Super Lawyers Contracts Articles

The Elements of a Legally Enforceable Contract in Texas

What basics do you need for a solid contractual agreement?

Can a Contract be Valid Without a Signature?

What dictates the enforceability of business agreements in Indiana

Is a Contract with a Computer Program Enforceable?

Contracting with artificial intelligence in Pennsylvania

Get Buff, Not Burned: The Protections in Gym Waivers

What a California health club should include in a release to protect itself

How to Solve a Contract Dispute Quickly and Cheaply

Consider alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation in California

4 Defenses to Void or Invalidate a Contract

How the law can help you get out of a contract in Minnesota

A Notary is Not a Lawyer

Notarization might not mean what you think it means

I'm Thinking About Suing in a Contract Dispute

Tips from a business litigation attorney on how to proceed

An Overview on Contract Law

Understanding contracts and possible remedies for breach

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