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Southern California Super Lawyers Articles

The 2 Billion Dollar Man

How R. Brent Wisner landed one of the largest product-defect jury awards in history

Hooray for Bollywood

Nitasha Khanna lists her favorite films from India

Summer Abroad

What Melanie Meneses Palmer learned in Phnom Penh

Prepare and Persevere

Jennifer Oden and Marshall Cole on how the sports world prepared them for the legal world

Okay, Let's Talk About My Favorite Podcast

Discovery with Alia J. Daniels

Going Bollywood

Family law attorney Nitasha Khanna has a background in Hindi dance

How Real is 'The Queen's Gambit'?

Chess champion and IP litigator Philip X. Wang talks Beth, Bobby Fischer, and why he’s never been checkmated in a tournament game

The Big Picture

Jill Smith is the hip, sardonic attorney making deals for Lego, Rube Goldberg and Godzilla

In for the Long Haul

When Amrit Kulkarni’s not catching waves, he’s helping build big things

Divorce Story

Daniel Jaffe on repping Noah Baumbach, learning from Melvin Belli, and hanging a shingle at 82

After the Fall of Saigon

How Teri Pham’s family escaped Vietnam and rebuilt in Pasadena

M.D. J.D.

Dr. Bradley I. Kramer sides with patients in med-mal cases

Essential Workers' Comp

Scott Ford and Cheryl Wallach on educating workers during the COVID-19 era

Growing Diversity

Justin Sanders and Reginald Roberts raise scholarship funds and awareness for an African American trailblazer

Increasing Client Accessibility

Practical Apps with Benjamin Feld

The Wisdom of a Yogi

To Russell Frackman, Berra’s words have meaning in life and law

Going Public

Six LA-area criminal defense attorneys recount the joys and heavy workloads of being prosecutors and public defenders

Five Los Angeles attorneys on how COVID-19 is affecting the law

For some, things are simply slower; for others, their entire practice is on hold


Amy Kiesewetter serves a community that supported her during a childhood battle with cancer

Better Late

At 59, Mary Caruso became an attorney—and that’s not the twist to her story

Palace Intrigue

Bronze Star recipient Phillip Hosp’s path to the law went through Iraq

Not All Glam

Entertainment lawyer Ashley Yeargan on her days interning for David E. Kelley and John Wells

Calming the Waters

Robert Brandt tries to lower temperatures in family law cases and raise them at the ping-pong table

Medium Cool

Why you can't fluster Mona Hanna

Can Political Campaigns Use Music Without Permission?

IP litigator Lawrence Iser weighs in on the Trump-Prince controversy

Mixed Judicial Arts

Former Superior Court Judge Peter Polos now passes judgment on MMA fights

Is a Gamer an Artist?

Bryan Freedman attempts to make law in a growing $152 billion industry


Sibylle Grebe’s long road to the law includes work as an au pair in Indiana and a waitress at the Pink Pussycat club

Madigan, Bargain Again

Denise Madigan helps teach female professionals to negotiate for themselves

Orange County

Civil rights attorney Olu Orange fights to hold police and governments accountable

Deadline L.A.

Guy Gruppie had the best job in the world: sports reporter; then he got a better one

The Most Expensive Orchestra Ever

The LA Lawyers Philharmonic measures time by the director’s beat rather than in six-minute increments

Local Counsel with Jaion Chung

The transportation and general liability attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Business, Interrupted

Nancy Sher Cohen’s insurance team is reviewing policies and advising businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Master

Philip X. Wang brings a chess-champion mind to patent law

A Figure of Speech

Mane Sardaryan learned English with the help of Lucille Ball and Charles Dickens

Ford Explorer

How Lorraine D’Alessio went from international model to immigration attorney

Old Law, New Tricks

How Brian J. Bergman and Jason Barbato secured redevelopment land for LA County

'Even the Sky Is Different'

Eight LA attorneys recount their journeys to America

A Midwestern Soul

Nancy Sher Cohen is firm but fair

The Calm Man in the Arena

For Ron Makarem, it’s about righting wrongs while enjoying the journey

‘Nothing Is Impossible’

Juan Dominguez and the good that good produced

Facing the Snake Pit

Lisa Kantor fights insurance companies who deny treatment coverage for eating disorders

