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A Parental Rights Primer for New York

What happens when the state steps in

The Laws Dealing with Special Education in New York

How parents can advocate for the education of a child with special needs

Heart Balm Torts: What They Are and How They Work

What the laws say in North Carolina

What Kansas Courts Want in a Parenting Plan

A family law attorney’s tips for a solid child custody arrangement

How Technology is Used to Stalk and Spy on Exes

And what you can do to put a stop to it in Florida

Can I Get Visitation Rights If I’m Not a Parent?

How Virginia law views grandparent and other third-party custody issues

How to Stop Your Exes from Harassing and Stalking You

Tech advances make it easier for them, but New York laws are on your side

Gestational Carrier Arrangements

Considerations for engaging in surrogacy or other assisted reproduction in Washington, D.C.

Will I Receive Alimony After My Divorce?

How support payments and legitimate need are calculated in South Carolina

Should I Take My Case to Mediation?

When the resolution procedure may not make sense in Oregon

In 2019, Alimony Will No Longer Be Tax-Deductible

How will the change affect those in Washington?

Is Mediation Mandatory?

If your case is in the Western or Northern Districts of New York, it may be

Divorce Via Mediation is Cheaper Than Going to Court

The alternative can make for a less contested, more affordable divorce

Can a Parent Be Charged with Kidnapping?

Yes, and it’s most common among divorced families in North Carolina

Kids Have the Right to Their Own Custody Lawyers

Children over 10 have the right to counsel and a say in child custody matters in Minnesota

Can Georgia 14 year-olds Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Kids have a say, but the system aims to ensure the choice is legitimate

What Illinois Requires in Parenting Plans for Child Custody

How to draft a parenting plan to appease the state courts

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Child Support Case?

Indiana parents risk unfair support obligations due to complex state laws

The Laws Dictating Child Support in Georgia

Although the method to calculate is common, the state laws aren’t

How is Child Custody Decided in Georgia?

Unmarried and divorced parents must understand Georgia law

Making the Divorce Process Easier

Splitting up does not mean there needs to be a lengthy court fight

How Does a Court Decide Child Custody in Indiana?

The eight factors that a judge analyzes before awarding custody

How Do I Determine Child Support in Indiana?

It’s a complicated task for unmarried or divorced parents

How Much Child Support Will I Pay in Illinois?

A change in the law could make a significant difference in support payments

How Is Child Custody Determined in Illinois?

Parents must understand the significant recent changes made to the law

Will I Pay Taxes on Alimony Payments?

For Louisianans, they can’t be deducted from income for those divorced in 2019 or after

Can I Deduct Alimony Payments from My Income?

Due to the federal tax overhaul, maybe not

Can Police Take Guns from My Abusive Partner?

Louisiana does little to enforce the law

Do Domestic Abusers Keep Their Guns?

Tennessee has taken steps to require surrender of an abuser’s guns

Domestic Abusers are Federally Banned from Owning Guns

But Texas does little to enforce those laws

Can I Claim the Child Care Expenses in My Taxes?

For unmarried parents, only one parent can claim this income tax benefit in Connecticut

Who Claims the Kids on Their Tax Return?

Illinois parents should review the IRS rules for claiming the dependent exemption before filing …

The End of Alimony Deductions in Utah

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminates the long-standing deduction for alimony payers

Consider a Mediator Over a DIY Divorce

Wisconsin allows mediators to draft all court documents for disputing parties

Which Parent Claims the Child Care Tax Credit?

Unmarried parents: Don’t overlook this benefit in Ohio

First Steps in the Texas Adoption Process

Can I adopt even if I am single and don't make a lot of money?

Who Gets the Ring When the Engagement’s Off?

How gifts are distributed, should breakups happen in Ohio

Why You Should Work With an Attorney on Surrogacy

The law in Minnesota is mostly silent, so a lawyer is essential

Minnesota Courts Can Take Domestic Abusers’ Guns

An order for protection or misdemeanor conviction can be grounds to bar owning firearms

How to Legally Separate a Parent and Child

The laws and procedures to emancipate a minor in California

Finding a Minnesota Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

The questions to ask as you try to select a competent and honest lawyer

Do I Need an Order for Protection or Harassment Restraining Order?

Victims of domestic abuse in Minnesota need to know

What is Considered a “Committed Intimate Relationship”?

