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About Rose Nisker

Super Lawyers articles and stories are assigned, edited and fact-checked using the highest journalistic standards—as evidenced by the dozens of awards we’ve won from the Society of Professional Journalists and other industry organizations. Attorneys who are consulted and interviewed for these stories are all from the Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. For details on the Super Lawyers selection process, see here.

Articles Written by Rose Nisker

Game Changer

How Daralyn Durie and high-tech clients like Google are shaping the future of copyright law

Details, Details

How Kathryn Doi’s penchant for wading through regulations helped save dental coverage for millions of Californians

Who We Do This For

Divorce lawyer Esther Lerner makes it her business to see that kids don’t get caught in the crossfire

The Compassionate Approach to Divorce

Mindy Ross says the human issues are the same, even if the client is named Sean Penn

Detail Person

To Susan Popik, insurance law is riveting stuff

Tough as Nails

That’s Linda L. Addison, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and current leader at Fulbright & Jaworski

City Person

Pamela Duffy loves San Francisco, which makes sense—she’s behind some of its most successful developments

Thoughts on a Thriving Life

Timothy Tosta was given two years to live … 19 years ago

Keeping White Collars Clean

After a stint in the ultra-intense U.S. attorney’s office, nothing fazes criminal defense lawyer David Willingham

Kid Stuff

Few lawyers do more to advocate for the rights of children than Andrea Heyn

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Gail Title knows, and she fights to protect the authors’ rights

A Household Name

With an affinity for language, mergers and acquisitions, Laura Stein globalizes the Clorox brand

Lawsuit on Aisle 5

How Robert Gordon went from a farm commune to Safeway Inc.

The Crusaders of Death Row

Houston neighbors Scott Atlas and Stanley Schneider run their own personal innocence project

Fashion Sense

Meet Michelle Banks, counsel to Gap Inc. 

The Richmond Bridge

Diana Richmond works to connect new ideas of family with old ideas of family law

A Life Less Ordinary

Robert Brewer has had more than one case of a lifetime

The Nina Chronicles

Nina Shaw helped found one of Hollywood's most important law firms

The Singer and His Fallen Friends

Greg Westfall sings the stories—and saves the lives—of society's rabble        

How to Clean Up a Pornographer, and Other Problems of the Law

Nanci Clarence wants you to see the good she sees in people        

Every Man’s a King

Alexis Neely brings the Rockefeller treatment to the common guy        

King of the Long Shots

After Dennis Schoville survived a bullet to the head, anything was possible  

The Glass Ceiling Shatters

A new class of younger female attorneys is upending the Texas legal world

What Nikkee Wants, Nikkee Gets

Nikkee Espree — Mehaffy Weber        

From Crosswords to the Courtroom

Stacy Phillips’ reading includes complex financial documents and iffy national gossip rags

Stereotype Buster

Liberal Cristina Arguedas fights for those downtrodden, underdog corporate honchos

The Best Little Art Gallery in San Francisco

Richard Greene built a law firm and a cultural institution in one

Freud, Socrates and Glass LLP

David Glass is a whole new kind of family lawyer

Guarding the Fourth Estate

When the press wants to speak truth to power, Guylyn Cummins makes sure they’re heard

Ms. Glacier, I Presume?

Patricia Glaser grew up with dreams of playing for the Yankees. Now she plays a different kind of hardball

Doing Well--Very Well--By Doing Very Good

Fred Baron became a big guy by never forsaking the little guy

The Sex Therapist Who Upended the Law

Lisa Blue is revolutionizing how lawyers see juries

The Romance of Baron and Blue

For Texas’ No. 1 power couple, it’s just an old-fashioned love song

The Hersh Health Plan: Don’t Let Bad Guys Get Away With It

Nancy Hersh fights for women’s health

Let My People Come

Marc Van Der Hout opens doors for immigrants

Is a Hamburger Man's Best Friend?

Orly Degani wants to speed up the evolution of animal rights

Rosalind Russell and Me

“My, my, my, what an eager little mind,” said Rosalind of Jan

The Lawyer with Solid Gold Intuition

Charla Aldous finds her way to big-money cases by listening to her heart

One Step at a Time

Dan Higgins, who almost lost his legs in Vietnam, knows health care from the inside out

The Most Happy Fellow

Assistant San Francisco D.A. Paul Henderson charms his juries into submission

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