The Public Defender Bug

Why 19 years in the PD’s office didn’t burn out Lauri Brenner

Discovery with Neville L. Johnson

Neville Johnson, aka Trevor McShane, publishes poetry, loves Lennon, and wouldn’t mind a bitchin’ double cheeseburger

Kibbitz and Nosh

Ralph Saltsman and Steve Solomon on the best cheap eats in LA

Next Gen

Ibiere Seck follows in some big footsteps

Moving Past Binary

Will Chuchawat cuts to the chase

Qatar Riffs

How two years in Doha altered Yasmine Abdel-Aal’s career

Apps Fab

Matthew Easton on how legal tech can help level the playing field

Discovery with Jean Y. Rhee

Jean Rhee says “OK, USA!” to dance, surf and candy corn

The Trial Specialist

Jennifer L. Keller’s path to success came via odd jobs and public defense

Interesting Times

Carl Shusterman brings a lifetime of immigration experience to the Trump era

Last Will, New Testament

The search for the story behind the will that set Terry Franklin’s ancestors free

Won’t Back Down

When politicians pick campaign songs, songwriters pick Lawrence Iser

The Mickey Mantle that Never Was

And the secret of the simplified Chinese character

Air Bud

Michael Louis Kelly pilots pups to safety

From AP to IP

The skills Kalpana Srinivasan learned as a reporter help with high-stakes litigation

A Dinner, A Play, Your Bill

Three books with which to escape the law for a few hours


Three attorneys who decompress by revving up

Discovery with Lisa A. Callif

Super Callif’s agile list of sushi, snuggles, boat trips

Inside the White House, with Shawn Holley and Kim Kardashian

How the LA attorney and her client helped free Alice Marie Johnson

Kornberg's Bet

Jessie Kornberg makes connections and pursues justice at Bet Tzedek

International Man of Mystery

How J.P. Fritz honorably tired himself out in Japan

‘The Most Empowering Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Scott Tillett’s battle with substance abuse

Chessies' Girl

Tracy Hughes has rescued more than 300 dogs

Discovery with Ramit Mizrahi

The meticulously prepared Ramit Mizrahi once confronted her own identity thief in court

'If I Ever Get in Trouble, Call Brian Sun'

Colleagues call the Jones Day attorney both relentless and a consummate gentleman

The Two Epiphanies of Bonnie Eskenazi

Clients compare the entertainment attorney to Evander Holyfield and the T-100

Representing Erin Andrews

Bruce Broillet and Scott Carr on the case heard ‘round the world

Rescue Me

Bill Slaughter of Ojai finds people lost in the woods

Creating Families

Evie Jeang takes international divorce and surrogacy to the next level

Team Players

Stubbs Alderton’s Preccelerator program is a legal boon for the tech boom

Diagnosis: Life

Alan Gurvey was given a second chance, and it’s been carpe diem ever since

Discovery with Toni Jaramilla

Give Toni Jaramilla a double shot of espresso and Eskrima sticks, and watch out

Local Counsel with Louise A. LaMothe

Santa Barbara’s Louise LaMothe tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

The Clerks

From Miranda to Booker: 40 years of historic and hilarious moments clerking for the U.S. Supreme Court

The Great Promise

Moez Kaba, a first-generation Pakistani Muslim, reps clients from the LGBT community to a Koch brother

Tea With Ginsburg, Hiking With O’Connor

Two attorneys reminisce about their year clerking or the U.S. Supreme Court

New Game Plus

How Stephen McArthur turned his gaming passion into a niche practice

Discovery with Sarah Fergusson Chambless

The Manatt associate boldly goes where no corporate and finance attorney has gone before

Local Counsel with Sara Kornblatt

The Gibbs Giden attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

The Dignity Deposit

The personal harassment cases that made an employment attorney out of Genie Harrison

The Grinders

The back-and-forth of John C. Taylor and David Ring

Kindred Spirits

Mia Yamamoto spent years working for social justice before finding it for herself

L.A. Unconfidential

Nine top attorneys talk about practicing law from the 1950s to today


Did Claudia Ribet’s bicycle accident turn her into a better lawyer or just a better Californian?

A Little Humanity

Civil rights attorney Ron Kaye leads the charge against malfeasance in law enforcement

Uncle Bill

Robert F. Brennan talks ABOUT consumer law ... and UNCLE William J. Brennan Jr.

