Illinois Super Lawyers Articles

Todd Rosenberg


Kathleen Zellner lives for impossible cases, including Steven Avery’s

Featuring Kathleen T. Zellner

Bass Ace

Peter Strand earned his rock ‘n roll stripes in Yipes!

Featuring Peter J. Strand

Advocatus Quod Auctor

How Anthony Licata’s Hannibal’s Niece finally saw the light of day

Featuring Anthony R. Licata

Big America

An oral history of immigrants in Illinois law

Featuring Roshan P. Shrestha, …

Discovery with Kwabena Appenteng

Kwabena Appenteng on crisps, fatherhood and his stellar Kwabena Appenteng impersonation

Featuring Kwabena Appenteng

Corey Hengen

Batting Cleanup

Personal injury lawyer Patrick A. Salvi is a powerhouse in the courtroom and as a ballclub owner

Featuring Patrick A. Salvi

‘I’ve Got This’

How civil rights lawyer Dana Kurtz used her legal skills to overcome a family tragedy

Featuring Dana L. Kurtz

One Foot in the Future

Why Edelson PC takes its cues from tech startups

Featuring Jay Edelson

Chicago’s Hospitality Lawyer

Larry Eppley helps clients transform historic buildings into high-end hotels

Featuring Lawrence C. Eppley

It Gets Better

Meet a couple of re-married divorce attorneys

Featuring Jason Sposeep, …

Seven Questions With Lloyd Shefsky

The author takes us inside his new book

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

Local Counsel with Blaine C. Kimrey

The Chicago attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Blaine C. Kimrey

‘The Chief Is Eating My Sandwich’

And other memories of the high court from eight former SCOTUS clerks

Featuring Jonathan C. Bunge, …

Corey Hengen

Product of Her Environment

Environmental lawyer E. Lynn Grayson saves companies green

Featuring E. Lynn Grayson

Corey Hengen


Perpetually moving bankruptcy attorney James Sprayregen can’t be outworked

Featuring James H.M. Sprayregen

Corey Hengen

In Their Shoes

Chicago immigration attorney Kai Lo helps his clients by staying true to himself

Featuring Tzu-Kai Lo

An Easy Act to Follow

Lloyd E. Shefsky’s irregular path to consulting entrepreneurs around the world

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

The French Connection

How IP attorney Brett A. August was knighted for enhancing relations between Paris and Chicago

Featuring Brett A. August

Objective Empathy

Family law attorney Gemma Allen of Ladden & Allen on creative applications of the law, overcoming sexism and why it’s riskier for clients to dance on tables nowadays

Featuring Gemma B. Allen

Corey Hengen

Collective Conscience

Jim Franczek is a management-side bargainer, but he never forgets what life is like for working men and women

Featuring James C. Franczek, Jr.

Corey Hengen

A More Inclusive Way

Maurice Grant makes it his business to boost diversity

Featuring Maurice Grant

‘DUI Don’

Donald Ramsell is the authority on Illinois’ drinking and driving laws

Featuring Donald J. Ramsell

An Effective Voice

Appellate lawyer Linda Coberly fights for immigrants’ rights

Featuring Linda T. Coberly

The Atticus of Attica

From rioting prisoners to Black Panthers to animal-rights defenders, Michael E. Deutsch has been on the front line of the fight for civil rights

Featuring Michael E. Deutsch

Corey Hengen

Lifting While Climbing

Angela Elbert has her business clients—and her community—covered

Featuring Angela R. Elbert

Andy Austin

Operation Greylord: Fixing the System

An oral history of the investigation that took down a corrupt Cook County court system

Featuring Julian Solotorovsky, …

Corey Hengen

Treating the Whole Patient

Li-Hsien “Lily” Rin-Laures is an M.D., but these days she’s healing biotechs

Featuring Li-Hsien Rin-Laures

Andrew Stoltmann Unweaves a ‘Tapestry of Fraud’

The former broker fights back for victims of bad investment advice

Featuring Andrew Stoltmann

Paying it Forward

Lenny Sachs on reinvesting in the community

Featuring Leonard W. Sachs

Larry R. Rogers Sr. on Personal (and Corporate) Responsibility

The Chicago attorney says everyone makes mistakes—but there’s a time for accountability

Featuring Larry R. Rogers

Corey Hengen


CareerBuilder’s Alex Green started in the NFL before redirecting to the law


Corey Hengen

His Witness

Lessons in Cross-Examination and Life from Chicago Trial Lawyer Jeffrey Stone

Featuring Jeffrey E. Stone

Corey Hengen

Living the Law

Defense attorney Patrick Dowd learned the craft from his father’s generation of ‘Rat Pack’ lawyers

