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John Bragg

The Comeback

Business litigator Tammy Meyer rebuilds her career after a devastating illness

Featuring Tammy Meyer

Decoding Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds was a coder before becoming a prominent IP litigator and data security maven

Featuring Stephen E. Reynolds

Discovery with Dina Cox

Dina Cox talks bonfires, non-guilty pleasures and four-letter words.

Featuring Dina M. Cox

John Bragg

The Nicest Guy in the Room

M. Michael Stephenson cuts hearts out as politely as possible

Featuring M. Michael Stephenson

Charades in the High Court

And more of Jim Strain’s memories of being a SCOTUS clerk

Featuring James A. Strain

Mr. Keep It Clean

Bill Bock helps keep the Olympic playing field level

Featuring William Bock, III

Hopeful Vigilance for PyeongChang 2018

Anti-doping advocate Bill Bock weighs in Russia’s Olympic ouster

Featuring William Bock, III

Discovery with Rebecca W. Geyer

Rebecca Geyer on measured communication, fluffy novels and moving things with her mind

Featuring Rebecca W. Geyer

Local Counsel with Andrea Ciobanu

The Indianapolis attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Andrea L. Ciobanu

John Bragg

Leading the Class Action Cavalry

How Richard Shevitz put his class action know-how to use for Holocaust victims

Featuring Richard E. Shevitz

John Bragg

The Steady Hand

Rick Norris calmly guides his clients—and his aircraft—amidst turbulence

Featuring Richard L. Norris

A Lawyer Like You

Vanessa López Aguilera isn’t afraid to take family law cases to court

Featuring Vanessa López Aguilera

John Bragg

For the Love of Bloomington

Betsy K. Greene of Greene & Schultz on representing plaintiffs, doing victory dances and pushing those damned boulders

Featuring Betsy K. Greene

John Bragg

“Why Are You Competing With Me?”

An oral history of the first wave of female attorneys

Featuring Julia Blackwell Gelinas, …

John Bragg

The King of Uphill Battles

Unlikely causes don’t faze personal injury attorney Terry Noffsinger

Featuring Terry Noffsinger

In Good Hands

Shelice R. Tolbert on good lawyering, good health and good lessons learned

Featuring Shelice R. Tolbert

John Bragg

Known Unknowns

Andy Hull of Hoover Hull Turner on finding antique radios, empathizing with professional liability clients and overcoming early-career jitters

Featuring Andrew W. Hull

Harold Lee Miller

Calm in the Storm

Family law attorney Nancy Cross keeps her cool when others don’t

Featuring Nancy L. Cross

Aglow Marketing LLC

The Cases That Matter

Henry J. Price talks about his highest-profile case—and the one that changed his career forever


Hell, Belief and Brownfields

Former philosophy instructor David L. Guevara helps clients avoid environmental liability and worse 

Featuring David L. Guevara

Harold Lee Miller

Building It From Scratch

Elder law solo practitioner Claire E. Lewis on the Affordable Care Act, dealing with end-of-life issues, and her involvement in establishing the practice area in Indiana

Featuring Claire E. Lewis

Dario Impini

The Language of Law

George “Corky” Plews has forged much of the state’s environmental and insurance coverage law

Featuring George M. Plews

Dario Impini

Coming in First

Julia Blackwell Gelinas has blazed trails for female attorneys in Indianapolis, but it’s her work ethic and passion for the law that mark her 30-year career

Featuring Julia Blackwell Gelinas

Dario Impini

From Bailiff to Bar

Trial lawyer Nathaniel Lee of Lee & Fairman on getting his foot in the door, President Barack Obama and the year he had 24 cases lined up

Featuring Nathaniel Lee

Dario Impini

The Great Generalist

Jon Laramore of Baker & Daniels on how the lessons he learned working in government—in both civil and criminal arenas—give him a leg up in his appellate law practice

Featuring Jon Laramore

Dario Impini

Death Row Defender

Outspoken and caring, Monica Foster is one of the nation’s foremost death penalty attorneys

Featuring Monica Foster

Dario Impini

Practicing Law with an Officer’s Eye

Theodore J. Blanford draws on his military and police experience in and out of the courtroom

Featuring Theodore J. Blanford

Preparation, the High Road and Elliott Levin

The Rubin & Levin partner speaks on bankruptcy law and why he never underprepares for a case

Featuring Elliott D. Levin

Dario Impini

Family Law

After following in the footsteps of her parents, Ann and Ed, Kathleen DeLaney now leads the way

Featuring Ann M. DeLaney, …

Dario Impini

Steady at the Wheel

Appellate lawyer Arend Abel loves guiding people through the labyrinth of the law

Featuring Arend J. Abel

In the Tradition of Thurgood Marshall

Ryan Gardner exemplifies the new generation of civil rights lawyers

Featuring Ryan K. Gardner

Erin Drummy’s Bedside Manner

One woman’s journey from respiratory therapy to the law

Featuring Erin M. Drummy

View From the Top

Bruce Kehoe has a 30,000-foot perspective on his career

Featuring D. Bruce Kehoe

Oh, the Places She’s Been!

