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Super Lawyers Divorce Articles

How Is a 401(k) Split in a Divorce?

Factors a court will consider

How To Get a CPS Case Closed

Cooperation is essential

How To Keep Your Pension in a Divorce

An attorney can assist you with possible alternatives

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

A broad look at the typical costs associated with divorce in the U.S.

Is It Better To Get a Divorce or an Annulment?

Ending a marriage is never easy

5 Steps To Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Starting over can be easier if you know how to update your ID

Who Needs To Leave the Home in a Divorce?

What the legal system has to say when spouses disagree

Arbitration vs. Mediation: What Is the Difference?

Two distinct ways of resolving your dispute out of court

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Divorce?

It ultimately depends on the needs and circumstances of the couple

How to Make Post-Divorce Modifications in Arkansas

It’s a solid option if your circumstances change

Interstate Divorce

Ohio attorney Dalma Grandjean says complications may arise when soon-to-be-exes live in different …

Is Collaborative Divorce Best for You?

How to avoid the family law courts in New York

Divorcing in the Military

Ohio attorney Dalma Grandjean discusses ending a marriage when one partner is a service member

How Are Retirement Accounts Split in Divorce in Hawaii?

A family law attorney can guide you through transfers and QDROs in Hawaii

Is Mediation or a Trial Best for My Divorce?

When to go to court in a Michigan family law dispute

What are the Costs of Litigation in Florida?

And other questions you should ask your family law attorney

What to Know About Digital Spying During a Divorce

The legal, illegal, and inadvisable in New York

When to Consider Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Know all your options in a New Mexico family law case

Divorce From Bed and Board or Divorce From the Bond of Matrimony?

Why to consider one over the other in Virginia

Who Pays Attorney Fees in an Oklahoma Divorce?

How the finances typically shake out with an Oklahoma divorce lawyer

Divorce in the Time of Coronavirus

Are family courts an essential business in Nevada during the pandemic?

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

The collaborative divorce process can be cheaper than California courts

Will I Receive Alimony or Spousal Support After My Divorce?

How support payments and legitimate need are calculated in South Carolina

Divorce Mediation is Cheaper Than Going to Court

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can lower the cost of divorce—and take less time

How to Make the Divorce Process Easier in Texas

Splitting up does not mean there needs to be a lengthy court fight

Consider a Mediator Over a DIY Divorce

Wisconsin allows mediators to draft all court documents for disputing parties

Tips to Minimize the Cost of Divorce or Child Custody Matters

Minnesota’s ECM and ENE programs have been recognized for quick resolutions and lower costs …

Contemplating Divorce? If Alimony is an Issue, You Better Hurry

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ends alimony deduction in Georgia

Three Steps to an Easier Divorce in New York

First off, put your anger aside

Tips on Managing Your Divorce Lawyer Bill

Hint: Fighting with your ex in court is expensive

Gray Divorce in Maryland

Considerations for divorces after 50

How Divorce Differs in New York

We ask local family law attorneys

Ensuring Fairness in a Divorce and Getting to Court Sooner

A limited divorce can provide relief to Maryland couples

Translating Divorce in Florida

Spanish-speaking couples headed for divorce court may need an attorney and a translator

How to Lessen the Sting of a Divorce in Missouri

Attorneys' tips for when the family splits

Collaborative Divorce in Oregon

How collaborative law can help your Oregon divorce

Let's Talk: The First Step of Legal Separation

Missouri and Kansas attorneys say communication is key

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

The pros and cons of DIY divorce proceedings

What Happens to the House, the Car, the Dog in a Divorce?

How dividing assets typically works in a Minnesota divorce

Getting a Divorce in South Florida

Why you should keep your fate in your own hands and not the court’s

How to Make Divorce Faster, Cheaper and Smoother

Getting Divorced in Southern California

Surviving Divorce in Colorado

Keeping as much of your time, money and dignity intact as possible

Divorce is Complicated in Washington State

Splitting up is as complicated as it is gut-wrenching. Just ask a divorce lawyer

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