You Messed with the Wrong Marine

How elder abuse litigation attorney Kimberly Valentine transcended a tough upbringing to become a voice for the vulnerable

The Five-Tool Player

Inspired by an injustice, bored by the CIA, business litigator Michelle J. Correll keeps moving

Right Way for Right-of-Way

Eminent domain attorney and Expo Line advocate Bradford B. Kuhn on why the easiest way from Point A to Point B isn’t necessarily a straight line

A Quintessential American Story

Ken Lee’s journey from Seoul, to Koreatown, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The Return of Lenny Sanz

Employment plaintiff attorney Leonard H. Sansanowicz learned empathy as an actor opposite (among others) Steve Carrell

Prisoners of Wars

From Gitmo to Orange County, Cindy Pánuco fights for inmate rights

Rescuing businesses and other animals

Lindsey L. Smith on the emotional burden of bankruptcy

‘Hey Chick, Want to Go to Court?’

An oral history of the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of the first wave of female attorneys

Stormer v. System

Dan Stormer likes fighting for people who need help

Indubitably Holm

Top med-mal attorney Margaret Holm wants you to know she’s not that interesting

The Talent Behind the Talent

Candace Carlo is like Teri Garr in a Game of Thrones town

A Hollywood (Hills) Ending

How Gregory L. Bentley and Inner City Law Center helped tenants who didn’t know their rights—or that they had any

O Coach, My Coach

What Lester J. Friedman learned from John Wooden

Too Sexy for My … Job?

Employment defense attorney Samantha N. Hoffman, scion of a surfing clan, on gender-plus discrimination cases

Location, Location, Location

Real estate attorney Susan Lee Daly’s parents crossed the 38th parallel, then an ocean, to give her this opportunity

The Golbert Report

Traveling the world and buying Chagalls with international tax attorney Albert S. Golbert

Life After Life Without Parole

Marshall Camp successfully argued the first case under the Fair Sentencing for Youth Act

The Immigrant’s Story

Christy Han Mohan has one, and she says it’s the key to immigration law

The Young and the Restless

PI plaintiff’s attorney Robert T. Simon hung a shingle at 29, but it’s his pretrial ritual that’s eye-opening

Art and Craft

Julian André defends stolen art and due process

Bon Appetit

Pity Jordan R. Bernstein; part of his job involves testing the best restaurants in the city

She Sold That Building

Crystal Lofing’s latest real estate deal involved Dodger Stadium

The Contrarians

Aitken•Aitken•Cohn takes on Disneyland, mountain lions, and hit-and-run executives

A Deal is a Deal

M&A attorney Brian J. McCarthy leads on mergers involving Disney, Pixar and Lucasfilm

The Ethicist and the Economist

Heather L. Rosing, professional liability lawyer and CFO, is both

Tenacious E

As a child, Evan A. Jenness stood up to schoolyard bullies; as a criminal defense lawyer, she stands up to government overreach

Security for Survivors

Latham & Watkins helps Holocaust victims seek financial reparations from the German government

Casino Royale

John A. O’Malley argued the case of a lifetime against billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Cities Attorney

Sonia Carvalho has been city attorney for Yorba Linda, Azusa, Colton, Claremont and now Santa Ana

Tough Crowd

Timothy Coates’ stint as a comedian helps when he argues before the U.S. Supreme Court

Courthouse Triage

How N. Denise Taylor helped LA County deal with cutbacks

Grounded in Aviation Law

Former pilot Ronald L. M. Goldman represents air crash victims, but one of his first clients was one of the most famous lawyers of the 20th century

Understanding the Business

On the job with employment defense attorney Sabrina A. Beldner

An American Lawyer in Paris

Every summer, Brian Recor turns into “un avocat”

To Dream a Dream of Family Law

Michael Maguire won a Tony for leading a failed revolution in the original Broadway production of Les Miserables; now he helps those with failed marriages

Across the Aisle: Linda Miller Savitt and David deRubertis

The two employment attorneys share alma maters and a big-picture perspective; but their disagreements are legend

Back Pay

Ruth D. Kahn works with Holocaust survivors

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

John Quinn and David Quinto, of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, general counsel and lawyer for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, get ready for their close-up

Billion-Dollar Man

Commercial real estate lawyer Stuart Graiwer navigates the global financial meltdown

The Thief, His Wife & Her Lawyer

Marc Miles successfully defended the widow of an alleged Ponzi schemer; but the case wasn’t over

