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About Trevor Kupfer

Trevor Kupfer is a senior editor on Super Lawyers’ staff. He is editor of the Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin magazines, in addition to being a writer and fact-checker of Super Lawyers' other projects. He has a degree in journalism from an accredited program (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) and has written for such newspapers and magazines as Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Volume One, Wisconsin State Journal, The Capital Times, Global Food Forums, and various publications under the groups Tribune Media Services, Capital Newspapers, and Conley Media. He has served on crime and courts beats and, in college, he aided an investigation through the Wisconsin Innocence Project.

Articles Written by Trevor Kupfer

A System Set Up Against You

Ever-changing workers’ comp laws make it hard for employees to go it alone

The Basics of Consumer Arbitration in New York

What agreeing to ‘terms and conditions’ means for your rights

Tragedy Plus Time

How Joshua Gropper’s brother inspired his career path

Punk Practitioner

How Royce Nunley went from practicing basslines to practicing family law

The Dangers M&A Attorneys Protect Michigan Businesses From

Why to call a mergers and acquisitions lawyer when you're looking to sell or grow

'You're Not Gonna Wear Us Down'

Employment litigator Rachhana Srey rises to every challenge

With All Due Respect

The hug-worthy way in which Rick Morgan serves the citizens of Columbia

The Greatest Trial in American History

For Keith Munson’s money, it’s Aaron Burr's 1807 treason trial

Bribery, Fraud and Love at First Sight

Mark Senn’s first foray in real estate law was like doing a heart transplant without medical training

Proving a Product Caused Your Injury in Colorado

Preserving the evidence can be crucial to holding manufacturers responsible

How Much Workers' Comp Attorneys Cost & What They Do For Free

A Vermont workers’ compensation lawyer takes us through the process

The Journey and the Destination

How Cecilia Ju found her true passion

How Much Does a Product Injury Case Cost in Colorado?

Also, how long does it take to resolve?

Super Friends

When one of Batman’s creators needed justice, Stacey Friends swooped in

All the Livelong Day

George J. Cahill Jr. reflects on his tenure working on the railroad

Class Dismissed

Kimberly Lau makes sure schools and universities do the right thing

You Don't Lose Everything in a New York Bankruptcy

Clearing up misconceptions on how personal bankruptcy affects your family

What South Carolina Homeowners Need to Prove a Construction Defect

Courts want to see documentation in a product liability lawsuit

What Homeowners Can Expect in a Product Defect Case

How long it takes and how the compensation works in home construction lawsuits

A Lot to Write Home About

How Lisa Schmidt’s penchant for writing took over her entire practice

No Business Like Pro Bono Business

How to find an attorneys who represent businesses at a discount

Finding a Pro Bono Lawyer

Why attorneys do it, and how you can locate them

When to Consider Mediation in a Business Dispute

Getting the skinny from alternative dispute resolution specialists

What is the FTC Administrative Process in Antitrust Litigation?

What to expect, and how long it takes, to go through it

The Stabilizing Force

Vanya Hogen, always quick to defer credit, is a leader in Native American law and tribal sovereignty issues

When and Why Attorneys Take Cases Pro Bono in Georgia

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal representation

How Does a Firm Decide to Take a Case Pro Bono in Illinois?

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal assistance

Will a New York Lawyer Take My Case for Free?

Frequently asked questions about pro bono legal assistance in NYC

Can You Sue If Social Services Takes Your Kids?

What South Carolina attorneys look for in cases against DSS

Talking Shatner with Jason Abraham

How the stars aligned for the icon to become a spokesperson for Hupy & Abraham

A Vaccinated Workforce Doesn?t Have to Mean a Mandate

What some Michigan employers are doing to ensure a safe work environment

How to Solve an Impasse in a Business Dispute

Michigan mediators share the tips of their trade

A Happy Goal

Allison McNair built an adoption and surrogacy firm, then adopted a child herself

What to Do If You Butt Heads With a Loved One's Nursing Home

Dealing with a New York care facility during COVID-19

'Some Kind of Difference'

Igor Raykin spent a decade teaching underserved kids before entering education law

What Does a Small Business Lawyer Cost and Do I Need One?

And how to go about finding one in Washington state

'The World is Not Equal'

Melaney LaGrone uses her police and prosecutor backgrounds to help criminal defense clients

The Lucky Ones

Five attorneys under 40 discuss student debt, the Great Recession, and the good fortune that got them here

What to Know About Price-Gouging and Price-Fixing in a Crisis

Some New Yorkers learned the hard way during COVID

The Confidence Builder

How Jennifer Frankola’s work as a Bronx middle school teacher informs her special-needs practice

Science Fiction and Science Fact

Kirsten Mayer takes on junk science one wrongful conviction at a time

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Conservation Easement?

