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Articles Written by Patrick Pawling

A Sea Change

In the tumultuous age of #MeToo, employment lawyer Christine Amalfe has the right skills at the right time

Doing, Working, Hustling

Michael Sirota went from delivering eggs to representing The Donald

‘Straight Love, No Chaser’

From judges to book clubs, Paulette Brown, the incoming president of the American Bar Association, tells it like it is

The Gold Standard Playbook

DuPont’s recently retired Tom Sager has a pretty simple M.O.—“Do better”

Noto Bene

Take note—criminal defense attorney Maria DelGaizo Noto is one tough cookie. Don’t believe us? Ask the U.S. government

Bob Peckar Builds Harmony

The construction lawyer tames a rough-and-tumble industry

Everybody’s Richard Nixon and We’re G. Gordon Liddy

Just try to stand in the way of Veronica Norgaard and John Koufos  

He Worries So You Don’t Have To

Prisoners at Guantanamo are glad Arnold Natali sweats the small stuff

The Barracuda with a Big Heart

Whether representing the Black Panthers or Bill Gates, Billy Murphy knows when to go for the kill

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