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Articles Written by Stan Sinberg

Sister Act

Barbara, Therese and Maria Lawless followed in their father’s footsteps—and stuck together 

From Raider to Litigator

Bob Moore once caught passes from Kenny Stabler; now his wins take place in the courtroom

Unnatural Disaster Artist

John “Mickey” McGuire walks the talk after fires and earthquakes

Not So Small

An international network headed up by Charles Kagay arms boutique firms with more firepower

How Clement Kong Measures Success

The Sacramento attorney says it’s all about the people you meet along the way

Have Holcomb, Will Travel

Mark Holcomb: the tax attorney who saved the day for Expedia

The Clerks

From Miranda to Booker: 40 years of historic and hilarious moments clerking for the U.S. Supreme Court

‘Just a [Supreme] Thrill’

An oral history of local lawyers who clerked in the rarefied chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, for justices ranging from William O. Douglas to Stephen Breyer

The Grinders

The back-and-forth of John C. Taylor and David Ring

I Don’t Know What I’d Do Otherwise

An oral history of attorneys who remember wearing fedoras and watch fobs, hopping the “C” train to the office, and triumphantly negotiating a salary of $9,000. A year.

Simon Says, Juries Listen

Antitrust attorney Bruce Simon has gotten ‘in the heads’ of Archer Daniels Midland, Anheuser-Busch and international cartels—but he says there’s no need to be nasty

“Who Are Those Guys?”

Bankruptcy boutique Felderstein Fitzgerald Willoughby & Pascuzzi plays well—and fights well—with others

Keating’s Lawyer

How Stephen C. Neal got the troubled financier (almost) off the hook

The Rescuer

Tampa bankruptcy lawyer Roberta Colton is always there for clients—even if they need an airplane moved in the dead of night

Leading By Example

Ann E. Evanko solves employment law problems and mentors the next generation

Blowing the Whistle on Fraud

How Eric Havian became a ‘giant-killer’

Jane Kreusler-Walsh’s Secret to Appellate Success

Edits, edits, edits … then more edits

A Straight Shooter

Business litigator James Burke calmly calls the shots—even when a presidential election is at stake

The Reviews Are In

Laurence Wilson guides Yelp through its early twists and turns

Everyone Deserves a Good Lawyer

So believes William Gagen, even though his clients sometimes do terrible things

The Ground-Breaker

Albert Dotson Jr. reshapes landscapes—and young lives while he’s at it

The Plain Talker

Robert Josefsberg’s secret to courtroom success: Keep it simple

Class Act(ion)

Rahul Ravipudi digs in for consumers and wins on a huge scale

Class Dismissed

Drew Hansen was a lock-down defender on the court at the University of Utah, and is one again at Arent Fox

Going the Distance

In court or on the bike path, trial lawyer Jeff Tilden stays at the top of his game

All the Livelong Day

Ellen Fitzsimmons works to modernize CSX

Hany Mawla’s Judicial Temperament

Abused women have a friend in the former Greenbaum partner and recently appointed judge

Bingham’s Nuclear Weapon

How Marshall Grossman parlayed a $5 overcharge into a powerhouse career

Cliff Notes

Cliff Rankin deftly handles the Shaw Group’s legal dealings 

The Wild One

Chris Dolan's cases are a real-life Streets of San Francisco

The War Horse

Chris Searcy goes to battle for accident victims

The Influence of Bear Bryant

D. Leon Ashford credits the legendary football coach for a career in law

King of the Tabloids

Mark Geragos is on the front page as often as his high-profile clients

West Texas Hammurabi

David Keltner expands the law to new frontiers        

The Storyteller

When Milton Hirsch isn't churning out legal thrillers, he's championing the unjustly imprisoned  

Son of the Magyar Hercules

Allen Ruby's early training in the ring (and we're not talking Wagner here) prepared him for the fight  

Look for the Union Label

Bennet Zurofsky sings the praises of the labor movement—literally

(Un)signed, Sealed, Delivered

Even Tom Girardi depends on the kindness of strangers

English Lesson

Plumbers’ pensions were down the drain till Stephen English taught their scheming fund managers a thing or two

Head of the Class Action

What kind of weirdo likes justice more than money? Meet Brad Seligman

A Fish Tale

At first glance, Barry Melton appears to be a “Fish” out of water

Basic Black

If the town has to burn down for justice to be done, that’s a risk Roy Black is willing to take

Alex Kohner and the Naked Truth

Connected? Kohner’s pals and his family helped propel him to success

The Early Bird

Sorrell Trope gets the worm (and Nicole Kidman, Cary Grant, etc.)

Ms. Liberty

Eva Jefferson Paterson is the underdog’s best friend

The Avenging Angel Who Travels in Style

Willie Gary's real life out-Horatio-Algiers even the most imaginative character from fiction

Shaman At the Negotiating Table

Want to jump-start your career? Get fired by Michael Jackson

"Screw You, Rusty"

Anna Nicole Smith made Rusty Hardin a Texas legend when she spewed those three words while on the stand

Everyone Likes Ike

Rumors of his client's death have been greatly exaggerated

John Martel by Day, Joe Silverhound by Night

He’s always seemed to lead several lives. These days, one of those is as an author of popular thrillers

Like Midas, Everything Sheldon Siegel Touches Turns to Gold

In addition to coming out on top in court, Siegel tops the best-seller lists

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