Faer, Focused

Laura Faer, statewide education director at Public Counsel, knew what she wanted to do in high school and never wavered

Love and Bankruptcy

David Stern and Robert Pfister help same-sex couples with that ‘richer or poorer’ vow

The Calming Force

Why Michael Tuchin calls bankruptcy ‘the emergency medicine of law’

Most Likely to Succeed

How family law lawyer Judith Forman went from ‘highly educated Mom’ to knocking out Muhammad Ali

Common-Sense Approach

Securities litigator Philip Aidikoff knows what’s inside the box

Cop Land

Former public defender John Barnett has carved a niche practice representing the police

Angela’s Case

Between setting up an office in LA and setting world records in swimming, Dan Stephenson helped set a young girl free

Counter Rhythms

Paul F. Cohen hears them in jazz and the law

Wanted: Shades of Gray

IP and business litigator Adrian Pruetz, whose eponymous firm merged with Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs Howard Avchen & Shapiro last November, talks about preparing witnesses, debriefing juries, and the perceived advantage of being a female attorney

Disney’s GC Works His Magic

Alan Braverman, general counsel at The Walt Disney Co., has an instinct for what’s around the corner

Bleeding Dodger Blue

Recent Texas transplant Victoria Cook has already made a splash in the McCourt divorce case

Controlled Risk

Construction lawyer Jay Freedman keeps things steady during the real estate crisis

The Entertainment Lawyer is with the Band

Christiane Cargill Kinney gets creative while helping the creative

The Robe

Kelly Chang Rickert on being the girl who’s blindfolded with the justice scales

His Way

For employment lawyer Perry Smith, songwriting is just a hobby; but that didn’t stop American Idol from calling


Sara Azari fled Khomeini-era Iran, practiced law in Rio and defends the worst of the worst

From O.J. to Skilling

Dan Petrocelli on how to handle the high-profile cases

Compassion for the Client

Amy Fisch Solomon takes on Bayer, Disney and the ‘learned intermediary defense’

Making Deals Happen

In junior high, Brian Weinhart sold hair dryers to secretaries; now he makes multimillion-dollar deals

The Problem Solver

Brian Kabateck’s grandparents survived the Armenian genocide; now he represents the descendants of those who didn’t

Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Just as Good

Howard Krepack tries to keep L.A. roads safe for bicyclists

It’ll Be Back

Howard Weg and David Shemano see the Terminator franchise through two bankruptcies

‘Take Your Violin and Go Back to Vienna!’

Entertainment lawyer Eric Weissmann, of Weissmann Wolff Bergman Coleman Grodin & Evall, on fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe, becoming friends with Gene Wilder, and being called ‘a rotten son of a bitch’ by Burt Lancaster

Team David

David C. Friedman helps Summit Entertainment release the Twilight series and more

The Professor of Defamation

When the Queen of Soul—yes, Aretha—felt she was libeled, she called Michael Niborski

Kid Stuff

Few lawyers do more to advocate for the rights of children than Andrea Heyn

Ice Man

Playing hockey as a kid taught Pascal Benyamini to never give up

Who Will Guard the Guards Themselves?

Personal injury lawyer Robert Jarchi, for one

After Disaster Strikes

Keith Griffin helps victims of tragedy piece their lives back together

The Very Busy World of Matt Kline

A young lawyer is tapped to help rewrite America’s war powers legislation

Class Dismissed

Drew Hansen was a lock-down defender on the court at the University of Utah, and is one again at Arent Fox

Class Act(ion)

Rahul Ravipudi digs in for consumers and wins on a huge scale


Jeremy Rosen

The Jock

Vered Yakovee

Life After Emmy

Todd Harrison

Keeping White Collars Clean

After a stint in the ultra-intense U.S. attorney’s office, nothing fazes criminal defense lawyer David Willingham

The Right Fit

Former insurance defense lawyer and shoe salesman Robert Clayton finds his niche on the plaintiff side

Bingham’s Nuclear Weapon

How Marshall Grossman parlayed a $5 overcharge into a powerhouse career

Schmoozing His Way to Century City

Scott Edelman’s cases have happy endings

A Bit of a Rebel with a Bit of a Cause

Schuyler Moore’s life would make a great movie; but would he watch it?

