Local Counsel with Summer Woodson Berg

An Aspen attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Published in 2017 Colorado Super Lawyers — April 2017

BEST PLACE TO TAKE A CLIENT  -  Cross-country skiing at Pine Creek Cookhouse in the winter, or bike riding to Woody Creek Tavern in the summer.

FAVORITE WATERING HOLE  -  J-Bar at the Hotel Jerome.

FAVORITE BUILDING  -  Aspen Art Museum. It has a world-renowned architect and the most interesting design. Google it.

UGLIEST BUILDING  -  The Orange Monstrosity on the corner of Hyman and Hunter. The exterior design and colors do not fit in with downtown Aspen. 

BEST RESTAURANT  -  Cache Cache. American with French flair.

WEEKEND GETAWAY  -  Hot springs at Avalanche Ranch.

FAVORITE CITY EVENT  -  Food & Wine festival in June. I go every year; and if you volunteer you can go a day for free.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR OFFICE BESIDES THE PEOPLE  -  Its location in the center of Aspen.

FAVORITE BREAKFAST SPOT  -  Little Nell. The setting is very relaxing.

FAVORITE LUNCH SPOT  -  Meat & Cheese Restaurant. They have a daily three-taco special, ranging from chicken to steak to fish. I even had cactus tacos one day.

BEST PLACE TO REFLECT  -  John Denver Sanctuary. It’s just a beautiful landscaped area close to downtown with lots of benches and private areas to sit.

BEST VIEW  -  The view of Aspen Mountain from the café at the art museum.

FAVORITE PARK  -  Wagner Park in the center of town. 

FAVORITE MOVIE THEATER  -  The only one! The Isis.

BEST PLACE FOR PEOPLE WATCHING  -  Ajax Tavern at the base of Aspen Mountain. All the non-skiers meet with friends who ski, as it’s next to the gondola, but the non-skiers just walk up in normal clothes. It really takes off in the spring at about 3 p.m.

FAVORITE COFFEESHOP  -  Victoria’s Coffee has the best coffee.


PLACE TO TAKE OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS  -  Up the gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain.

MOST FAMOUS RESIDENT  -  Goldie Hawn. She has been active promoting her non-profit here: mindup.org.

FAVORITE CITY SPORTS MOMENT  -  When fireworks went off at 11 p.m. in Aspen after the Cubs won the World Series. Aspen has a strong connection to Chicago because many of the modern-day Aspen founders came from Chicago. And even if you aren’t a Cubs fan, you still wanted them to win because of the history.

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