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About Susan G. Hauser

Susan G. Hauser is a Portland writer whose articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People, O, and many other publications. She holds a B.A. in English from Portland State University and an M.A. in Near Eastern languages and civilizations from the University of Chicago. 

Articles Written by Susan G. Hauser

'The Impossible Case'

How Paul Heer set a new standard in clemency work

Incubating Success

Stan Perkins helps legal entrepreneurs find their footing—while helping those who can’t afford a lawyer

Eventing Planner

Seattle litigator Kevin Baumgardner finds the secret to stress relief—on horseback

Safety Boosters

Russell Reiner and Todd Slaughter on stepping up to protect the community

Heart Strings

Environmental lawyer Beth Ginsberg is making beautiful music out of a childhood passion

What Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Look For in a Case

Personal injury cases aren't as simple as they seem

Self-Defense and Deadly Force in Oregon

Be prepared to prove you feared for your life

A Few Words About Immigration

Three Portland attorneys cut through the campaign rhetoric

It Takes a Tugboat

How Bert Markovich navigated his way to maritime law

He Had Us at Hello

Stephen Oddo was Jerry Maguire before Jerry Maguire

Workplace Privacy in Oregon

There’s just one place where you’re safe from monitoring

Downhill Lawyer

To improve his practice, Brad Stanford hit the slopes

Keith Kessler Goes the Distance

The Hoquiam lawyer fights for injured cyclists

The Border Patrol's Loss

Things haven’t always gone the way Michael Gavito wanted—usually, they’ve turned out better

The Unashamed Progressive

Business lawyer Steven Berman works for same-sex marriage, GMO labeling and marijuana legalization; and note the pedigree

Spreading Justice

Steve Fury co-founded a volunteer group that helps coach trial lawyers in Africa

We Are Repeat Players

Bankruptcy attorney Teresa H. Pearson knows it’s all about practice, practice, practice


Melissa Roeder brings a rural work ethic to the civil defense table

Hometown Hero

How Robert Weaver helped free Central Oregon from the clutches of a red-robed cult

The Storyteller

Carol Bernick’s way with words sways judges and juries

The Lawyerly Lineage of Thomas H. Tongue

The acclaimed Portland trial attorney is filling the oversized shoes of three namesakes

The Truth-Seeker

It’s what you do with the knowledge, once you find it, that matters to Rita Bender

The 800-Pound Piranha

David Markowitz is a courtroom giant—and a gentle soul

He Just Does It

Jim Carter defends the Nike brand

On the Side of the Angels

N. Robert Stoll fights the good fight for the downtrodden       

The Last Laugh

William Barton may have been the class clown in law school, but today he's one of Oregon's finest trial lawyers (no joke)

Against the Odds

The obstacles for women and minorities in the legal arena are shrinking—and for this group of diverse Oregon lawyers, the remaining hurdles are just asking to be cleared

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