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About William Wagner

William Wagner is an award-winning writer and editor who’s been at it for thirty-plus years. He has written for everything from Sports Illustrated to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and also is the author of a book about the Chicago Cubs titled Wrigley Blues. Wagner has contributed to Super Lawyers since 2005 and has thoroughly enjoyed interviewing and profiling an array of fascinating attorneys.

Articles Written by William Wagner

In-Laws in Law

Dan O’Connell and Lindsey O’Connell bridge the generational divide

How to Fight Discrimination or Retaliation

What you need for a lawsuit, according to Illinois employment attorneys

Starting a Nonprofit Isn't as Simple As It May Seem

Getting into the legal details of a nonprofit startup in Illinois

Cutting Through the Darkness

How education attorney Darcy Kriha helped a blind immigrant gain citizenship

The Simple Story of Raj Shah

The litigator masters the facts, then focuses on the critical issue

Keeping Pace

The IP litigator’s engine always runs at full speed


Kathleen Zellner lives for impossible cases, including Steven Avery's

Mr. Bursch Goes Back to Washington

John Bursch has had 14 U.S. Supreme Court cases, and won 10 of them

Batting Cleanup

Personal injury lawyer Patrick A. Salvi is a powerhouse in the courtroom and as a ballclub owner

Dean Strang Has the Mic

Making a Murderer has brought him, and the justice system, to the national stage

Q&A with Dean Strang

The Making a Murderer lawyer talks about Brendan Dassey's overturned sentence

‘Why Not Text?’

How Jacob Stuart Jr. got the state Bar to agree to a 21st-century kind of solicitation


Perpetually moving bankruptcy attorney James Sprayregen can’t be outworked

Treating the Whole Patient

Li-Hsien “Lily” Rin-Laures is an M.D., but these days she’s healing biotechs


CareerBuilder’s Alex Green started in the NFL before redirecting to the law

Living the Law

Defense attorney Patrick Dowd learned the craft from his father’s generation of ‘Rat Pack’ lawyers


Collaborative lawyer Sandra Crawford brings consensus to family law

The Heart of Being a Lawyer

Lorna Propes rode a wave of cultural change to become a lawyer—and the law’s gain is, well, the teaching profession’s gain, too

Patented Path to Success

The quick rise of Meredith Addy

The People’s Lawyer

Allan Karlin's work reverberates through the halls of power  

The Diversity That Leads to Diversity

Cardelle Spangler helps employers help employees

Going Public

For William J. Quinlan, counsel to Gov. Blagojevich, father knows best


The dust hasn’t begun to settle on 9/11 litigation

The Supreme Thrill

Six Illinois lawyers talk about the six stages of arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Thrill

Four Wisconsin attorneys talk about taking their cases all the way to the Supreme Court

When the Revolution Didn't Happen

John Willems went from representing unions to management, but he still preaches the same gospel

The Young and the Restless

Real estate lawyer Gina Burgin once went coast-to-coast on Weekend Today

Much to Do About Something

Civil rights legend Julius Chambers continues to fight the good fight

The Regular Guy

Philip Beck’s clients include Bayer, Merck, DuPont and, oh, the president of the United States

Sleepless in St. Louis

During the day he trades legal blows; at night he invents Rachel Gold

The Crusader

Robert Henak’s mission is to make sure no one slips through the cracks

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