Georgia Super Lawyers Articles

A Long Way from the Mole Hole

Five legendary Georgia attorneys on practicing law for half a century

Featuring Bobby Lee Cook, …

Believe Her

Debra Schwartz started fighting inequality at age 12 and never stopped

Featuring Debra E. Schwartz

She Rises Up to the Challenge of her Rival

Discovery with Sarah E. Stottlemyer

Featuring Sarah E. Stottlemyer

A Man with Two Countries

Bryan Ramos works to recognize Filipino WWII vets

Featuring Bryan C. Ramos

The Collegial Court

Bruce P. Brown on clerking for Chief Justice Warren Burger

Featuring Bruce P. Brown

Nice Being the Boss

“Pay your quarterly taxes” and other lessons from family law attorney Emily Yu

Featuring Emily S. Yu

Great Trials, Occasional Errors

Steve Lowry and Yvonne Godfrey’s new podcast delves into the stories, mistakes and risks of notable court cases

Featuring Stephen G. Lowry, …

The Professor

Chilton Davis Varner lives for teachable moments

Featuring Chilton Davis Varner

Heeding the Call

Why Joe Whitley was tapped to become the first general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security

Featuring Joe D. Whitley

‘A Hole in the Constitution’

Linda Klein on the story behind the 25th Amendment

Featuring Linda A. Klein

Courtroom Confidential

How Steve Sidman serves his celebrity-chef clients

Featuring Steven S. Sidman

His Father and Atticus Finch

Joseph Beck’s book is more than just family history

The Listening Tours

Linda Klein on her year as ABA president

Featuring Linda A. Klein

For Love of Horses

Daryl Buffenstein spends his downtime on the farm

Featuring Daryl R. Buffenstein

Stockholm Syndrome

Sara Khaki’s journey from Iran to America included a 10-year layover in Sweden

Featuring Sara Khaki

Discovery with N. John Bey

N. John Bey doesn’t believe any victory or loss should be celebrated or mourned for more than a day

Featuring N. John Bey

Local Counsel with Lisa Collins

IP attorney Lisa Collins tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Lisa Collins

Building on the Groundwork

The generation who came along five years after John Lewis and Diane Nash on the progress we’ve made ... and haven’t

Featuring Bernard Taylor, …

A Handshake Lawyer From LaFayette

Zahra Karinshak speaks Arabic with a strong Southern accent

Featuring Zahra S. Karinshak

O, Solomiany!

Marvin Solomiany is a family law attorney with a fascinating family history

Featuring Marvin L. Solomiany

Post No Billable Hours

FisherBroyles replaces administrative equity decisions with a transparent formula

Featuring Thomas E. Lavender III, …


Ed Buckley helps turn on taps in Haiti

Featuring Edward D. Buckley

‘A Failure to Communicate’

How to avoid claims for legal malpractice

Featuring David N. Lefkowitz

Discovery with Jane Lamberti

Jane Lamberti on RBG, the BVIs and the joy of trial bags with wheels

Featuring Jane Lamberti

Local Counsel with Kathleen Horne

Savannah’s Kathleen Horne tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Kathleen Horne

The $500 Million Man

Saying “I’ll see you in court” to Pete Law is probably not the best way to start the day

Featuring Peter A. Law

Change Agent

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy was mentored by some of the biggest names in Georgia law; she’s paying it forward with the Sutherland Scholars

Featuring Allegra J. Lawrence-Hardy

Hell Out of Dodge

Jennifer Auer Jordan brings a touch of South Georgia to Atlanta

Featuring Jen Auer Jordan

The ‘Criminalization of Immigration’

‘Destined for death’ in Cambodia, Socheat Chea now helps immigrants make new lives in the U.S.

Featuring Socheat Chea

The Benzo Way

From paralegal to partner to president—and now principal at Benzo Law—it’s been a steady climb for Tracee R. Benzo

Featuring Tracee R. Benzo

The Collector

Rupert M. Barkoff is an introvert by nature, but when he’s passionate about something he goes all in

The Three Lessons of Edward Tolley

The prominent Athens trial lawyer talks about what he’d do to change the justice system

Featuring Edward D. Tolley

John Mayoue Declines to Comment

The notoriously tight-lipped celebrity divorce lawyer opens up … but not about Jane, M.J. and Usher

The Best Lawyer Bobby Lee Cook Has Seen

What criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow knows can acquit youFeaturing Steve Sadow

The Muckraker

Linley Jones represents the ultimate “little guy”—someone who wants to sue a lawyerFeaturing Linley Jones

Kathy Portnoy’s Complaint

She brought Updike and Mailer to Atlanta, but couldn’t land Philip RothFeaturing Kathy L. Portnoy

Eminent in His Domain

Charles N. Pursley is all condemnation, all the timeFeaturing Charles N. Pursley, Jr.

