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About Steve Knopper

Steve Knopper is a Billboard editor at large, former Rolling Stone contributing editor, contributor to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ and many other publications, and the author of two books: Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age and MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson. A longtime Super Lawyers contributor, he has written numerous oral histories, including one about civil rights attorneys in Alabama in the 1950s and ’60s, and another on the pioneering wave of women attorneys in Southern California in the 1970s. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Articles Written by Steve Knopper

Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going

Six perennial top listers talk about the last 20 years of law

Front Runners

Six attorneys whose stories have graced our covers reflect on the last two decades

Small Pond

Six attorneys who found happiness in Florida’s quieter corners

Catching the American Dream

Five Georgia attorneys tell their immigration stories

Exactly Rocket Science

Gary M. Paul’s work during the heyday of the space race

'Where You Are and Where You've Been'

Six attorneys share their stories of coming to America

Going Solo

Six attorneys on the joys and challenges of hanging a shingle

'The Doors Were Opening'

An oral history of the first wave of women attorneys

Representing Rosa, Cheating the Hangman, and Other Stories from 400 Years of Law

Seven attorneys from four states—each with 50+ years in practice—talk about their careers

500 Years of Legal Knowledge

Eight attorneys, each with 60+ years experience, talk about everything from LSAT-less law schools to Freedom Rides to John and Yoko

The Man Who Introduced John Lewis to Martin Luther King Jr.

Attorney Fred Gray on the passing of the civil rights icon

Trial by Fire

Starting out as a prosecutor: a brutal workload. And the best job ever

Going Public

Six LA-area criminal defense attorneys recount the joys and heavy workloads of being prosecutors and public defenders

'Whatever You Do, Don't Look at the Clock'

Florida attorneys swap U.S. Supreme Court stories—from getting dressed down by Scalia to being the last lawyer to address Rehnquist

This Is a Change, and I Want to Be Part of It

An oral history of trailblazing women in the law

The Face of a Lawyer

An oral history of trailblazing women in Illinois law

Across the Aisle

Former prosecutors who switched to defense compare notes

'In Different Shoes'

Five Texas women follow the ‘path through the jungle’ carved by predecessors like Sandra Day O’Connor

9 Stories

What was it like being part of the first wave of women attorneys? Nine Oregon lawyers tell all

Who We Are

Immigrant attorneys share their journeys to, and visions of, America

'Were the Kids Safe?'

Matt Holohan and Karam Saab try to reunite families separated at the border

'Even the Sky Is Different'

Eight LA attorneys recount their journeys to America

“The New Lady Lawyer in Town”

An oral history of the first wave of female attorneys

From Spittoons to Specialization

Five local lawyers mull the changes in their industry over the past six decades

'None of Us Take It for Granted'

Eight lawyers recount their journey to America

Finding My America

Six immigrants share their journeys to become Michigan attorneys

‘You’re Just Ready’

A case of the jitters, a bleeding ankle and a nearly missed entrance couldn’t keep 7 Texas lawyers from their dates with the nation’s highest court

The Journey Home

Washington attorneys share their experiences immigrating to the U.S.

From Then … … to Now

An oral history of lawyers who started practicing in the 1960s

Big America

An oral history of immigrants in Illinois law

Women's Day

An oral history of those who fought “We don’t hire women” law firms and handsy judges to make legal history

Pushing at the Edges

An oral history of women who began practicing law in the early 1970s

The Blueberry Patch Exception

Boulder’s Hutchinson Black and Cook allows its partners a year off

The Vanishing Jury Trial

And will it make a comeback?

‘The Chief Is Eating My Sandwich’

And other memories of the high court from eight former SCOTUS clerks

Oral History: 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Robe

Former clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court talk about their experiences at the center of American law

‘Still Dancing Backwards in High Heels’

An oral history of Minnesota women who started practicing law in the 1960s and ’70s

“Gee, I Helped This Guy Today”

An oral history of five Pennsylvania attorneys who graduated from law school in the 1950

The Bridge

Qusair Mohamedbhai tackles civil rights and employee rights in post-9/11 America

L.A. Unconfidential

Nine top attorneys talk about practicing law from the 1950s to today

‘We’ve Come a Rather Remarkable Way’

An oral history of civil rights and the African-American bar 60 years after Montgomery

Patent Office No Longer Pending

How John Posthumus helped grow Colorado

“Why Are You Competing With Me?”

An oral history of the first wave of female attorneys

‘Hey Chick, Want to Go to Court?’

An oral history of the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of the first wave of female attorneys

Revisiting Warren Jeffs

Former prosecutors Eric Nichols and Fields Alexander and defense attorney Deric King Walpole revisit the mayhem surrounding the polygamist’s trial

The Beasley Legacy

Everyone who worked with legendary Philadelphia trial lawyer Jim Beasley has a story or two to tell. Some of the attorneys who knew him best shared their memories with us

Operation Greylord: Fixing the System

An oral history of the investigation that took down a corrupt Cook County court system

Too Big to Not Fail

An oral history of the short life and quick death of Dewey & LeBoeuf

After Columbine

An oral history of the legal issues surrounding the Littleton tragedy

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