Magic Johnson

In 2000, Channing Johnson helped a church buy the Forum, and his life changed forever

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Gail Title knows, and she fights to protect the authors’ rights

The Smoking Gun Detective

The understated, underrated Mark Robinson’s outrageously creative research pays dividends

When Every Day Is Earth Day

These four lawyers spend their lives toiling to keep a righteous balance between the needs of the environment and the demands of business and government

Walking in Hammurabi’s Footsteps

When he's not winning cases, Najeeb Nabil Khoury studies Islamic philosophy

The Scourge of KPMG

Compared with Michael Avenatti's previous work—politics under Rahm Emanuel—life in the courtroom is a breeze

Didn’t Abraham Lincoln End Slavery?

Here's Chang(e) you can believe in

Fighting For a Green World

Truth and beauty, says Jesse Chavez, are all he knows and all he needs to know

Nu, So Sue

What keeps Nu Usaha motivated? A psychic paycheck

Enlarging the ‘Family’ in Family Law

Long before Proposition 8, Jeffrey Bollinger was working to legalize same-sex marriage

The Businessman’s Best Friend

Jeffrey Glassman had to lose a million dollars to learn how to become a success

Are You Running With Me, Justices?

Meet three attorneys on the fast track

Win or Lose. Then Draw

Marc Jacobs knows that people laugh at him. It's part of his job

A Man in a Big Hurry

Patrick Avakian is hooked on speed

Jacqueline Harding’s Emmy

How does a labor lawyer win television's highest honor?

That’s My Life Up There on the Stage!

For public defender John Littrell, the line between theater and real life got a little blurred

It’s Hot When You Face the Broiler

Bruce Broillet knows how to weave dreams and win cases

How Steven Spielberg Turned the Nicest Guy in Hollywood into a Shark

Bruce Ramer may be the loneliest Republican in America

King of the Tabloids

Mark Geragos is on the front page as often as his high-profile clients

The Nina Chronicles

Nina Shaw helped found one of Hollywood's most important law firms

How Anti-Semitism Inspired the Creation of a Los Angeles Institution

Philip Glusker celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th year

What Becomes a Legend Most?

Arthur Greenberg celebrates Greenberg Glusker's 50th anniversary

The Young and the Restless

At 36 years old, Jonathan Anschell stepped into the hot seat at CBS

The Man Who Would De-Fang Divorce

Steve Mindel thinks you shouldn't have to part with your money when you part with your spouse

Confessions of a Former Couch Potato

Lawrence Jacobson goes from the sofa to swimming with the sharks

I Remember Mamaliga

For Andrei Iancu, the good ol' days are now

Conquering Cancer Together

Lori Loo and son Quinten work in tandem to beat an awful foe

What to Expect from the Supreme Court

Eddie Lazarus' newest book reveals hitherto unknown machinations behind the nation's highest court

Barefoot in Bali

David Neale says deep sea diving makes him a better lawyer

Q&A with Robert Hertzberg

After a long and successful political career, including years as the speaker of the California Assembly, Robert Hertzberg reflects on having settled into his law practice.

The Braided Lives of Cunningham and Lazenby

How two East Coast guys became West Coast best friends        

Every Man’s a King

Alexis Neely brings the Rockefeller treatment to the common guy        

The Supreme Court Whisperer

Jean-Claude André's high court trifecta        

Why Did Carol Burnett Sue Over That?

Jean-Paul Jassy and the fight for free speech  


Patriotic clichés are easy to spout. But for three young Los Angeles-area attorneys, immigration to this country really did grant them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


Khomeini Arrives, the Dayzads Leave

Why Wayne Brady Would Make A Great Lawyer

Douglas Lief brings his improv skills to the courtroom  

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Dad checks in from Iraq  

The Accidental Do-Gooder

How Seth Levy fell into trying to save the world  

(Un)signed, Sealed, Delivered

Even Tom Girardi depends on the kindness of strangers

Why is the National Enquirer Afraid of This Man?

Martin Singer may be a mad dog, but he’s crazy like a fox

Re: Re

Joseph Re seizes the day—and juries—with his enthusiasm

The Max Factor in Mediation

Bringing beauty to the business of law

The Noodge

The passion of David Lash

How Do You Fill the Shoes of a Giant?

Randy McMurray grows Johnnie Cochran’s L.A. office 

The Celebrity Who Defends Celebrities

How many lawyers get their own bio on Howard Weitzman does

From Crosswords to the Courtroom

Stacy Phillips’ reading includes complex financial documents and iffy national gossip rags

You Can Take the Boy Out of Ebbets Field But You Can’t Take Ebbets Field Out of the Boy

Don Burris has created an A1 museum to the Dodgers—in his own home.

