Florida Super Lawyers Articles

Edward Linsmier

Harley Riedel’s Move

The Tampa attorney is a master at keeping bankrupt companies in the game

Featuring Harley E. Riedel, II

Job One

For Alan Nash, customer service can mean inspecting a crime scene—or teaching clients mixology

Featuring Alan C. Nash

Chip Merlin’s Well-Grounded Boots

When disaster strikes, this Tampa lawyer helps victims stake their claims

Featuring William F. "Chip" Merlin, Jr.

How Deborah Greene Colors Her World

The Jacksonville family law attorney draws from her artistic background

Featuring Deborah L. Greene

‘A Lot of Chutzpah’

But octogenarian Bob Parks doesn’t fight—until he needs to


Discovery with Michael C. Markham

Mike Markham admires Fletch, follows Roy Moore’s Horse, and would use a time machine to stop Wide Right I


Featuring Michael C. Markham

Scott Wiseman

Visionary Man

Eugene Pettis’ plan to lift others up the ladder

Featuring Eugene K. Pettis

Scott Cook

If You Build It …

Kimberly Ashby just might be your attorney

Featuring Kimberly A. Ashby

A Code of Confidence

Jennifer Compton is helping fight the gender gap in technology

Featuring Jennifer B. Compton

Where in the World is Anastasia Protopapadakis?

You don’t need a game show to find her—just check out her travel blog

Featuring Anastasia Protopapadakis

Special Force

After 50-mile marches and parachute jumps, former U.S. Army Ranger John Agnew may have been overprepared for courtroom combat

Featuring John D. Agnew

Have Holcomb, Will Travel

Mark Holcomb: the tax attorney who saved the day for Expedia

Featuring Mark E. Holcomb

Both Sides of the (BBQ) Bench

Personal injury defender—and brisket champion—Amanda Podlucky is halfway to becoming a master cookoff judge

Featuring Amanda J. Podlucky

Where the Wild Things Are

David Bates combats career stress with wildlife photography

Featuring David G. Bates

Florida Legal Community Mourns 'Brilliant' Plaintiff's Litigator

Coral Gables' Ervin Gonzalez 'understood the human condition'


Hilarie Bass: Hitting the Ground Running

The new ABA president is tackling issues ranging from gender equity to fake news


Discovery with Paul R. Regensdorf

Paul Regensdorf on humility, humor and why he is like his Dalmatians

Featuring Paul R. Regensdorf

Local Counsel with Ryan B. Lamchick

Miami’s Ryan Lamchick tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Ryan B. Lamchick

‘They Had Already Hired One Woman’

The trials and tribulations of Florida’s first big wave of female lawyers

Featuring Hala A. Sandridge, …

Scott Wiseman


Plaintiff’s attorney Ted Leopold and a ‘perfect textbook case of corporate greed’

Featuring Theodore J. Leopold

Scott Wiseman

Marilyn Holifield on Changing the World

The Miami lawyer’s accomplishments range from spurring prison reform in Georgia to tenaciously defending employer

Featuring Marilyn J. Holifield

The Green Team

The eco-friendly environs of the Romano Law Group

Featuring John F. Romano, …

Courtroom Artist - Florida

Three attorneys who wrote—or were mentioned in—published books share their storie

Featuring Spencer M. Aronfeld, …

‘Why Not Text?’

How Jacob Stuart Jr. got the state Bar to agree to a 21st-century kind of solicitation

Featuring Jacob Stuart, Jr.

Giving Back by Paying It Forward

Juan Enjamio helps fund a scholarship program for first-generation law students

Featuring Juan C. Enjamio

Discovery with Hinda Klein

Hinda Klein, head of her firm’s appellate department, has a talent that confounds courtroom foes: If it’s committed to writing, it’s committed to memory.