And how much time and money will it take?

3 Reasons to Set Up a Conservation Easement

Why agricultural, industrial and environmental projects might seek one

Getting in on the Senate Floor

Bill Coates’ first job out of law school was with Strom Thurmond

Can I Have Uniform Employment Policies in Multiple Countries?

An international business attorney’s advice on HR policies

Can I Unofficially Expand My Illinois Business Into a New Country?

An international business attorney weighs in on the do's and don'ts of testing a market

Eating the Chief's Soup

What James Volling learned from Warren Burger

What to Consider When Owning a Short-Term Rental in Florida

You want to do your due diligence if you're thinking of Airbnb or Vrbo

'Nobody Wants to Be the Guy That Shuts Down a Hospital'

Yet that's exactly what Gary Samms had to do

Maritime Laws When Workers Are Injured Aboard a Vessel

A Louisiana attorney’s legal advice for those who work on vessels

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Was in a Car Crash in Maine?

A personal injury expert answers this and other common auto collision questions

How Title IX Changes Impact School Enforcement of Sexual Assault

New federal proposals call for districts to step up their training and reporting

Up to the Challenge

Stints as a JAG and at the U.S. Attorney’s Office were the foundation of Clarence Davis’ career

Sorting Out Estate Plans, Divorce and Custody Under COVID-19

Rather than giving up, Ryan Kelly has found ways to adapt in clients’ time of need

How COVID-19 Impacts Condo and Homeowners Associations

What they need to consider to comply with the ever-changing laws

The Legal Drawbacks and Liabilities for Restaurants Under COVID-19

Tips from a South Carolina retail attorney on the harsh realities this pandemic presents

A Conversation on the COVID-19 Pandemic with Carole Cukell Neff

A Q&A about the state of her firm and estate planning/elder law practice

Lawsuits When Someone is Injured in Your Home (and Vice-Versa)

What happens in these personal injury claims, according to New York attorneys

How COVID-19 Changes Hospitals Responsibilities Under EMTALA

A Wisconsin healthcare attorney walks through the challenges due to coronavirus

How Much Money Do I Leave for a Special Needs Trust?

With public funding under pressure, your child may need trust funds more than you think

Moving the Needle

From planting trees to challenging the Muslim ban with the ACLU, Gail Podolsky is all in

Who Should Be Your Special Needs Child's Trustee?

New York legal experts often recommend professionals over family members

Trainings and Dedicated Staff Are Crucial to School Investigations

An education attorney’s tips for investigating discrimination and harassment in learning environments

The Difference Between Bullying and Harassment in Massachusetts

One falls under civil rights law, the other anti-bullying law. Here’s how it works.

The Lawyer of Lost Causes and Bizarre Cases

Mark DeBofsky contends with Illinois’ slayer statute

Preventing Legal Trouble When You Buy a Newly Constructed Home

How to protect yourself from legal trouble in Colorado

4 Common Misconceptions Owners Have About Construction Laws

In Colorado, your rights probably aren’t what you think

When Do You Call a Tax Attorney Versus an Accountant?

What each can do to get you square with the IRS

How Healthcare Insurance Fraud Cases Are Resolved

And what whistleblowers and insurance companies stand to win

Long Overdue

How (and why) Mickes O’Toole made diversity its brand

Why Condo and Homeowners Associations Need Attorneys

What lawyers offer and what to expect in Michigan

Not BigLaw

How Roger E. Barton developed a more transparent compensation system

Why Even Generic Drugs Are Expensive

The truth of drug prices is a hard pill to swallow

Suing New York City for a Pothole Injury

Who's liable when you drive, bike or stumble over an NYC pothole?

Tips to Comply with California Cannabis Law

After your business is set up, legal needs may persist

Washington's Human Composting Law and How It Works

It’s the first of its kind, and will likely be regulated like cremation

How Do I Protect a Patent Internationally?

Massachusetts legal advice when you’re seeking to protect intellectual property abroad

Lawyer Chris by Day, Magician Kristoff by Night

Christopher Harristhal shows off his sleight-of-hand chops

Why You Need a Lawyer to Help Comply with the CCPA

You can navigate it on your own, but a data privacy professional is a safer bet

The Astounding Kristoff, J.D.