Mary Nold Larimore treads new ground in her law practice—and her outdoor adventures

Featuring Mary Nold Larimore

Ray of Light

Ray Basile devotes his free time to the Indy Special Olympics

Featuring Raymond A. Basile

The Gold Standard

Trent Sandifur transmutes his Fort Knox experience into a sterling legal career

Featuring Trent J. Sandifur

Q&A With James Knauer

Over the course of his career, James Knauer of Kroger, Gardis & Regas has served as federal receiver in four Ponzi scheme cases, and helped about 200,000 former employees of Walmart reach a class action settlement with the retail giant.

Featuring James A. Knauer

The Game Changer

Elsa Cole, the NCAA’s first GC


A Rare Breed

Talking bull with Sherry Fabina-Abney

Featuring Sherry A. Fabina-Abney

Kickstart My Charitable Heart

Rodney Taylor puts his two-wheeled passion to good use

Featuring Rodney V. Taylor

Hanging Their Own Shingles

For some lawyers, big-firm life represents a kind of security. For others, what's more important is independence, autonomy and flexibility. We spoke with three young attorneys practicing at small or solo firms to see what life is like on their own.

Featuring Jeffrey M. Hester, …

The Friendly Neighborhood Attack Dog

Jackie Bennett Jr. may bark at hostile witnesses inside the courtroom, but outside, he doesn’t bite

Featuring Jackie M. Bennett, Jr.

Home of the Brave

Three Indiana attorneys who have served their country in the armed forces tell their tales

Featuring Stephen E. Arthur, …

Master of Mediation

John Trimble has earned his reputation as one of the state’s top negotiators

Featuring John C. Trimble

Scales of Justice

Bryce Bennett heads up his firm and his firm’s rock band

Featuring Bryce H. Bennett, Jr.

Café au Laity

Shokrina Beering journeys to Panama to assist the Guaymi Indians


Crossing Borders and the Blue Line

Bob York has traveled around the world coaching hockey

Featuring Robert W. York

The Compassionate Counsel

A “big guy with a big heart,” Mark Ladendorf commands attention—and respect—from his peers, clients and adversaries

Featuring Mark C. Ladendorf

For Whom The Road Tolls

Steve Humke was instrumental to the creation of the groundbreaking lease of the Indiana Toll Road

Featuring Steven K. Humke

The Epic Career of Forrest Bowman

The lawyer who fought the police, the FBI and the justice system tells his tale

Featuring Forrest Bowman, Jr.

Go, Bill Baten, Go!

Bill Baten may be the world’s fastest mediator

Featuring William A. Baten

Ms. Pence Comes From Washington

Linda Pence has been a top Indiana attorney since earning her stripes at the DOJ

Featuring Linda L. Pence

Man Around Town

Thomas Bodkin enjoys life and work in small-town Indiana


Team Player

He helped bring the Colts to Indianapolis. He’s defended corporate and sports titans. So how did personal injury law become the highlight of David Tittle’s career?

Featuring David O. Tittle

The Pioneer

Virginia Dill McCarty has blazed trails for Indiana women all her life


Defending Indy's Worst Mass Murderer

Nearly 25 years after he represented King Edward Bell — who killed his wife and four children — Duge Butler looks back at a career-defining case


The Amazing Life of Dean Barnhard

From the circus to the law to the pit stop at Talladega, Barnhard has done it all

Featuring Dean T. Barnhard

Kirsh's Kids

Kirsh has found loving homes for nearly 2,500 babies and children

Featuring Steven M. Kirsh

Love Be a Lawyer Tonight

When he isn’t writing legal briefs, Jeffrey Abrams pens wedding ceremonies and poems for his friends and family

Featuring Jeffrey A. Abrams

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Henry started climbing mountains in 1996

Featuring Thomas Q. Henry

Hoosier Hall of Famer

Peter Obremskey exemplifies Indiana basketball


Prosecuting Terrorism

Before 9/11, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were the most notorious terrorists in the U.S. Larry Mackey prosecuted both of them

Featuring Larry A. Mackey

Back to Iraq

When Saddam fell, Feisal Istrabadi returned to the nation he once called home


Glass' Menagerie

Fred Glass fights for a new home for the Colts, among other things


Levin's List

Irwin Levin holds Swiss banks accountable for Holocaust restitution

Featuring Irwin B. Levin

Beyond the Bar

Tom Barnard does his best work outside of the office – and the country

Featuring Thomas A. Barnard

Cliff Notes

For Cliff Browning, sailing offers a break from the bustle


Barking Up the Right Tree

Priscilla Herochik represented man’s best friend — and won

Featuring Priscilla A. Herochik

Invasion of the Honorary Consuls

Japan and Denmark have representatives here who are eager to promote everything from automotive technology to engineering expertise

Featuring Robert H. Reynolds, …

Lawyer of Invention

Loving Frank Zappa ... and the law

Featuring Craig Pinkus

A Duck Takes to Water

After a lifetime spent in courtrooms, Berkley Duck sets to sea


Are Lawyers Taking Over Indiana?

More and more, the top echelons of business and government are being filled by lawyers


Mike Tyson Redux

Sometimes the worst defense can be offensive

Featuring James H. Voyles, Jr.

Bill Hall: The Picture of American Health

Bill Hall changed the state of health care in Indiana 33 years ago and is still going strong today


Bill Hall: The Picture of American Health

Bill Hall changed the state of health care in Indiana 33 years ago and is still going strong today


The Adrenaline Law Firm

Is there something in the water at Woodard Emhardt that encourages daredevilism?

Featuring Holiday W. Banta

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