Featuring Hinda Klein

Edward Linsmier

President for Life

Jeffrey Warren doesn’t like to talk about himself, but he came through for Steinbrenner, protected Ponzi victims, and his firm won’t let him not be its leader

Featuring Jeffrey W. Warren

Mark Wallheiser


The Tallahassee attorney for the families of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin has one goal: proving that black lives matter

Featuring Benjamin L. Crump

Scott Wiseman

‘Senator Silva’

Miami litigator Effie Silva focuses on business and health care law, but maybe someday …

Featuring Effie D. Silva

‘America’s Lawyer’

Mike Papantonio, law partner of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., says trial lawyers without some rage in their hearts aren’t doing it right

Featuring Mike Papantonio

Matt May

The A-Team

Tampa appellate duo Steve Brannock and Celene Humphries smoke Big Tobacco

Featuring Celene H. Humphries, …

Scott Wiseman

How Theodore Babbitt Turned His Life Around

A stint in the Marines lit a fire under the onetime underachiever

Featuring Theodore Babbitt

Scott Wiseman

No Excuses

How Robert Wayne Pearce stared down personal disaster

Featuring Robert W. Pearce

For the Defense

Parker Thomson gives overloaded public defenders a break


Professional Protector

Audra Michelle Bryant on safeguarding children and defending fellow attorneys

Featuring Audra Michelle Bryant

Kay Wolf: ‘It’s the People’

The Orlando employment defense attorney spends her spare time bringing educational opportunities to kids in Cambodia

Featuring Kay L. Wolf

Scott Wiseman

Making It, Baking It, Taking It

Office Depot’s Elisa D. Garcia C. makes it her business to know the business


Scott Wiseman

Franchise Player

The quiet persuasiveness of West Palm Beach business litigator Sid Stubbs

Featuring Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr.

Scott Cook

Representing George Zimmerman

How Orlando attorney Mark O’Mara stays cool in the midst of chaos

Featuring Mark M. O'Mara

Scott Wiseman

Power Puncher

‘Rocky’ Rodriguez was on the front lines of the 2000 presidential recount and the Terri Schiavo controversy

Featuring Raquel (Rocky) A. Rodriguez

Lee Stapleton’s Paradise Found

The litigator—and former ‘military brat’—discovered her perfect home in Miami

Featuring Lee Stapleton

Success Stories

Bankruptcy attorney John Kozyak pairs minority students with law-industry mentors

Featuring John W. Kozyak

Wayne Hogan: Driven to Action

The Jacksonville attorney works to keep teens focused on the road

Featuring Wayne Hogan

Matt May

The Right Medicine

Why Tampa’s Bennie Lazzara Jr. put aside criminal defense work to champion injured nursing-home patients

Featuring Bennie Lazzara, Jr.

Matt May

The Rescuer

Tampa bankruptcy lawyer Roberta Colton is always there for clients—even if they need an airplane moved in the dead of night


Scott Cook

Against the Odds

J. Cheney Mason wasn’t looking to represent arguably the most reviled woman in the U.S., but once on Casey Anthony’s case, he wouldn’t back down

Featuring J. Cheney Mason

Scott Wiseman

The Incredible Journey of Stephen Zack

From privileged boyhood to impoverished youth to a year as the ABA’s first Hispanic president

Featuring Stephen N. Zack

My Lawyer, the Rocket Scientist

How Neil Armstrong drove Michael Corso from aeronautics to the law

Featuring Michael J. Corso

Victims’ Advocate

Scott Fischer’s mission: to protect the elderly

Featuring Scott M. Fischer

Lending a Hand

Florida attorneys pitch in to raise funds—and hope

Featuring Melanie E. Damian, …

Stuart Z. Grossman V. Curacao

Bank of America, BP, and possibly the Netherlands are also on notice from the Coral Gables personal injury attorney

Featuring Stuart Z. Grossman

Scott Wiseman

Jane Kreusler-Walsh’s Secret to Appellate Success

Edits, edits, edits … then more edits

Featuring Jane Kreusler-Walsh

Scott Wiseman

Fostering Hope

Howard Talenfeld is fighting for Florida’s most vulnerable kids

Featuring Howard M. Talenfeld

Who was your mentor?

Harley Riedel and Don Stichter

Featuring Harley E. Riedel, II, …

Who was your mentor?