George Hedges and the Lost City of Ubar Is Not a Movie Title: It’s His Life

How a curious entertainment lawyer became Indiana Jones

From the Courtroom to a Republic Pictures Ranch

Greg Stone is one of California’s last real cowboys

Far From the Ho Hum

Charles Rettig’s friendship with Don Ho was a meeting of like minds

Second Career, First Love

Jeffry L. Weiler and Richard A. Killworth married their old professions with their new calling

For Abusive Employers, The Dai Has Been Cast

Cornelia Dai, along with her good karma Pasadena law firm, doesn’t just hate injustice; she changes its course

Michael Baroni Hates Big Law Bills

By keeping lawsuit costs low, and thinking like a businessman, this general counsel has presided over a doubling of company revenues

Alex Kohner and the Naked Truth

Connected? Kohner’s pals and his family helped propel him to success

Freud, Socrates and Glass LLP

David Glass is a whole new kind of family lawyer

How to Win at Poker and Never Play a Hand

Shaun C. Clark takes a gamble on the World Poker Tour

Whom to Partner With for Your Family Law Practice? Family, Of Course

Scott Klopert and Debra Ravden practice family law. Doubly so.

It Takes an INS Lawyer to Know an INS Lawyer

Laura Wytsma devotes several hundred pro bono hours to immigration and asylum cases

Clark Kent’s Pal Finds Genuine Drama in the Courtroom

Deborah M. Parker made waves in court instead of Hollywood

The Survivor

You think lasting a few weeks on an island is tough? Corporate counsel John Schulman has been with Warner Bros. for two decades, and counting

The Mayor's Right-Hand Man

Thomas Saenz is helping shape a new Los Angeles

The Magician of Hopeless Causes

Welcome to the Winston McKesson files of formerly lost cases

The Early Bird

Sorrell Trope gets the worm (and Nicole Kidman, Cary Grant, etc.)

The Backstop

Nothing gets by the former college catcher Brad Brian

Taking Down an American Icon

Larry Feldman takes on "bet-the-farm" cases, including one against Michael Jackson

Ms. Glacier, I Presume?

Patricia Glaser grew up with dreams of playing for the Yankees. Now she plays a different kind of hardball

The Supreme Thrill

These six attorneys argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court

Is a Hamburger Man's Best Friend?

Orly Degani wants to speed up the evolution of animal rights

Recovering Klimt

Randol Schoenberg's perfect (12-tone) legal ear shepherds a $300 million win

Portrait of the Lawyer as a Young Arts-Lover

Mitch Mitchell doesn't just represent artists and writers, he is one himself

Trial and Error

A desperate career move led Denis Crawford to switch sides

The Realist

Everything Brian Dunn needed to know about the law he learned from Johnnie Cochran

When Becoming a Christian Earns the Death Penalty

Ben Davidson knows too well the perils of living in Iran

Nothing Scares Luan Tran Anymore

Tran fled war-torn Vietnam and barely survived the boat ride to freedom

Defending Tookie

Sandra Smith Thayer recalls visiting Stanley “Tookie” Williams on San Quentin’s Death Row 

Commercial Litigation? Sometimes It's Downright Grisham-esque

Tellis became immersed in an investment fraud case involving a Middle East investment firm

The People's Republic of Ginger

Ginger Heyman Pigott feels the legal world could use a few more rimshots

Born to Serve

Providing free legal assistance to more than 10,000 low-income people is precisely what she had her eye on

Irena Loves Art

Raskin combined her profession with her lifelong love of the arts

Our Man at the United Nations

When Robert O’Brien speaks, the world listens

A G-Man Turns to Law

Daniel Hoffer traded his badge for a briefcase

The 5-foot-1-inch Giant-Killer

How diminutive Debra Yang took on L.A.’s bad guys and won

Shaman At the Negotiating Table

Want to jump-start your career? Get fired by Michael Jackson

Does Brian Panish Ever Lose?

A recent win against the City of San Francisco brngs his $1 million win total past the 100 mark

Rosalind Russell and Me

“My, my, my, what an eager little mind,” said Rosalind of Jan

Stein Brings Down the Studios

Why would one man be foolish enough to take on the major Hollywood studios?