Featuring Patrick C. Dowd

Corey Hengen

The Most Respected Adversary

How Paula Litt’s sleuthing skills ignited the business litigator’s career

Featuring Paula E. Litt

Taking on Donald Rumsfeld

Michael Kanovitz accuses the former secretary of defense of condoning the torture of his clients

Featuring Michael I. Kanovitz

Starting Over

Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Life After Innocence, the only program of its kind, opened its doors in 2009 for exonerated prisoners struggling to get back on their feet


The 'Good Divorce' Lawyer

Miles N. Beermann, with Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove, teaches splitting spouses how to be in the same room together

Featuring Miles N. Beermann

Corey Hengen

Powerful Presence

Bruce Pfaff sways juries without raising his voice

Featuring Bruce R. Pfaff

Corey Hengen

Supremely Unflappable

How Kevin M. Forde cleared the way for Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral aspirations

Featuring Kevin M. Forde

Corey Hengen


Collaborative lawyer Sandra Crawford brings consensus to family law

Featuring Sandra Crawford

Good Work

William Gibbs, Linda Coberly and Richard Levin believe in giving back

Featuring Richard I. Levin, …

Crisis Management

Illinois attorneys fight for the family of 3 murder victims

Featuring Jack Carey, …

Success By Design

The 3-dimensional career of intellectual property attorney Christopher Carani

Featuring Christopher V. Carani

Michael T. Reagan Makes His Case

The Ottawa appellate attorney is all about the details

Featuring Michael T. Reagan

The Peacemaker

Laurel Bellows won’t shy from a fight, but she’d rather work things out

Featuring Laurel G. Bellows

Everybody Wants to See Joe Gagliardo

Why governors, mayors—and even Donald Trump—have consulted him

Featuring Joseph M. Gagliardo

The Global View of H. Michael Hartmann

The IP attorney crosses borders to protect inventions

Featuring H. Michael Hartmann

The Game Changer

Tim Cavanagh turns lost causes into courtroom victories

Featuring Timothy J. Cavanagh

The Accidental Author

Steven J. Harper on law, letters and comedy


Crash Expert

Kevin Durkin cushions the blow for accident victims and their families

Featuring Kevin P. Durkin

The Rights Stuff

Chicago attorney Matthew Piers is a big defender of the U.S. Constitution

Featuring Matthew J. Piers

How David C. Hilliard Got the Jacksonville Jaguars to Change Their Logo

The intellectual property lawyer at Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson is not afraid to litigate

Featuring David C. Hilliard

True Blue

Roger Wilson helps revitalize the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand


The Don of Divorce

Donald Schiller is a gentleman in a volatile practice area

Featuring Donald C. Schiller

Indubitably Holmes

In Patricia Brown Holmes’ biggest victory, she beat death

Featuring Patricia Brown Holmes

The Heart of Being a Lawyer

Lorna Propes rode a wave of cultural change to become a lawyer—and the law’s gain is, well, the teaching profession’s gain, too



The two terms of Steven M. Harris

Featuring Steven M. Harris

Different Drummer

Antitrust attorney Amy Manning’s got the beat

Featuring Amy B. Manning

Early Riser

Why Tim Carroll quit working for the president of the United States and got a real job

Featuring Timothy J. Carroll

Q&A With Thomas Geoghegan

How the labor lawyer at Despres, Schwartz and Geoghegan almost broke the Watergate scandal

Featuring Thomas H. Geoghegan

The Eternal Optimist

A minister’s son, Deere & Co.’s Jim Jenkins credits his father for his worldview


In Good Hands

Michele Coleman Mayes leads Allstate's legal team


The Everyman’s Lawyer

Thomas Demetrio studied the masters, then became one

Featuring Thomas A. Demetrio

Preparing the Cross (Examination)

Emily Nicklin keeps it simple, believable and fun

Featuring Emily Nicklin

Family Man

Jack Butler Jr. adopts distressed companies


Patented Path to Success

The quick rise of Meredith Addy

Featuring Meredith Martin Addy

Iron Man

Personal trainer Michael Rusin doesn't just talk the talk; he runs the run

Featuring Michael E. Rusin

The One-Firm U.N.

