Super Lawyers civil-rights Articles

Infringing on the Public’s Right to Know

Washington juggles open meeting laws and privacy concerns

Freedom of the Press for Students in Washington

New Voices laws give protections against media censorship

Can My Special Needs Student be Suspended or Expelled?

“We shouldn’t punish kids for their disability”

How to Seek Academic Advancement for a Special Ed Student

Brighter IDEA: The Supreme Court has clarified standard of free, appropriate public education

Can Students Walk Out Without Punishment?

What is and isn’t protected speech in Texas public schools

Felons in Florida Can’t Vote

But that may be changing

Challenging the Baltimore Curfew

The city has the strictest curfew laws in the country. Here’s what you should know

What If I’m Not Read My Miranda Rights?

When they are and aren’t applicable in Florida

What Speech Isn’t Protected?

Fighting words, inciting violence and hate speech in New England

Does Law Enforcement Need a Warrant to Search Your Cellphone?

Warrant requirements and civil rights violations with mobile devices

There's Something Happening Here

How to avoid running afoul of the law while protesting in NYC

Navigating D.C. Gun Laws

The district issues its first gun permits, but the process is under fire

Carrying With Common Sense

Where licensed gun owners can and cannot bring their gun in Texas

Can I Be Arrested for Swearing at a Police Officer?

Our free speech rights intersect with other laws

‘Am I Free to Leave, Officer?’

Helpful legal tips should you face police misconduct in Colorado

How to Ensure Your Vote Will Count in Wisconsin

What you need to know about your voting rights

What to Know about Open Carry Laws in Texas

The new law has created questions among handgun owners who possess a concealed handgun …

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