Midnight in the Theater of Good Acoustics: A Savannah Story

How T. Mills Fleming gave the Lucas a sequelFeaturing T. Mills Fleming

When a Cemetery is Not a Cemetery

And other tales from Oliver Maner’s Patrick T. O’ConnorFeaturing Patrick T. O'Connor

Hugging It Out with Teresa Wynn Roseborough

The self-described Brown v. Board of Education baby embraces The Home Depot

The Wave

An oral history of the first group of female attorneys in Georgia in the 1970s

Featuring Nancy F. Lawler, …

Two Bobs and a King

How Brinson Askew Berry became the biggest firm in RomeFeaturing Robert L. Berry, Jr., …

And the Children’s Lawyer Shall Lead

J.Tom Morgan would like Georgia to rank higher than 49th on everything involving kidsFeaturing J. Tom Morgan, III

Major, Esq.

Victims of nursing home abuse, Maj. Michael A. Prieto has got your sixFeaturing Michael A. Prieto

Battlefield Norcross

How Rebecca Franklin and Jeff Harris helped close a drug treatment centerFeaturing Jeff Harris, …

GC of the GA GOP

Republican lawyer Anne W. Lewis talks voter ID laws, the state’s political racial divide, and a few social issues—including same-sex marriage—where her position is evolving

One of the Last Southern Gentlemen

Philip C. Henry is the very soul of understatementFeaturing Philip C. Henry

The Dealmaker

Don’t misbehave on Aasia Mustakeem’s watch

The Greg Maddux of Georgia Law

Tom Carlock isn’t intimidating; he just beats youFeaturing Thomas S. Carlock

Legal Aide

For more than 40 years, David A. Webster has worked to empower those in needFeaturing David A. Webster

Doing the Dozens

Professional liability defense lawyer Christine L. Mast juggles dozens of cases—including, recently, Leibel v. JohnsonFeaturing Christine L. Mast

Feet on the Ground

Teri Plummer McClure ensures that UPS runs smoothly

The Master Storyteller

‘Talk to no one except Edward T.M. Garland!’Featuring Edward T.M. Garland

First and No Longer Counting

Linda Klein is exemplary; back in the day, she knew she had to beFeaturing Linda A. Klein

The Possible Dream

Charles Kuck, lover of both Don Quixote and Atlas Shrugged, has five ways to reform immigration lawFeaturing Charles H. Kuck

New Sheriff in Town

Patricia G. Griffith, a Lady Bulldog at UGA, is also a bulldog in courtFeaturing Patricia G. Griffith

David’s Song

A college friendship with Brian Piccolo led David Zacks into lifelong pro bono work for the American Cancer Society

Cochran’s Man in Atlanta

Hezekiah Sistrunk Jr. sees lawyering as a service jobFeaturing Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr.

Supreme Decision

Leah Ward Sears is off the bench and in the gameFeaturing Leah Ward Sears

Putting the Puzzle Together

Elder law attorney Ruthann Lacey blends professionalism with compassionFeaturing Ruthann P. Lacey

Family Matters

When breaking up is hard to do, Randy Kessler is the man to seeFeaturing Randall M. Kessler

The Scout

Jim Matthews uses his ballplayer grading scale for med-mal casesFeaturing James B. Matthews, III

Scott Schulten’s Bucket List

After an epiphany at 57, the business/corporate lawyer hit the roadFeaturing Wm. Scott Schulten

Dream Facilitator

What comes after Ph.D.? For Tim Xia, it’s J.D.Featuring Tim Tingkang Xia, Ph.D.

C. Neal Pope’s Door-to-Door Advocacy

The class action attorney from Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood on the best mentoring in the world, the greatest tool in cross-examination and what juries can’t forgiveFeaturing C. Neal Pope

The New King of Torts

Thomas Malone learned from losing; now he rarely doesFeaturing Thomas W. Malone

The Path NOT Cleared

B.J. Bernstein fights mandatory minimums and keeps clients prayed up—and that has made all the differenceFeaturing B.J. Bernstein

Lawyer in the Mist

Richard Horder represents developers, protects gorillas and searches for common groundFeaturing Richard A. Horder

The Pilot

Andy Scherffius lands planes, and handles plane-crash litigation, safely Featuring Andrew M. Scherffius

Baghdad Clarity

Bart Newman grappled with existential questions in Iraq, then published the answers

Featuring Bart Newman

Speed Racer

Catastrophic injury lawyer Michael L. Werner can’t drive 55Featuring Michael L. Werner

Why Wait?

