Super Lawyers Employment Litigation Articles

Discrimination Lawsuits Have a Short Timeframe in Texas

Statutes of limitation and other deciding factors in an employment case

What Must Be Proven in a Systematic Discrimination Lawsuit?

And how Texas employers can defend such EEOC claims

Reasonable Work Accommodations in the Age of COVID

Extraordinary times and reasonable measures in New York

What to Expect and How to Defend an ERISA Lawsuit

An attorney’s advice when a Pennsylvania business faces a suit

The Valid Defenses to Wrongful Termination in Nebraska

What a business needs to prove in employment litigation

Can Emojis Be Deemed Sexual Harassment?

Texting eggplants and winky faces might land you in trouble at work

How Emojis May Get You in Legal Trouble

Think twice about texting that winky face in California

I Was Discriminated Against. How Do I Prove It?

Your options in a Michigan workplace discrimination lawsuit

An Overview on Wrongful Termination Law

When can you sue your former employer over job loss?

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