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Super Lawyers DUI/DWI Articles

4 Things Tennessee Police Must Prove in a DUI

And how to legally challenge the conviction

Reckless Driving Versus DUI in Nevada

The penalties for each conviction, and why plea bargaining down might be advantageous

The Aggravating Factors in a North Carolina DWI

What they are and how they are used to punish offenders

Don't Represent Yourself in a North Carolina DWI

The legal and social consequences may be dire

Refuse a Breath Test in Missouri, You Might Lose Your License

Missouri’s implied consent law and other DWI misconceptions for first-timers

The Myths About DWI Tests in New York

Three defense attorneys share some tips

Can You Get a DUI on a Scooter in California?

Yes. Here’s how the state defines a vehicle in its drunk driving laws

Can You Get a DUI in a Boat Without a Large Motor?

This and other Wisconsin laws related to boating while intoxicated

Can a Breath or Blood Test Be Wrong?

Their validity can be legally challenged in Massachusetts

What is Considered ?Operating? in a Drunk Driving Case in Ohio?

How does Ohio define operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI)

How to Defend Against Drunk Driving

The penalties you face and arguments for innocence in Oklahoma

Can They Take My Car After a DUI in New Mexico?

The strict penalties for being convicted of a DUI in New Mexico

The Penalties and Defenses for Boating Drunk in Pennsylvania

The state has five classifications for BUI

You Don't Have to Be Moving to Get a DUI in Alabama

The law and consequences if you’re under the influence

Can I Get a Drunk Driving on a Bicycle?

Beers and Bikes: DUI Laws in Georgia

Busted for Driving High in Oregon?

Legalization of marijuana does not make impaired driving legal

Biking and Boozing in Minneapolis

Minnesota DWI laws don’t apply to bikes, but there are still repercussions

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in California

Legalization is not a pass to drive stoned

Arrested for DWI, Now What?

The penalties and how to fight a conviction in Texas

It's Illegal to Drink and Drone

Under New Jersey law, you could face six months in jail

DUI v. DWI: What is the Difference?

The charges and penalties are separate, albeit similar, in Maryland

Driving While Distracted

Texting while driving laws in Colorado

The Laws and Penalties of Drugged Driving in Colorado

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal

Driving Under the Influence of Electronics

Texting while driving laws in Washington state

What Happens If I've Received a DWI in Other States?

The harsh penalties you may face in Louisiana

What Happens if You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test?

Missouri’s implied consent laws for DUI or DWI cases

Driving Home the Dangers of Distractions

New Jersey takes distracted driving very seriously

Can I Appeal to Get My License Back After Refusing a Breathalyzer?

How to appeal your suspension at a test refusal hearing in Mississippi

What to Do if You're Pulled Over for a DUI

What happens when the blues and reds flash in Florida

You Don?t Have to be Buzzed to Get Busted for DUI in Utah

Utah lowered its tolerance for drinking and driving to .05 BAC

Pass the ? DUI?

Virginia’s open container law isn’t a safeguard if you have alcohol in a vehicle

Pulled Over for Pot

The state laws for driving under the influence of marijuana

Utah?s Metabolite DUI Law Doesn?t Require Impairment

It prohibits any drug byproduct in a driver’s bloodstream, period

What is a Hardship License?

If your license is suspended in Louisiana, you might still be able to drive for special reasons

Driven to Distraction

The laws and penalties for driving while texting and drowsy driving in Arkansas

What Happens When You Get a DUI as a Commercial Driver?

Holders of CDL face tough consequences in Arizona


Tips from local attorneys—and watch out for those Manhattan juries

An Overview on DUI & DWI Law

Criminal charges and the tests officers use

The State of DUI Law in Illinois

How new laws in Illinois affect drivers facing the consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction

The Party's Over: You and DUI

Can Florida homeowners be held liable if their guests drive home drunk?

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