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San Diego Super Lawyers Articles

'The Doors Were Opening'

An oral history of the first wave of women attorneys

Wills, and a Way

COVID-19 didn’t stop a pro bono program for first responders; it expanded it

Road Scholar

The well-traveled education of Alejandro Moreno

Won't Back Down

Alreen Haeggquist and Amber Eck have taken on the Salk Institute, Fairmont Grand, and Donald Trump


Ilona Antonyan keeps defying expectations

The Enforcement Mechanism

How Daniel T. Pascucci became an expert in global asset recovery

'What We Do'

Why Brian Martin believes pro bono work benefits himself as much as his clients

In the Style of E.B. White

Martin Buchanan enjoys a good fight; he just prefers it in writing

By Design

Law is what happened after Adam Levine was busy making other plans

Leap of Faith

Sharon Blanchet waited 22 years to get her law degree, then made the most of it

Found in Translation

In Taiwan, Amy Y. Hsiao translated for kids and presidents

The Lawyer Off Main Street

Juanita Brooks knows what to do with "a dry patent case"

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Fern Steiner brings her labor law tenacity to two local boards

Unnatural Disaster Artist

John “Mickey” McGuire walks the talk after fires and earthquakes

Discovery with Gabriel Ozel

Gabriel Ozel can say Shl’am lak; just don’t ask him to say ‘irregardless’


Craig McClellan argues complicated cases for two-minute minds

The Second-Happiest Place on Earth

Fred Schenk is the magic behind the San Diego County Fair


Nicole Heffel helps female vets in trouble

He Had Us at Hello

Stephen Oddo was Jerry Maguire before Jerry Maguire

Discovery with Valerie Garcia Hong

May the odds be ever in Valerie Garcia Hong’s favor

Local Counsel with Dawn Saunders

Real estate lawyer Dawn Saunders tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

The Two Sides of Koji Fukumura

The securities lawyer is a mix of laid-back Hawaiian and Philly street fighter

500 Hours of Prep for a 30-Minute Argument

If Kathryn Karcher lives in Washington state, why is she president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers?

Troll Roads

Stephen Korniczky conquered a patent troll—and then made it pay

Fitzgerald's Trumpet

When Ken Fitzgerald isn’t repping the San Diego Chicken or cross-examining bad actors, he moonlights with the La Jolla Symphony

The Man in the Gray Hat

The formerly controversial Gene Iredale embraces nuance and theft

Convicted Until Proven Innocent

California Western School of Law’s Innocence Project tries to ‘put Humpty Dumpty back together’ to free the wrongfully imprisoned

The Ownership Society

What makes Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell work?

The Nonprofit Motive

How Darryl Solberg helps organizations become tax-exempt

Safe Haven

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program dedicates itself to helping society’s most vulnerable

The General


The Defense (Never) Rests

John H. Gomez was already a top trial lawyer; then he went back to college—Gerry Spence’s

Collaborative Art

How an expertise in poisoning led Alexandra Kwoka to family law

Legal Fireworks

Robert M. Howard’s battle to continue a Fourth of July tradition

Mr. Fix-It

When lawyers have a mess on their hands, they call Charles Sevilla

TLC After 9/11

Benjamin Bunn, Ken Turek, and the San Diego lawyers who helped the families of 9/11 victims

Something That Feels Like Justice

Staying up late with Mike Attanasio

Long-Term Care

Estate planning and probate attorney Carol Kao talks with her clients about the two certainties of life: death and taxes

The Fencer

Why Claudette Wilson chooses artful over aggressive

Foreign Service

How Robert Mautino, of Mautino & Mautino, learned nine languages, snuck a Filipino war veteran into the country, and turned a Canadian into an American just by asking a few questions

Thou Shalt Not

Deputy District Attorney Wendy Patrick, M. Div., reconciles man’s law and God’s law

Safari Browser

Alex Campillo doesn’t back down from tough cases or charging rhinos

The Gentleman Lawyer

Gerald McMahon has been killing them with kindness for 44 years

The Gladiator

Cynthia Chihak's eat-what-you-kill philosophy

A Life Less Ordinary

Robert Brewer has had more than one case of a lifetime

Thirteen Schools Before High School

Military brat Vickie E. Turner finds her home in San Diego and trial law

Batter Up

Mark Zebrowski helped create a baseball monument for his city

King of the Long Shots

After Dennis Schoville survived a bullet to the head, anything was possible  

Tough Guy

The unfazeable Robert Murphy


Call Virginia Nelson anything, but don't call her mellow  

Chief Executive Optimist

Janice Brown took an uncommon approach to the law and built an uncommon firm  

Marathon Man

Harvey Levine goes the distance        

Sticks, Kicks and Suits

Whether he's sparring in the dojo or the courtroom, Craig Andrews plays to win        

An Attorney and a Gentleman

David Casey’s cool and composed approach to law has earned him some of the largest settlements and awards in San Diego history

Seeking Asylum

Whether he’s representing a princess or an accused terrorist, San Diego's Jonathan Montag fights for immigrant rights

Intellectual Capital in San Diego

Three top intellectual property lawyers talk about practicing in a place so near to Los Angeles and Silicon Valley

Embracing Change

San Diego's Regina Petty has never been content with the status quo

Guarding the Fourth Estate

When the press wants to speak truth to power, Guylyn Cummins makes sure they’re heard

Espirit de Corps

The Marines made Vincent J. Bartolotta Jr. the attorney he is today

The Flame of Justice

Lilia Velasquez speaks out for refugees, immigrants and the oppressed

Protecting Indian Pass

Courtney Ann Coyle helps the Quechan Indian Tribe save its sacred land and cultural heritage

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