By day, Christopher Harristhal is a business litigator; by night, he’s Kristoff the sleight-of-hand magician 

What to Do With Harassing and/or Scam Debt Collectors

Illegal collection happens more than you think; Missouri and Kansas attorneys offer their advice

Old Law, New Tricks

How Brian J. Bergman and Jason Barbato secured redevelopment land for LA County

6 Questions to Ask to Avoid Insurance Disputes

An insurance coverage attorney weighs in

How to Solve Land Use and Zoning for a Cannabis Business

The process of obtaining a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) in Oregon

California is Employee-Friendly Regarding NDAs

Three things have to occur before a non-disclosure agreement is enforceable

A Lawyer Olympics

Last year’s nuclear energy project was a decathlon of legal actions

Don't Be a Dope About Maine's Cannabis Laws

Legal tips to avoid risk while running a New England cannabis business

Charity Begins at Home

Marty Stoll is dedicated to providing Iowans with affordable housing

By Design

Law is what happened after Adam Levine was busy making other plans

Legal Options to Stop Exes from Stalking or Harassment

Tech advances make it easier for them, but New York laws are on your side

Does Suicide Make a Life Insurance Policy Void?

It depends: An insurance coverage attorney breaks it down

One Question Separates Good Workers? Comp Attorneys from Bad

What to ask when you need a lawyer for your job injury case

Books and Cable Shows and Podcasts, Oh My!

A Q&A with Henry Gornbein about his many irons in the fire

How to Raise Business Funds Without Going Public

The alternate path provides an IPO onramp for small- and mid-sized businesses

The Do?s and Don?ts of International Business Contracts

A California attorney’s advice to draft better cross-border agreements

Preparing to Do Business in Other Countries

A California attorney’s tips on how to avoid disputes in business without borders

The Canine Counselor

Therapy dog Mordecai has transformed the practice at Bays Family Law

Your Legal Defenses to Wrongful Eviction

A Connecticut attorney’s advice for tenants against the landlords that want them out

Does a Revocable Living Trust Protect Me From Creditors?

No, but it protects your kids and is a recommended way to pass down inheritance in Arizona

Shedding Light

What’s the long-term effect of true-crime series like Serial and Making a Murderer? C. Justin Brown mostly sees positives

Doctor Selection is Why You Need a Workers? Comp Attorney

Workers’ compensation lawyers can prevent your employer from short-changing you on medical benefits

Just Rewards

Bill Beck and Mike Abrams recover financial restitution for the wrongfully convicted

5 Common Questions About Defending a Class Action

A brief legal guide with answers from attorneys who know

What Happens in a Class Action Mediation?

Answering your questions about the goings on behind closed doors

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss in Tax Law

Three of Bill Manne’s clients learned the hard way that you can’t dodge the IRS

The First Meeting With a Bankruptcy Attorney

What gets discussed during the initial interaction?

The Pros and Cons of TIF for a Developer

A tax increment financing primer for Louisiana business owners

Why an Attorney Should File Your Insurance Claim

Legal help can get you further, faster, in Colorado

Spreading Civics One Instagram Video at a Time

The Your Big Idea scholarship program was actually Julie Moore’s big idea

What Building Owners Can Do When Tenants Sublet on Airbnb

Landlords still have liabilities from short-term rentals in San Francisco

How to Set Up Your Will to Avoid Disputes

An estate plan can help to peacefully pass down your homestead to heirs

The Least Bad Choice

Health care attorney Eric Neiman fears the legal implications of Volk v. DeMeerleer

$10,000 May Be All You Can Get If Your Pet is Killed

With few exceptions, Maryland’s statutory cap often makes pet owners even sadder

Marty Swaden’s Encore

The singer-turned-lawyer moonlights as a theater performer

Can I Force My Sibling to Sell an Inherited House?

An attorney’s advice on resolving disputes with inherited property

How to Enter Canada With a Prior Conviction

Legal tips for Americans hoping to visit the Great White North with a criminal record

New Ground

Jack Manning helped found his firm’s Native American law practice

What Do I Do If I?m Arrested in Canada?

Legal advice for Americans detained over the border

The Case That Came Back to Life

William Sulton thought the case was over and done with. Then new evidence resurrected it

Five Minutes

Sometimes that’s all the time Kara Swasey has to build trust with victims of domestic violence

How Do I Enforce My Trademark?

Planning a legal battle for your intellectual property

What Happens to the Family Business in a Divorce?

It depends if both parties are willing to reasonably negotiate

One Weird Trick to Beat the Government in a Click-Fraud Case

How Simone Bertollini won the landmark case may shock you

Does Suicide Invalidate an Insurance Claim?

It all depends on the language in the policy

When Commercial Airlines Are at Fault for Injuries

What to do when a commercial airline is at fault for an injury

Free Legal Advice for Twin Cities Landlords and Tenants

Housing court programs help low-income residents in Hennepin and Ramsey counties

How Long Do I Have to Make a Malpractice Claim in Ohio?

The statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice lawsuit is quite short

How Health Care is Complying with Escobar

Seek legal counsel if you want to avoid government investigation and fines

In the Eye of a Legal Storm

Minnesotans’ rights when they're in the eye of a legal storm

If You’re Injured on a Bike in Minnesota

Resolving insurance and legal issues in a cycling accident

An Empire of Concealed Assets

How Richard Goldberg and David Shuster got terminating sanctions in a bankruptcy case

What Speech Isn't Protected?

Fighting words, inciting violence and hate speech

A Deadly Delay in Diagnosis

Filing a medical malpractice claim in Florida for errors in diagnoses

Mind the Gender Pay Gap

Winning an equal pay discrimination suit against an employer is more possible than ever before

Signed, Sealed, Disputed: Noncompetes

How to resolve your noncompete agreement disputes in Massachusetts

They Give at the Office … Literally

Doug Sorocco helped turn Dunlap Codding’s law office into a free community-event space

Navigating the Maze of Workers' Comp

Attorneys help guide you through it in Colorado

’Round About 6 p.m. on Sunday

Outside the courtroom, you can catch Luther J. Battiste III spinning jazz on the radio

Pulled Over for Pot

The state laws for driving under the influence of marijuana

Fighting Insurance Companies When They Deny Your Medical Treatment

How to file an appeal and bad faith health insurance lawsuit in California

Your Rights at 10,000 Feet

Your rights at 10,000 feet

Shattering the ‘Two-Seater Mentality’

Pat Gillette wants firms to put more women and minorities in the board room

Pat Gillette on Diversity in the Board Room

The mediator has been speaking about diversity for 40+ years, and has reasons for optimism

Sometimes When You Lose, You Still Win

A tough case turned into a pro bono passion for Kate DeVries Smith

I Was Discriminated Against. How Do I Prove It?

Your options in a Michigan workplace discrimination lawsuit

Putting the Cards on the Table

Brent Cromley: Litigator. Mediator. Politician. Magician

A Code of Confidence

Jennifer Compton is helping fight the gender gap in technology

‘The Most Empowering Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Scott Tillett’s battle with substance abuse

The Blunt Truth About Running a Cannabis Business

Federal law still plays into marijuana entrepreneurship in Washington

The Council Counselor

Opportunity or obstacle? David Hyman helps clients deal with the government either way

Suing for Retaliation, If You Whistleblow While You Work

The process of a workplace retaliation lawsuit in Louisiana

In the Lymelight

IP lawyer and biotech company co-founder Thomas Dunlap helped create a test for Lyme disease

What Happens to the House, the Car, the Dog in a Divorce?

How dividing assets typically works in a Minnesota divorce

Post No Billable Hours

FisherBroyles replaces administrative equity decisions with a transparent formula

Diagnosis: Life

Alan Gurvey was given a second chance, and it’s been carpe diem ever since

One Foot in the Future

Why Edelson PC takes its cues from tech startups

State of Emergency

Mark C. Surprenant rallies fellow Louisiana bar members to improve access to justice

Tribulations About Trials

Whereby Judge Dodd gives young lawyers advice about ‘Wherebys’

Tech Support

How an early fascination with programming led Michael Oliver to computer law

Cleveland Calling

Zashin & Rich works to the beat of its own drum

A Game of Millimeters

In a past life, Nate Olson worked drug intelligence and served in Iraq

How to Ensure Your Vote Will Count in Wisconsin

What you need to know about the state law and your voting rights

Clean Water Runs Deep

Mike Turco helps provide potable water to the communities that need it most

Walking in Their Shoes

How Barone Defense Firm uses psychodrama to help clients cope with traumatic events

Telling Their Stories

Lisa Lamm Bachman gives a voice to children and victims of domestic abuse

The Next Evolution in Gaming Law

Dan Reaser’s legislation ushers in the era of skill-based gaming

Giving Back by Paying It Forward

Juan Enjamio helps fund a scholarship program for first-generation law students

Oil and Water

The many routes McClellanville’s Lionel S. Lofton took before law

Keeping Up with Jones

How a major in Spanish led Erin Jones to a career handling multimillion-dollar bankruptcy suits

A Little Humanity

Civil rights attorney Ron Kaye leads the charge against malfeasance in law enforcement

The French Connection

How IP attorney Brett A. August was knighted for enhancing relations between Paris and Chicago

An Easy Act to Follow

Lloyd E. Shefsky’s irregular path to consulting entrepreneurs around the world

The Need of the Moment

Elder law and estate planning attorney Carole Cukell Neff on good pro bono work and bad actors

Brew Crew

Milwaukee Brewers’ extra-base hits make wishes come true—and not just at Miller Park

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