Colorado Super Lawyers Articles

Get Back Up

No matter how many times he’s been knocked down, Michael Burg always rises

Featuring Michael S. Burg

Persistent as Hell

Paula Greisen isn’t going to wait around for someone else to enact change

Featuring Paula Greisen

Moving Forward

My life before, during and after cancer

Featuring Tia M. Zavaras

A Brain Under the Helmet

Why Scott Havlick swapped his bike bag for a briefcase

Featuring Scott Havlick

'Were the Kids Safe?'

Matt Holohan and Karam Saab try to reunite families separated at the border

Featuring Matthew Holohan, …

From Then … … to Now

An oral history of lawyers who started practicing in the 1960s

Featuring Robert E. Benson, …

Justice Is Coming

Tina Habas is civil defense’s worst nightmare: a former defense attorney, now plaintiff’s attorney, who “speaks Judge”

Featuring Christina M. Habas


On the slopes and the courtroom, Ellie Lockwood leaves the competition behind

Featuring Ellie Lockwood

Third Time’s the Charm

Patrick Mulligan gives defendants another shot at a second chance

Featuring Patrick Mulligan

When the FBI Comes Calling

What Ken Eichner has learned from years of “playing in the FBI’s sandbox”

Featuring Kenneth F. Eichner

Discovery with Anna N. Martinez

Anna Martinez talks trial law, cooks blueberry pancakes, and abides like The Dude

Featuring Anna N. Martinez

The Force of Nature and the Steadying Hand

How Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen create magic—and not-guilty verdicts

Featuring Dru Nielsen, …

Sales Force

Med-mal attorney Jim Leventhal went from selling suits to winning them

Featuring Jim Leventhal

The Vanishing Jury Trial

And will it make a comeback?

Featuring Gordon W. Netzorg, …

Spirits of the Law

Why Kim Willoughby is the unofficial state bar mixologist

Featuring Kimberly R. Willoughby

The Blueberry Patch Exception

Boulder’s Hutchinson Black and Cook allows its partners a year off

Featuring C. Brad Peterson, …

Those Damned Emails

When the FBI came looking for The Clinton Foundation’s servers, Platte River Networks went looking for Ken Eichner

Featuring Kenneth F. Eichner

Model Lawyer

How Kristi Anderson Wells’ life as a Ford model paved the way to a successful family law practice

Featuring Kristi Anderson Wells

Discovery with Michael J. Decker

Michael Decker (a.k.a. Captain Cool) on Dylan, DeLillo and dive bars

Featuring Michael J. Decker

Local Counsel with Summer Woodson Berg

An Aspen attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Summer Woodson Berg

The Bridge

Qusair Mohamedbhai tackles civil rights and employee rights in post-9/11 America

Featuring Qusair Mohamedbhai

Master of the Midfield

Want a stadium built? Craig Umbaugh is your man

Featuring Craig Umbaugh

Bring Me Your Poor (nah), Your Tired (please), Your Electrical Engineers (maybe)

Nancy Elkind on the dysfunction of U.S. immigration policy

Raising the Bar

Maureen Reidy Witt stands up for a student’s rights

Featuring Maureen Reidy Witt

Unlimited License (to Sue)

IP attorney Christopher Seidman protects artists in the digital age

Featuring Christopher Seidman

The Adjusters

Roberts Levin Rosenberg is the insurance when insurance isn’tFeaturing Bradley A. Levin, …

Cynthia Ciancio Speaks Her Mind

The family law lawyer fights escalation before seeking annihilationFeaturing Cynthia L. Ciancio

Patent Office No Longer Pending

How John Posthumus helped grow ColoradoFeaturing John Posthumus

Strength From Loss

Tragedy inspired nonprofit law attorney Karen Leaffer to provide community service and disaster reliefFeaturing Karen Schauble Leaffer

Helping Those Who Help Those

Russell Kemp’s pro bono work with Habitat for HumanityFeaturing Russell W. Kemp

Playing With the Interplay

Nancy Crow on the giant puzzle of tax law and the special joy of the Windsor decisionFeaturing Nancy Crow

She Could Do Without the Death Threats

Pamela Robillard Mackey talks prosecutors, system failure and KobeFeaturing Pamela Robillard Mackey

The Educator, The Dealmaker & The Reformer

Contract law attorney John Moye is all threeFeaturing John E. Moye

Homeowners’ Guide

When the walls crack, folks call on construction litigation attorney Heidi StorzFeaturing Heidi E. Storz

Search, Rescue and Mediate

Attorney Bonnie Schriner and her search and rescue dog are on callFeaturing Bonnie M.J. Schriner

Controlling the Second

After handling a two-engine failure at 9,000 feet, nothing fazes Brett Godfrey in the courtroomFeaturing Brett Godfrey

Real People, Real Problems and a Chance to Help

Three reasons why the law appeals to real estate attorney Willis CarpenterFeaturing Willis Carpenter

The Professional

Kenzo Kawanabe fights to live in a more meritocratic societyFeaturing Kenzo Kawanabe

Marathon Man

Everyone thought Walter Sargent was crazy to open a solo practice focusing on appellate law; no one thinks that nowFeaturing Walter Sargent

Krendl’s Methods of Practice

As mentor and force of nature, Cathy Krendl has left a permanent mark on Colorado business law

Serving the Secret Service

Sean R. Gallagher protects Secret Service agents all the way to the U.S. Supreme CourtFeaturing Sean R. Gallagher

Land Useful

Land use attorney Sarah M. Rockwell, of Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell, grew up hearing dinner-table conversations about Denver redevelopmentFeaturing Sarah M. Rockwell

The Life of Reilly

Dan Reilly has a simple goal: he wants to put together the greatest trial team in the countryFeaturing Daniel M. Reilly

The Man from Cherry Creek North

Preservation, restoration and activism characterize Gary Jackson’s legacy

After Columbine

An oral history of the legal issues surrounding the Littleton tragedyFeaturing James A. Cederberg, …

Where Have You Gone, Thomas Edison?