How a rare disease gave Musa Eubanks perspectiveFeaturing Musa L. Eubanks

Q&A With Nagendra “Nick” Setty

How Nagendra Setty dropped out (of med school), turned on (to patent law) and set up Fish & Richardson’s Atlanta officeFeaturing Nagendra Setty

The Man Who Wouldn’t Wait

Why William B. Hill Jr. talks to JuanitaFeaturing William B. Hill, Jr.

Bright Knight

Why Stephen Bright makes sure no one stands alone

“The Only Thing That Lasts”

Real estate lawyer Carol Clark deals with everything from taxes to termites ... to ghostsFeaturing Carol V. Clark

The Triple Threat

Mike Egan fits things togetherFeaturing Michael J. Egan

Exhibio Me Argentum

Clint Richardson shows us the (ancient) moneyFeaturing Clinton D. Richardson

First-String Attorney

Craig Frankel channels Itzak Perlman for the Atlanta Community Symphony OrchestraFeaturing Craig M. Frankel

Breaking Away

Ryan Pumpian on teamwork and the joys of finishing 10thFeaturing Ryan T. Pumpian

Dirty Harry Holly

How Holly Hempel trained with the Maryland Police AcademyFeaturing Holly A. Hempel

Into Africa

Angela Spivey finds meaning half a world awayFeaturing Angela M. Spivey

This is CNN’s Lawyer

Louise Sams wears many hats at Turner Broadcasting System  

The Squire of Muscogee County

James Butler is as prepared as Winston Churchill and as down-to-earth as Atticus Finch Featuring James E. Butler, Jr.


Lori Cohen, backed by her devoted team, takes a 48-0 record into the courtroomFeaturing Lori G. Cohen

The Supreme Thrill

Seven Georgia attorneys talk about arguing before the High CourtFeaturing W. Warren Plowden Jr., …

The Supreme Thrill

Seven Georgia attorneys talk about arguing before the High Court

Featuring David F. Walbert, …

The Two Lives of Bernard Taylor

The successful trial lawyer was once an undercover narcotics cop in Detroit

Featuring Bernard Taylor

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll But He Likes It

Workers’ comp attorney Greg Presmanes never let the music dieFeaturing Gregory T. Presmanes

Top of the World, Ma!

John Thompson climbs stairs to climb mountainsFeaturing John E. Thompson

The Deciders

Phaedra Parks and others talk about being young and hanging a shingle Featuring Holly L. Geerdes, …

Georgia's Favorite Nephew

Lawton Jordan grew up at Camp David. So why is he disillusioned with politics?

Featuring R. Lawton Jordan III

No Man is an Island

Sea Islander Cal Smith is anything but isolated

Featuring William Calvin Smith

Legal Double Eagle

Josh Kamin’s favorite real estate? 18 holes

Featuring Joshua M. Kamin

The Listener

Entertainment lawyer Stephen Weizenecker on the pitfalls of fame
Featuring Stephen G. Weizenecker

The Bobby Lee Cook Show

Meet the seersuckersuit-wearing, hot-dog-eating, huge-fee-charging Summerville lawyer who may have inspired MatlockFeaturing Bobby Lee Cook

The Storyteller's Story

Atlanta's Ira Genberg isn’t just one of the top lawyers in the country; he’s the next Scott Turow


Whether representing Fortune 500 companies or mentoring young lawyers, W. Ray Persons has the debonair, confident presence of a Nat King ColeFeaturing W. Ray Persons

Practice Made Perfect

Beth Tanis’ early fear of failure pushed her to become one of the most successful attorneys in Georgia

Mr. Ethics

Richard Sinkfield quietly wins the day: in court, at the negotiating table, and in his rather remarkable intersection with historyFeaturing Richard H. Sinkfield

Peripheral Vision

Fine-art photographer Robert West focuses on the timelessFeaturing Robert A. West

The Art Collector

Lawrence Ashe has an eye for the whimsicalFeaturing R. Lawrence Ashe, Jr.

Have Camera, Will Travel

Jim Monacell knows your county courthouseFeaturing James P. Monacell

A Cause to Fight For

Gayle Abramson Csehy talks about that case, and the case for which she'd rather be remembered

Featuring Gayle Michelle Abramson

Unconventional Wisdom

Lovita Tandy did what everyone told her not to do — and became partner at age 32
Featuring Lovita Tandy


Scott Holcomb helped draft the rules of engagement for Operation Iraqi Freedom; now he's bringing the fight home

License to Thrill

Stacey Abrams’ life is Action-Packed! And Spine-Tingling! Even without the spy novels she writes

Swimming with Sharks

Robert Highsmith Jr. navigates between politics, lobbying and ethics
Featuring Robert S. Highsmith Jr.

