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Douglas Mentes is an alum of Drake University with a degree in journalism, who has covered news in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. He has a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and ran his own law firm for more than 10 years in St. Paul, Minnesota, earning designation as a Super Lawyers Rising Star. He practiced in the areas of family law, real estate and probate, handling several successful appeals. He currently covers bankruptcy law for Thomson Reuters.

Articles written by Doug Mentes, Esq.

Make Sure You Trust Your Attorney-in-Fact

Executing a Power of Attorney form is simple in Minnesota, so long as you trust that person

Some of the important decisions can be made through a Power of attorney document. POAs simplify the process of granting legal authority over one person’s financial affairs to a fiduciary that acts on behalf of the principal. Anyone can print off a POA form and sign it in front of a notary; neither an attorney nor the courts need be involved, meaning the form can be completed in minutes. It is, however, this exact simplicity that fools people into not being concerned with what they’re …

Tips to Minimize the Cost of Divorce or Child Custody Matters

Minnesota's ECM and ENE programs can provide quicker resolutions and lower costs for couples

Divorcing spouses fear what lies ahead when they decide to part ways. They are uncertain of the divorce process or cost of the divorce. They are fearful of the other spouse taking advantage of them. They know a Minnesota devorce lawyer could help, but at what cost? Fortunately, district court staff can help divorcing couples understand filing fees and other concerns. They have been innovators in decreasing the amount of time and cost involved in resolving divorce cases, custody …

Contemplating Divorce? If Alimony is an Issue, You Better Hurry

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ends alimony deduction in Georgia

Now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has been signed into law, taxpayers can evaluate its impact. In particular, one group of folks that’s in for a big change is spouses considering divorce proceedings. Since 1942, divorced spouses that pay alimony to their ex-spouse have benefitted from the ability to deduct alimony payments from their income tax return. Although those alimony payments count as income to the receiving spouse, some would argue that the receiving spouse also benefits from …

A Loved One Passed Away Without a Will. Now What?

The survivors are left with some difficult probate decisions

When someone close passes away, there is a long list of decisions to be made and tasks to complete in managing their affairs. Wills are created to assist loved ones in making some of these decisions. Without a will, managing the deceased’s estate is more difficult. The tasks loved ones and family members must complete during a time of mourning are significant, including: plan a funeral or ceremony for the deceased person find and contact next of kin, and potential heirs contact and discuss …

How Do I Get Out of Home Ownership with My Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

For unmarried partners living together in Minnesota, it’s best to plan ahead

More adults in relationships are choosing to live together outside of marriage, and many of these couples are choosing to purchase a home together. Though marriage laws in Minnesota protect spouses’ interests in real estate, those laws do not apply to unmarried couples. For married couples, all property acquired during the marriage is marital property, regardless of how the property is titled. For example, if a home is purchased during the marriage but only one spouse appears on the deed, …

How Do I Terminate Parental Rights in Minnesota?

Here's how it works in Minnesota, but it's quite difficult

Co-parenting for unmarried biological parents can often be frustrating. Unfortunately, for some unmarried birth parents, co-parenting is always frustrating. One parent may feel the other parent puts their own interests above those of the child; carries most if not all of the child-raising load; and that the other parent is only a burden to them and the child. That immense frustration sometimes leads concerned parents to believe eliminating the other parent from the child’s life is in the best …

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