Prepare and Persevere

Jennifer Oden and Marshall Cole on how the sports world prepared them for the legal world

Published in 2021 Southern California Rising Stars Magazine

  • Name: Marshall R. Cole
  • Firm: Nemecek & Cole
  • Practice Area: Professional Liability: Defense
  • Sport: Competitive Water Ski Racing, 1991-2009
  • Accomplishments: U.S. National Champion and Junior World Champion, 2001; represented the U.S. in four consecutive world championships, three of which the U.S. won

“Once you have gone over 100 mph on a water ski, the pace of everyday life moves quite slowly. When I’m in trial, I view it the same as when I am competing in a ski race. The most important component for me is the preparation. If you are not prepared, you’re going to lose—it’s that simple. It’s that one extra bit of effort leading up to a race that is often the difference-maker. I also know that you can’t stay in the lead the whole time. In virtually every race that I competed in, there were places where I would make up time on my competitors and places where I would lose time to them. In court, if a witness testifies poorly, or a judge rules against me, I adjust, and I certainly do not panic. One moment in time is only going to have an impact if you let it.”

  • Name: Jennifer Oden
  • Firm: Solomon Saltsman & Jamieson
  • Practice Area: Administrative Law
  • Sport: Softball, Missouri State University, 2006-2009
  • Accomplishments: Two-time team captain and Troy Leathers Award winner; set school records in fielding percentage (.997) and career putouts (798)

“The hard work, dedication, discipline and teamwork that was necessary to succeed on the field has transferred to my career as an attorney. Just as I worked with my teammates to accomplish our common goals, now I work with my clients and colleagues in order to obtain the best desired outcome. The practice of law can feel overwhelming at times, but my ability to persevere, learned through years of playing softball, allows me to work through any obstacles. I bring the same competitive mindset and I remain passionate in my desire to always do better for myself, my clients and my colleagues.”

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