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Articles Written by Paul Sweeney

The Whistleblowers’ Advocate

Philip H. Hilder helps whistleblowers like Sherron Watkins do what’s right

Family Law in the Age of Facebook

Be careful what you post—Plano family law attorney Rick Robertson has seen e-communications come back to haunt

Power Broker

Diana M. Liebmann has quietly become one of the top wind energy lawyers in Texas

The Minimalist

No one knows how to get to the essence of an appeal like Greg Coleman

Mona Patel’s Tour de Force

She cycled, ran and traveled to France for Lance Armstrong. Now, as GC of LiveStrong, she works for him—and the 28 million people fighting cancer worldwide

Just Plane Smart

Former Dallas City Attorney Madeleine Johnson pilots the Southwest Airlines legal team

A Poet, A Museum Director and A Lawyer Who Refuses To Lose

Frank Branson does just what he wants, and that includes winning cases

The Energy of Charles Matthews

ExxonMobil's GC discusses Valdez, the merging of two oil giants and more

Bend ’em Like Beck Can

Clients in trouble—and the Supreme Court—beckon Dave Beck

Van Fleet's Grand Feats

A billion-dollar win? He's got lots of those

Great Scott

Iowa’s son Matt Scott loves Texas—and Texas reciprocates

Bridge Across the Rio Grande

Schooled in London,Mexico City and Austin, Adolfo Campero is multiculturalism incarnate

The Beautiful Bounty of Bubba Burns

Want his athletic expertise? His coaching abilities? His gym? They’re yours

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