How Robert Nachshin Got His Groove Back

How did a man happily married for three decades become the divorce king?

Son of the Vampire

Bela Lugosi took his famous father’s advice and steered clear of show biz

Suits and Sequins

Susan Rabin is no stranger to larger-than-life stars like Conan O’Brien

Kun's Poor Monster

Michael Kun’s hobby got him nominated for a Pulitzer

Pursuing Excellence, Three Steps at a Time

Irving Greines' second career

The Man of Many Faces

A chance encounter turned Kevin Duffis into an actor

Madame President

How Karen Nobumoto survived a year of sleeplessness and reformed the State Bar

Food Fighter

Daron Watts wants to change the diet of African Americans across the nation


Greg Weisman’s surfing days helped launch his career

Honor Thy Father, Thy Mother and America’s Environmental Laws

Chen’s parents cringed at her choice to become a lawyer, now they bask in their daughter’s success

Don't Mess with the Bulldog

Jeff Lenkov’s clients love him, and it’s not just because of the pet rocks

Let My History Go!

Seth Gerber fights for the return of a Chabad treasure trove

Stephanie Does Divorce

Rule #1: ALWAYS watch out for the children

Why Brad Small Just Loves Desperate Housewives

The small screen? Small’s screen

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Dan Grunfeld makes his childhood wish come true

Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave?

A tearful Julie Wotasik receives the battle flag from Parris honoring her deceased son

A Jury of One’s Peers

Orange County’s Peer Court program gives juveniles a glimpse at justice

The Legend of the Hitler Mercedes

Jeffrey Swedo helps settle a piece of racing history

Curb Your Prosecution

Todd Melnik tracked down the Curb Your Enthusiasm footage that proved Juan Catalan’s innocence

Grilling George Foreman

How Henry Holmes helped create one of the most successful product introductions of the era

Unbelievable Batting Averages

Three L.A. lawyers who can’t seem to lose

No Secrets: Fighting for the Press’s Right to Know

From O.J. to Oklahoma City, Kelli Sager keeps the courts open

Watching Over the City of Dreams

Theme parks and movies and politics, oh my

Behind Door One: Torture Behind Door Two: Deportation

Mona Patel-Sikora opens a third door for abused immigrant women

The Man Who Wrote the Bible

David Nimmer knows copyright law … and Winnie the Pooh

A Human Rights Stop in Venice Beach

The Burmese generals ask: What’s wrong with a little forced labor?

Spider-Man's Savior

Carole Handler’s very apt appellation

Video Games Will Rot Your Brain

For Damon Watson, playing games is serious business

Sod Almighty

All Seriousness Aside

Stop! In the Name of Love

Between patent infringement discussions, Robert Benson had a vision

The Child was Father of the Lawyer

The birth of his first son moved Mark Teuton to become an attorney

The Blog Corporations Click

Sarbanes-Oxley a barrel of monkeys? Well, almost, for Michael O’Sullivan

Nothing Plain About His Plaintiffs

Kevin Boyle sides with the little guy — and he’s darn proud of it

The Man Who Pitched Three Strikes

Republican activist Michael Reynolds was moved to political action after the murder of his sister

Looking for YLLOGRL

Having grown up in Chinatown and armed with a law degree and a good mind, Judy Lam has a mission: to help her community

The Spectacular Successes of Morgan Chu

Even the mighty Microsoft fell after this high school dropout took after it

Bert Fields' Greatest Hits

The archetypal Hollywood lawyer, Fields takes no prisoners when representing his famous clients

A Screenwriter Hits Paydirt

Danny Kuchuck sells his screenplay and finds a new best friend — lawyer Jeff Frankel

Auschwitz Didn’t Issue Death Certificates

Lisa Stern sued Italy’s largest insurance company on behalf of her grandfather-in-law, who died in a Nazi concentration camp — and every Holocaust victim was a winner

The Many Hats of Mr. Hill

James is every mother’s fondest dream — a doctor and a lawyer

Being Religious: It's the New Coolest Thing

All across allegedly godless L.A., lawyers are finding solace in their religion

LA's First Chicano Mayor?

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is a politician in forward motion

The Accidental Filmmaker

Patricia Kinaga just wanted to document victims of domestic violence – instead she wound up being nominated for an Emmy

The Warrior Poet

Because he had to get some demons out of his psyche, Chuck Patterson discovered he was a poet

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