Super Lawyers Criminal Defense: White Collar Articles

The Fines and Jail Time Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Texas

What you stand to lose, should you be convicted of one

Should We Do a Corporate Internal Investigation or Notify the Government?

How Indiana businesses should respond to suspected wrongdoing

Criminal Defenses to Money Laundering in Kansas

Legal advice for federal white-collar crime

What is Considered Tampering with Evidence?

How Delaware defines and penalizes it

How Does the IRS Determine Tax Evasion?

Do I need a tax fraud attorney or was it a simple mistake?

Soft vs. Hard Insurance Fraud in New Jersey

What a white-collar criminal could face for committing it

A Presidential Pardon Primer

How do I get a pardon from the president?

How to Fight Fraud Charges in Maryland

First, know the laws at play. Second, call a lawyer

When the Feds Overstep Your Privacy

It might be because more data is open to government scrutiny, but opponents say some should be …

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