Rights and protections for unmarried couples in Washington

The Path to Legal Surrogacy in Minnesota

What families should consider before building their numbers through surrogacy

How to Protect Yourself if You're Cohabiting in New Jersey

Certain legal documents can save your property, children and estate

Should I Get My Custody Agreement Signed By a Judge?

Unmarried parents with non-binding custody agreements put themselves at risk

Cohabiting Couples Can Have Protections Similar to Marriage

Legal documentation can protect your property, children and estate in Massachusetts

Who Gets to Choose the Kids’ School if the Parents are Unmarried?

It’s a difficult decision for the court to make with joint custody in Minnesota

Tips to Minimize the Cost of Divorce or Custody Matters

Minnesota’s ECM and ENE programs have been recognized for quick resolutions and lower …

Contemplating Divorce? If Alimony is an Issue, You Better Hurry

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ends alimony deduction in Georgia

How Do I Terminate Parental Rights?

Here’s how it works in Minnesota, but it’s quite difficult

Is a Prenup a Good Idea in Texas?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract and should be treated as such

Kids Don’t Decide Their Own Custody and Fault Doesn’t Matter

Common misconceptions in Pennsylvania family law

Three Steps to an Easier Divorce in New York

First off, put your anger aside

Digital Spying in Washington State

Our modern world affords new avenues for divorcing spouses

Child Custody Considerations Under Texas Law

Joint custody is the default, but it all depends on the circumstances

Tips on Managing Your Divorce Lawyer Bill

Hint: Fighting with your ex in court is expensive

The Legal Complexities of Adoption

Tips for building families in New York

Gray Divorce in Maryland

Considerations for divorces after 50

Domestic Violence and Custody in Pennsylvania

‘Best interests of the child’ analysis explicitly requires assessment of abuse

How Divorce Differs in New York

We ask local family law attorneys

How to Modify or End Spousal Support

What are the time and payment limits on alimony in Texas?

Ensuring Fairness and Getting to Court Sooner

A limited divorce can provide relief to Maryland couples

When Breakups Happen

Spanish-speaking couples headed for divorce court may need an attorney and a …

Common Law Marriage in Real Life

The legal myths and facts about a persistently misunderstood concept

Same-Sex Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Marriage may be retroactive—even before it was considered legal

How to Change Your Name

The legal ins and outs in Maryland

How to Lessen the Sting of a Divorce in Missouri

Attorneys' tips for when the family splits

The Adoption Home Study Process in Pennsylvania

What do I need to know before I adopt a child?

How Dads Get Custody in NYC

Fathers fare well in custody battles in the 21st century

Gestational Surrogacy Laws in Illinois

The state’s a legally supportive stance on the family arrangement

Finding the Balance in Tri-Parenting Agreements

Understanding the legal status of non-biological and non-adoptive parents in multi-parenting …

Let's Talk: The First Step of Divorce

Missouri and Kansas attorneys say communication is key

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

The pros and cons of DIY divorce

Can I Get Maintenance From My Spouse?

How the Kentucky courts decide spousal support in a divorce

What is Birdnesting?

An innovative approach to child custody in Kentucky

The Effect of Moving on Child Custody in California

Move-away disputes can be among the most wrenching parents—and courts—face

How Does Pennsylvania Determine Child Custody?

Judges now consider 16 separate factors

We’ve Agreed to Joint Custody, But Now What?

How Rhode Island family courts decide placement, visitation and support

What Happens to the House, the Car, the Dog?

How dividing assets typically works in a Minnesota divorce

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements in Massachusetts

Why divorce doesn’t always end disagreements over parental rights

Resolving Conflicts Out of the Courtroom

With courts clogged and costly, alternative-dispute resolution is gaining ground

How Prenuptial Agreements Work in Minnesota

Is there a difference between prenuptial and postnuptial agreements?

Getting a Divorce in South Florida

Why you should keep your fate in your own hands and not the court’s

How to Make Divorce Faster, Cheaper and Smoother

Getting Divorced in Southern California

Surviving Divorce in Colorado

Keeping as much of your time, money and dignity intact as possible

Got a Family Law Question? Answer it Jersey Style

Bari Weinberger’s consumer-friendly family law books are written for everyday people

5 Must-Have Legal Documents in Michigan

Advice on the family law and estate planning fronts

Spouses Who Take the Money and Run

Jane's Law could help New Yorkers go after their stolen assets

Parting Ways

Splitting up is as complicated as it is gut-wrenching. Just ask a divorce lawyer

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