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Super Lawyers Immigration Articles

Coming to America

Houston attorney Charles Foster explains how to help a family member immigrate to the U.S.

What to Do If You Receive a Notice to Appear for Removal Proceedings

What to expect from deportation hearings in Missouri

The State of the DACA Program

New Yorkers are still able to dream

What Are U-Visas and T-Visas?

And how you secure one in Rhode Island

How Long do I Have to Wait for Naturalization?

And other questions, answered, about the U.S. citizenship process

Are D.C. Immigration Courts Closed Due to COVID-19?

All non-detained hearings have been cancelled

How Can Minors Get an American Green Card?

Exploring the laws and process for youths coming to Louisiana

How Do I Sponsor an Employee for an H-1B Visa?

Filing, renewing, and extending petitions for specialty workers in Northern California

Who is a Public Charge?

Defined limits on admissibility for permanent residence in U.S. immigration

How to Sponsor a Family Member

Common routes to permanent residency for family members of U.S. immigrants

How Long Do Immigration Cases Take?

Some last a few months, others take years; it depends on your circumstances

What Are the Defenses to Removal Proceedings?

How they work and the potential for relief in Washington, DC

What Are “Investment Visas” and How Do They Work?

An overview of E-2 and EB-5 visas for U.S. business investors

How to Seek Asylum in Ohio

What the laws say and how an immigration attorney can help

What Happens When You Marry a Foreigner?

The hoops to jump through for a green card in New York

How to Sponsor an Employee for Permanent Residence

Employers must be willing to put in the time, effort and funds to obtain their critical worker

Can Immigrants Be Indefinitely Detained?

What is allowed by law when the U.S. government detains you

Can I Get a Green Card Through Employment?

Yes, but it could be a lengthy process

How to Get an Employment Green Card in San Diego

If you have an advanced degree in a STEM field, it will help

How to Get a Visa to Study in the U.S.

Foreign students looking to study in Massachusetts shouldn’t overlook the requirements

How Do Employers Assess Temporary Need for H-2B Visas?

The burden is on the employer to prove the need is truly temporary

Common Pitfalls for Employers Hiring H-2B Visa Holders

H-2B employers must be extra cautious in era of increased enforcement

What is the Process for Hiring H-2B Workers?

It has strict requirements, but it could be a solution for Texas employers struggling to find …

What’s the H-1B Labor Condition Application Process?

There are differences Maryland employers should understand

How to Get Temporary Labor Certification for Foreign Workers

Before bringing in non-professional employees, Ohio employers must get certified

How Do I Get an H-1B Visa?

It’s a simple process that requires a lot of luck

Will USCIS Deport for Unlawful Status?

A shift in policy means anyone with unlawful status will be put into removal proceedings

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status as a Step to Citizenship

If you’re seeking protection, you may qualify

What Happens If I Make a Mistake on Immigration Documents?

The result may be that you’re seen as unlawfully in the country

How to Get a Fiancé Visa

The process is simple, but not a permanent solution

How Do Employers Determine Prevailing Wage?

A Massachusetts attorney can help

What Are the Options for DACA Recipients?

The legal options for the immigrants who are subject to political whim

Legal Advice to Enter the U.S. and Seek Asylum

Asylum-seekers must understand the policy changes under the Trump administration

Can a Business Provide Your Private Information to ICE?

Yes, and though it’s against the law, illegal immigrants in Washington may still be deported

The Immigration Squeeze on Military Recruits

The legal fight to keep the MAVNI program

How to Hire a Non-U.S. Employee

An immigration attorney can help secure visas for your business

Delays in the Green Card Process, and How an Attorney Can Help

Employers and foreign workers feel the squeeze on H-1Bs

The Path to Employment and Citizenship for Foreign Students

An immigration attorney tips to connect skilled students with Pennsylvania employers

Immigration Enforcement Is Trending Upwards

Raids and audits are on the rise

How to Train and Keep Foreign Doctors in the U.S.

J-1 visas and Conrad 30 waivers help, but they’re running out fast

An Unsettling Situation for Immigrants

How the documented and undocumented are coping with changing laws

The Immigration Game

Without a good Florida lawyer, it’s a complicated maze

Immigrants Always Have the Right to an Attorney

Your rights in Texas, should you face deportation

Lost in Translation

Notarios take advantage of Texas’ immigrant communities


What to do and know when immigration comes knocking

Even Legal Immigration Carries Risks in New York

Coming to America has its legal obstacles

A Few Words About Immigration

Three Portland attorneys cut through the campaign rhetoric

The Legal Traps of Filing a Citizenship Application in Washington

An immigration attorney can help; just make sure they're legitimate

How to Obtain a Work Visa in California

What does it take for a foreign worker to be admitted to the United States?

An Overview on Immigration Law

Navigating one of the most complicated areas of law

How an Attorney Can Help You with Immigration Issues in Texas

Navigating the constantly changing laws of the US immigration system

You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

The rules affecting refugees and asylum seekers in Florida

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