The Lawyer Other Lawyers Made

Robert Jackson IV was an EPA scientist who couldn’t stand having his research abused by lawyers; so he became one
Featuring Robert B. Jackson, IV

A Hotlantan in Iceland

Marc Douglas Glenn in the land of midnight golf
Featuring Marc Douglas Glenn

The Two Sides to the Story

Former prosecutor Noah Pines now works criminal defense

Featuring Noah H. Pines

The Greatest Lawyer in the World

Emmet Bondurant isn't the lawyer other lawyers want to hire; he's the lawyer other lawyers want to be

Featuring Emmet J. Bondurant

L. Lin Wood Fact-Checks the Media

Why the “attorney for the damned” is not a presidential spokesman
Featuring L. Lin Wood

Drawing (Intellectual) Property Lines

Joseph Beck fought to preserve Dr. King’s dream; now he’s fighting for Google’s

The Children's Crusader

Don Keenan almost gave up on the law because he stopped caring; now he cares so much he often lives with his clients before trial
Featuring Don C. Keenan

The Lawyer Who Tackled Jim Brown

How Joe Szczecko endured occupied Europe and a Chicago orphanage to become an All-American

Judge, Lawyer, DJ

Althea Buafo explains all—including the Mohawk

Those Magnificent Lawyers in Their Flying Machines

Four attorneys on the best way to avoid Atlanta traffic

Featuring Kenan G. Loomis, …

Being Ben Affleck

Kodish chose law school over a chance to stand in for Affleck on the set of Forces of Nature
Featuring Thad C. Kodish

Furcal's Pinch Hitter

Thanks in large part to William Head, the Braves were able to eke out game two of the National League law Division Series
Featuring William C. Head

Mr. Reed Goes to Washington?

Thanks to his parents’ sacrifices, Kasim Reed has opportunities in both law and politics

The Child Advocate

Antavius Weems and his 1,300 clientsFeaturing Antavius M. Weems

Regina Molden Won't Wait

The managing partner of Molden Holley acts locally, thinks nationally
Featuring Regina S. Molden

Pro on Pro Bono

Courtland Reichman represents the have-nots and the have-lots
Featuring Courtland L. Reichman

Henry Perlowski Fits In

A native New Yorker likes the South just fine
Featuring Henry M. Perlowski

They Got the Funk

Jazz/funk ensemble Cadillac Jones is the real deal

Featuring Robbin S. Rahman

Easy Reader

Ann-Marie McGaughey shows kids that books open doors
Featuring Ann-Marie McGaughey

The Matchmaker

Ajay Jindia knows someone who knows someone

Featuring Ajay Jindia

The Big Brother

William K. Whitner’s schedule makes yours look like a girly-man’s
Featuring William K. Whitner

Corliss in Charge

At first, she just wanted to be a lawyer. Now she’s the first African American to head an Atlanta office of a national firm

Travelin' Man

Tom Harrold has not only picked up 2.3 million frequent flyer miles during his travels, he’s also become friends with Helmut and Mikhail
Featuring Thomas J. Harrold, Jr.

All the World is Jeff Lewis’ Stage

A former football hero/movie star shines in his role at Holland & Knight

Featuring Jeffrey Y. Lewis

A Lawyer Who Sticks to His Ribs

Bill Needle likes the law. But he loves barbecue

Al Gore's Lawyer

Who did the former vice president call for help in arguing his case during the battle for Florida? Teresa Wynn Roseborough

The Legal Guitarist

Life is just a song for Doc Schneider

Featuring Richard A. Schneider (Doc)

Top Gun

Whether he’s asked to broker a tricky negotiation or land a fighter jet in treacherous waters, Andy Scott never shies from a challenge

The Consigliere

When you're the lawyer for the Godfather of Soul, you have to be fast on your feet. Among many other things, Joel Katz is just that.Featuring Joel A. Katz

Shattering Glass Ceilings

When Mary Ann Oakley began her law career, women were still a rarity in the profession

The Collector

Whether leather-bound sets of books or vintage port, Bob Tanner knows what he likes

Reluctant Hero

Before Richard Deane came along, the Macon school system was segregated and pimps were thriving in AtlantaFeaturing Richard H. Deane, Jr.

Practicing the Law Under the Influence

Robert Chestney and Michael Hawkins take the wheelFeaturing Michael Hawkins, …

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