Patent attorney Darin Gibby’s new book poses the question: Why Has America Stopped Inventing?Featuring Darin J. Gibby

Lone Ranger

Jean Dubofsky, the first female justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, and the appellate lawyer who took Amendment 2 to the U.S. Supreme Court, reflects on her career

Normal Genius

Malcolm Wheeler can win a case just by showing upFeaturing Malcolm E. Wheeler

Tackling Giants

Employment lawyer Diane King takes on big companies like Lockheed MartinFeaturing Diane S. King

Faithful Practice

L. Martin Nussbaum and Charles Goldberg represent churches, mosques, templesFeaturing Charles Goldberg, …

Pro Bono: Helping Those Who Help Others

Ted White and the Boettcher FoundationFeaturing Edward D. White

An Emotional Area of Practice

Marco Chayet chose elder law because of a landmark (and personal) caseFeaturing Marco Chayet

Swimming, Not Sinking

Denver native Lawrence Litvak talks cases, judges and his ‘sink or swim’ philosophyFeaturing Lawrence Litvak

In the Frick of Time

Ann Frick specializes in taking over tough cases and winning

Lane v. U.S.

Whether defending death row inmates or Balloon Boy’s dad, David Lane strives to keep government abuse in checkFeaturing David Lane

Wartime Consigliere

How Richard Baer, accidental general counsel and wannabe cop, helped Qwest survive a $3 billion accounting scandal

Defending Goliath

Kenzo Kawanabe of Davis Graham & Stubbs on what ultimately influences jurorsFeaturing Kenzo Kawanabe

Veteran’s Day in Court

Natalie Brown of Leventhal, Brown & Puga soldiers on for a soldierFeaturing Natalie Brown

Q&A With Gary B. Blum

The time and expense of the Rocky Flats case didn’t lead Gary Blum to consider alternative dispute resolution; he was already a proponentFeaturing Gary B. Blum

The Gentle Giant

Bill Keating represents injured clients with uncommon compassion

Tenacity Times Ten

The unstoppable Suzanne GriffithsFeaturing Suzanne Griffiths

From Linebacker to Lawyer

John M. Husband took Woody Hayes' football lessons to the courtroomFeaturing John M. Husband

Lawyers of the Sky

Attorneys at the intersection of aviation and lawFeaturing Joseph H. Thibodeau, …

Single-Minded Passions

Three young lawyers find success by finding the right areas of lawFeaturing Marco Chayet, …

The Supreme Warrior

Why Walter L. Gerash is one of the best lawyers in the whole motherbleeping country

The Denver Globetrotter

Karen Mathis sees the world as president of the ABA

Eid on the March

U.S. Attorney Troy Eid on BlackBerrys, Navajo Nation and that super-secure roomFeaturing Troy A. Eid

Eminent in Her Domain

Leslie Fields talks about an old book (The Good Earth), her book (Colorado Eminent Domain Practice) and the fundamental nature of owning property

Fourth-Down Man

Ken Buck is more than the punter who prosecuted the punter who stabbed the punter

The Ballad of Manuel Ramos

The legal aid attorney returned to his childhood passion—writing—and began winning awardsFeaturing Manuel Ramos

Wise Guy

When you think comedy and Belgium, think Frank Schuchat

The Gold Standard

When not trying cases, Jim Lyons advises governors and presidents. Oh, and he helped bring peace to Ireland, tooFeaturing James M. Lyons

Trading Places

Once, Gary Pirosko ticketed drunk drivers;  then he prosecuted them; now he defends them


The U.S. government was on the verge of eradicating Indian country—then John Echohawk came along

Head of the Class

Beth Klein is a class action lawyer who strives to satisfy both sides

Featuring Beth A. Klein

Stevie from the West Side

Steven Farber is a political and sports powerbroker whose biggest impact may be in the field of health care
Featuring Steven W. Farber

The Supreme Thrill

What's it like to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court?

Featuring Malcolm E. Wheeler, …

American Flyer

It’s a rare day when Jim Brown isn’t on a bicycle

Featuring James E. Brown

Venting Spleen

Christopher Brauchli started out ribbing fellow lawyers; now he sticks it to the president of the United States

Ritter's Run

From Zambia to the Denver DA’s office, Bill Ritter has been following an unconventional path toward the state’s highest office

King of the Mountain

Jim Chalat has built his career in a Rocky Mountain nicheFeaturing James H. Chalat

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Water law attorney Anne Castle deals with the lifeblood of Colorado

Dismantling OKBOMB

Sean Connelly put McVeigh away

Featuring Sean Connelly

The Never-Ending Case

For a quarter century, Jeffrey Goldstein has been working the same case, pro bono

The 175 mph Attorney

After a hard day at the office, Tom Ragonetti shifts gears

Featuring Thomas J. Ragonetti

Artist on the Edge

Kelly Yaksich takes his music off the map

Featuring Kelly D. Yaksich

Of Mice and Men

John Burke and his knockout practice

Featuring John Burke

The Wartime Consigliere

Richard Baer helps Qwest survive a $3 billion accounting scandal

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