LaShawnda Jackson and J. Scott Kirk

Featuring J. Scott Kirk, …

Bryan Gowdy Never Says ‘Never’

A Jacksonville lawyer takes on the state of Florida—and wins

Featuring Bryan Gowdy

Eminently Qualified

Prineet Sharma makes sure land-takings are fair to all

Featuring Prineet D. Sharma

Landmark Win

Miami lawyers Hilarie Bass, Elliot Scherker and Scott Rubin help overthrow a decades-old ban on gay adoption

Featuring Scott L. Rubin, …

Matt May

Q&A: Benjamin H. Hill III

Whether a fellow lawyer is in a sticky situation or a civic group needs help, people tend to turn to this commercial litigator at Tampa’s Hill Ward Henderson

Featuring Benjamin H. Hill, III

The Plain Talker

Robert Josefsberg’s secret to courtroom success: Keep it simple

Featuring Robert C. Josefsberg

Star Attraction

How a package of golf balls brought John Travolta to Mike Ossi’s doorstep

Featuring Michael A. Ossi

The Ground-Breaker

Albert Dotson Jr. reshapes landscapes—and young lives while he’s at it

Featuring Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Gregory Mayback’s Intellectual Adventures

Who is this guy, a rocket scientist? As a matter of fact, yes

Featuring Gregory L. Mayback

Shifting Gears

After hours, look for David Caldevilla behind the wheel—or the shutter

Featuring David M. Caldevilla

Government Guru

Anthony Garganese is so good at his job, four cities hired him as their lawyer

Featuring Anthony A. Garganese

Healthy Direction

Charmaine Chiu looks out for hospitals’ well-being

Featuring Charmaine T.M. Chiu

Ahead of the Curve

How Rachel May Zysk landed a major terrorism case before even landing her J.D.

Featuring Rachel May Zysk

Dianne Jay Weaver, Weaver & Weaver, P.A., Jacksonville

How Weaver went from being called “The Skirt” to landing nearly twenty $1 million-plus verdicts. No one’s snickering now

Featuring Dianne J. Weaver

All the Livelong Day

Ellen Fitzsimmons works to modernize CSX


The War Horse

Chris Searcy goes to battle for accident victims

Featuring Christian D. Searcy

Life Is a Cabernet

To Gregory Yadley, it's all about balance

Featuring Gregory C. Yadley

Hopeless Cases

In Joey Zumpano's book, there's no such thing

Featuring Joseph I. Zumpano

Crash and Learn

Florida's many allures will work their magic again, but it might take some time, say these real estate lawyers

Featuring Thomas R. Lehman, …

Where Pit Bulls Fear to Tread

Anywhere near attorney Paul Geller

Featuring Paul J. Geller

Aesthetically Yours

How to practice law in an art gallery

Featuring Michael C. Maher

The Dazzling Larry Farese

Business attorney by day; rock legend by night

Featuring Lawrence A. Farese

Immigrant Experience

Giselle Carson knows what it's like to be the newcomer

Featuring Giselle Carson

As Green As They Come

Nicole Kibert wants to save the planet

Featuring Nicole C. Kibert

Street Smarts

Ramon Rasco is on a mission: to end Miami's homelessness

Featuring Ramon A. Rasco

Q&A: Charles Pillans III

Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe, Jacksonville

Featuring Charles P. Pillans, III

Playing by Heart

For Ervin Gonzalez to take a case, it has to pass the ‘wow' test  


Donald Lykkebak’s High-Flying Career

If you're an astronaut accused of hunting down a romantic rival, he is the lawyer to call. Oh, did we mention the diapers?

Featuring Donald A. Lykkebak

The Storyteller

When Milton Hirsch isn't churning out legal thrillers, he's championing the unjustly imprisoned  


Shane Kelley’s Lawyerly Lineage

The estate attorney's ancestors trekked by horse and wagon to Fort Lauderdale, where his great-grandfather hung his law shingle. The rest is history        

Featuring Shane J. Kelley

The Straight-Shooter

Kelly-Ann Cartwright says what she thinks, and the results follow        

Featuring Kelly-Ann Gibbs Cartwright

How Michael Sullivan Went from Football to Law School

The football career flopped, but law was a touchdown

Featuring Michael J. Sullivan

Bottled Up

James B. Davis' hobby is an Rx for boredom        

Featuring James B. Davis

Shark Patrol

Kimberly Leach Johnson's unlikely idea of a vacation        

Featuring Kimberly Leach Johnson

Marathon Man

‘Chip' Merlin takes it to the finish line, at work and after hours  

Featuring William F. "Chip" Merlin, Jr.

