Good Fight

Dennis Kennedy doesn’t back down from a challenge, whether defending Big Tobacco or taking on Toyota

L’Americaine à Paris

To Leigh-Alexandra Basha, nothing is certain but travel and taxes

Safari Browser

Alex Campillo doesn’t back down from tough cases or charging rhinos

Double Duty

How Andy Maron pursued a path in both government and construction law

A Voice for Kids

Jennifer McGarrity provides one for children who need one

Speed Racer

Catastrophic injury lawyer Michael L. Werner can’t drive 55

The Gold Standard

Trent Sandifur transmutes his Fort Knox experience into a sterling legal career

The Interpreter

Leto Copeley translates Spanish and the language of law


The two terms of Steven M. Harris

Woman’s Best Friend

How Megan Senatori helps domestic abuse victims—and their pets—get to safety

How Terry O’Reilly Found His Way to Law Through Rugby

Sports, says O'Reilly, have taught him to never give up

Inattention at High Speeds Is a Very Bad Thing

Racing cars has helped Ed Hugo's focus in the courtroom

Double Duty

How Thomas Dunlap and Daniel Grubb started a firm while serving their country

Most Likely to Succeed

Ann Huckstep's old-fashioned principles earn her modern honors

A Clean Slate

Geoffrey Rosamond helps ex-convicts prepare for re-entry

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