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About Taylor Kuether

Taylor Kuether is a writer, editor, digital storyteller and editorial director. She’s written for Super Lawyers, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Society, HuffPost, The Washington Post and more.

Articles Written by Taylor Kuether

‘The Cool Thing About Pro Bono Work’

Iana Vladimirova took a transgender prisoner’s case hoping to enact change

Navigating an ‘Irretrievable Breakdown’

What to know when you’re considering a divorce

From the Ground Up

Raysheea Turner works to help others build generational wealth

‘It Finally Hit Home’

How Kim Scott and the ACLU came to represent 1,400 Iraqis deported by ICE

The Community Lawyer

Mariah Thompson helps make systemic change

What to Know About Business Bankruptcy in California

And the alternatives to consider first

Living Proof

How Victor Pioli and Ramses Jalalpour won a case after losing two key witnesses

Numbers Don't Lie

Stephanie Scharf asks tough questions about gender and race in law, then finds answers

Icing on the Cake

How Cynthia Hyndman won before the highest court in the land

Rhonda Hazen Balances the Emotional

In addition to family law, she volunteers as an EMT and decompresses with martial arts

From Sorrow to Salvation

How Gabi Silver helped free Richard Phillips from a life sentence

When an Accountant Isn't Enough, Call a Tax Attorney

When things get off track with the IRS in Michigan

The Care and Feeding of Nonprofits

Nonprofit business attorneys give their legal advice

The Fight Isn't Over

In 50 years, Flint Taylor has battled Nazis, the KKK, police and the FBI, and he’s still standing

We Invited Everyone

Justice Brennan’s 80th birthday and other fond memories from Marie Deveney’s clerkship

The Dos and Don'ts of Starting a Nonprofit

It begins with the size, the board, the name and the mission

'Telling a Different Sort of Story'

Mindy Pava’s journey from the newsroom to the courtroom

Lending a Paw

Jen Novoselsky helps rehabilitate court case dogs

How to Get Started in Michigan's Budding Business

Attorneys share their advice for breaking into the state’s growing cannabis industry

The Lawyer in Wolf's Clothing

Bodybuilding, engineering and even martial arts influence Wolfgang Mueller’s law practice

OK, Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation

Leadership diversity, equal pay and discrimination: Eight women weigh in on how far the legal profession has (and hasn’t) come

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