Judd Azulay lifts his lamp

Featuring Y. Judd Azulay

The Wild Blue Yawn-der

Flying jets? For Robert Held, estate law is more exciting

Featuring Robert S. Held

Saper Lawyer

Daliah Saper arrived from Iran at age 6 and hasn't slowed down

Featuring Daliah Saper

America’s Two Favorite Pastimes

Where sports and business intersect, you'll find Adam Klein

Featuring Adam R. Klein

The Big Cheese

McDonald's GC Gloria Santona has ketchup running through her veins


The Elder Statesman

Taking a measured view of things with Thomas P. Sullivan

Featuring Thomas P. Sullivan

Something He Mostly Liked

Dan Reidy on Operation Greylord and the needs of the client

Featuring Daniel E. Reidy

Citizen Tapia-Ruano

From immigrant to immigration lawyer to president of the AILA

Featuring Carlina Tapia-Ruano

The Three Elements of Sharon Barner

An IP attorney stakes out the new Wild West: China


Going Public

For William J. Quinlan, counsel to Gov. Blagojevich, father knows best

Featuring William J. Quinlan

The Diversity That Leads to Diversity

Cardelle Spangler helps employers help employees

Featuring Cardelle B. Spangler

Don't Fence Him In

John Nethery went from computer engineering to law—and almost into outer space


The Lawyer Who Brought Down a Governor

How Joseph Power and a “gotcha” moment caused George Ryan’s downfall

Featuring Joseph A. Power, Jr.

Nina's World

The world’s leading real estate lawyer, Nina Matis, cuts through the crap


The Bar's Mitzvah Maker

The good works of Donald Hubert


Air Sperling

Frederick J. Sperling’s low-key approach wins cases—and clients like Michael Jordan

Featuring Frederick J. Sperling

The Velvet Hammer

Vicki Abrahamson has a reputation for toughness, but wins clients with compassion

Featuring Vicki Lafer Abrahamson

The Supreme Thrill

Six Illinois lawyers talk about the six stages of arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Richard A. Devine, …

Top of the World, Ma!

How Marvin Brustin’s love of mountains led to a diplomatic post with Nepal

Featuring Marvin A. Brustin


Jordan Margolis continues the centuries-old tradition of the Purim shpiel


You Can Put Fox in the Hall, YES!

How Gordon B. Nash Jr. advocated for White Sox great Nellie Fox


Both Sides Now

Kevin G. Burke moved from defending the big guys to defending those “with the smallest voice”

Featuring Kevin G. Burke

The Regular Guy

Philip Beck’s clients include Bayer, Merck, DuPont and, oh, the president of the United States

Featuring Philip S. Beck

The Man Who Talked His Way Into Law School

Dan K. Webb has been called the best defense attorney in the country; George Ryan hopes so

Featuring Dan K. Webb

The Lawyer With a Song in His Heart

Joseph N. Welch II has a famous grandfather and a sense of decency

Featuring Joseph N. Welch, II

Like Father, Like Son, Like Son

Langdon Neal carries on the traditions of a great Chicago family

Featuring Langdon D. Neal

The Role Model

Lisa Madigan follows in the footsteps of ... her mother


Down Goes Goliath!

Three Chicago lawyers take on Clear Channel Communications

Featuring Jeffrey Singer, …

Speaks Softly, Carries the First Amendment

Burton Joseph represents Playboy, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and you


Out of Africa

Thomas Geraghty and his students fight for truth, justice, but not necessarily the American way


Chicago's Most-Feared Attorney

Bob Clifford is a lamb who turns into a lion when he’s confronted by injustice

Featuring Robert A. Clifford

A Safer Chicago

How Ron Safer and his team took down the Gangster Disciples

Featuring Ronald S. Safer

Cherry on Top

Bill Clinton's pal Mike Cherry is a Chicago legend

Featuring Myron M. Cherry

The Deconstructionist

His clients — from Big Tobacco to nuclear weapons plants — aren’t always popular, but no matter: David Bernick knows how to win over a jury

Featuring David M. Bernick

My Own Private Nuremberg

Bill Schiller’s work in the former Yugoslavia helped the U.N. identify the bad guys

Featuring William B. Schiller

The Rocket Scientists' Go-To Guy

It takes a smart lawyer to work with rocket scientists

Featuring Larry S. Kaplan

The Family Doctor

Patrice Ball-Reed works hard to keep Chicago families together—including her own


Christos' Counselor

Unique legal problems arise when your client wants to wrap entire islands in fabric

Featuring Scott Hodes

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