Take Two

A short-lived acting career pays off for James R. Holland  

Featuring James R. Holland, II

Larry Marcus

Basic Black

If the town has to burn down for justice to be done, that’s a risk Roy Black is willing to take

Featuring Roy Black

Force of Law

If you see Rhea Law coming—especially if her helmet’s on—best get out of the way

Featuring Rhea F. Law

Panhandle with Care

Alan Bookman doesn’t clown around—well, maybe once a year—when it comes to serving his community

Featuring Alan B. Bookman

Smoked Out

Steve Yerrid helped hold Big Tobacco’s feet to the fire—to the tune of $13.6 billion

Featuring C. Steven Yerrid

Raising the Bar

Francisco R. Angones had the good luck to escape Cuba as a child. What he achieved after that had nothingto do with chance

Featuring Francisco R. Angones

Master of Disaster

If you don’t count hurricanes, earthquakes, plagues and terrorist strikes, Mike Bedke lives a pretty quiet life

Featuring Michael A. Bedke

Geared Up

Racing or litigating, Keiner aims to win.

Featuring Jeffrey D. Keiner

Horse Sense

Outside the office, Equels is an accomplished equestrian.

Featuring Thomas K. Equels

Family Values

Damian says herding kids through foster care just isn’t enough.

Featuring Melanie E. Damian

Despot Defender

Even Noriega deserved a good lawyer.

Featuring Neal R. Sonnett

Defying Dictators

For the cause of human rights, Pedro Martinez-Fraga has sued Castro, Chávez, Pinochet and Aristide

Featuring Pedro J. Martinez-Fraga

Scaling New Heights

John W. Robinson IV rises to the challenge of keeping employers out of trouble


The Pugilist

The three biggest things to hit Pensacola just might be Jesus, Hurricane Ivan and Fred Levin

Featuring Fredric G. Levin

The Avenging Angel Who Travels in Style

Willie Gary's real life out-Horatio-Algiers even the most imaginative character from fiction

Featuring Willie E. Gary

Fred Ridley's Master Stroke

Fred Ridley chose the law over life as a professional golfer. So how did he end up teeing off with Arnold Palmer?

Featuring Fred S. Ridley

The Man Who De-Launders Money

Looking for the ultimate multicultural citizen? Meet Carlos Loumiet

Featuring Carlos E. Loumiet

Managing Managed Care

Know your rights when dealing with an HMO

Featuring John (Jack) Scarola, …

Parting Ways

The ins and outs of Florida divorce law

Featuring Michael R. Walsh

Welcome to Termite World

You think bugs are bad? Pete Cardillo takes on some really bad exterminators

Featuring Peter M. Cardillo

Cruising the World for Fun and Profit

Has Jeffrey Maltzman found the sweetheart deal of all time?

Featuring Jeffrey B. Maltzman

Eternally in Demand

Tom Carey’s business is dying … and it’s booming

Featuring Thomas W. Carey

Senior Partner

Jim Wilkes keeps an eye on nursing homes

Featuring James L. Wilkes, II

Respecting His Elders

John Hargrove goes after insurance salespeople who prey on the elderly

Featuring John R. Hargrove

Who Wants to be Dan Blonsky?

He gave Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? a shot

Featuring Daniel F. Blonsky

A Star is Born

Rebecca Steele’s unusual career turn


Fishing for Dollars

The Bilzin Sumberg trial attorney put his passion to good use

Featuring Mitchell E. Widom

On the Road

John Blakely has driven his motor home to every state on the continent. Sorry, Hawaii

Featuring John T. Blakely

The Soul of a Poet

How he became a lawyer is stranger than fiction


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