Super Lawyers Eminent Domain Articles

What is Eminent Domain?

And what forms can it take?

How Will I Know if the Government Wants My Property?

And other eminent domain questions, answered

When the Government Needs Your Land

Northern California property owners are in a good bargaining position for eminent domain …

Who Pays Attorney's Fees in Eminent Domain Cases?

Some costs are recoverable in Colorado, if certain criteria are met

What Private Land is Considered Public Use in Texas?

How Texas defines it for government entities seeking to acquire via eminent domain

Can I Negotiate My Eminent Domain Case in Florida?

Getting an attorney early on can get you a better settlement

Can the Government Take My Property Via Eminent Domain?

What Washington landowners should know to protect their rights

Can the Government Buy My Property?

Yes, and here’s what to know about eminent domain in Arizona

An Overview on Eminent Domain Law

Understanding the government’s power to take private land for public use

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